BM happened again? Please don’t wear it anymore

The little fairies are good at night, just after the eleven long holiday and the younger sisters, a lot

Recently purchased or intended to buy clothes



It is inevitable to say a lot of popularity

Brandy Melville


In the past two years, I have been so hot that I have never bought BM. I dare not say that I am a trendy person.

But for BM

Only one size


, Style size design is limited

White and thin

The problem has indeed been controversial, although it does not affect everyone’s really fragrant.

Recently about the brand


Physical store service attitude

The problems have also begun to talk about. I can’t help but want to shake my head when I hear it ~


Picture from@小 图片 @t.


To tell the truth, I like BM’s clothes, I also wear it every day, but I still feel that if


Dress size style is not suitable


Don’t need to be worn hard,

The service attitude is not good

You can change your house or not buy it,


Beautiful girls should not be led by clothes!

We have absolute purchase sovereignty ~

Of course, BM can fire such buds such a bud, after all,

Daily fast fashion brand

Many people feel greasy. In fact


Our choices are obviously a lot


what! for example

Many popular tide brands in Korea now also have flagship stores now

Ah ~ let the buds take you to find out ~

Of course


87mm on the streets and alleys

, Walking on the streets of Korea can be said to be a man! The degree of popularity is absolutely no less than ZARA ~

Before talking about the brand, you must first talk about people


The design circle is the most beautiful for a catwalk

South Korea’s top model -Jin Yuanzhong

(Wolves that are good -looking)


87mm is

He and friends

Park Zhiyun


Founded in 2012. Because both are

Born in 87



Height is 187+

, So named 87mm ~

Not only.


Although he was born in a model circle, the 87mm clothes style did not like to take exaggerated design, not everyday catwalk. Most of them are


Simple, not picky basic model

Adhere to

“No Concept But Good Sense”


The spirit, 87mm so -called


Super in place! Its clothes always make Badba feel that it is not good to say, but just like hahaha ~


Its sweater


, I have done it! Each one grows on my aesthetics!


Color selection is still too much


It is impossible to undefeated each year.

And classic

MMLG series

, I have been copied by the stores of a certain treasure, which is evident.

But in fact, the price of 87mm itself is already very affordable,

Super cost -effective


Intersection The style is also

Don’t worry about being outdated for a few years

, So I suggest you do n’t have to buy mountains at all!


Reference price: 568 yuan

Tao password: p OOPFC68AITO ₳

Reference price: 648 yuan


Tao password: $ iklic5fgoo $

Tao password: $ krl9c5fteaf $

Reference price: 598 yuan

Tao password: $ zbquc5fsn8p $


Reference price: 828 yuan

Tao password: a AUAUC5FRETC ₳

Nerdy, which is younger than 87mm, but the popularity is not lost in the past few years


The dark horse in the Korean tide brand

South Korea can call the name

The stars are basically wearing its clothes

, IU, ZICO, Jin Zhixiu, Jiang Daniel, Kim pleases Xia …

Even many domestic stars are the dead powder of Nerdy’s family, such as

Ouyang Nana

Wear it many times in daily VLOG.

Korean popular variety show


Idol sports meeting

It is also sponsored by Nerdy for 2 consecutive years, even

“Happy Camp”

The sponsorship list also has it.

Nerdy was born in South Korea in 2017, belonging to

APR brand

Essence Unlike 87mm leisure, Nerdy’s

New York street taste

Even more rich.

Of course people’s own brand slogans are also

“Street brands created for ordinary people”

Essence The entire brand covers


Clothing, shoes, hats and accessories

Wait for multiple fields to satisfy all your pursuit of freedom, self, and nature.

I know that NERDY must know that its sportswear is the hottest, such as its favorite favorite

Nerdy Track Set

Essence So far, there is


More than ten types of color matching of 9 major series

Track sportswear. It is especially suitable for fashion GGMM, which likes leisure street wind and is not willing to be in ordinary earth -scent sportswear ~


Bud buds also especially like its home

Various long -sleeved T -shirts and sweaters

, The average price is basically

300 ~ 600 yuan

Between it, it can be said that the best star of GET is the same!

The most important thing is that there is already a treasure now

Overseas flagship store

, I don’t need to work hard to find a purchasing agent, directly

Direct mail in South Korea and genuine guarantees


Reference price: 668 yuan

Tao password: JTZOC6J4DES ¥

Reference price: 593 yuan


Tao password: ¥ l23BC6JUZRB ¥

Reference price: 443 yuan

Tao password: ¥ tqavc6jflkw ¥

Reference price: 428 yuan

Tao password: ¥ 3LE1C6JGAWM ¥

Reference price: 1328 yuan

Tao password: ¥ AIALC6JT0LE ¥

In addition to leisure street style, how can you miss the student’s party and the little fairy

Favorite college style


Essence On the style of the college, I am the best in South Korea.

O! Oi



Curious, funny, whimsical

As a brand style, from college style to Japanese retro to fresh and leisure style,

O! Oi can simply satisfy all the fantasies of the girl.


The biggest feature of its clothes is

Simple and clean and obvious logo


And the color matching of the super girl. Especially suitable for young couples at school!

In particular, the most classic O! Oi will be released every quarter


LOGO sweater

, Geybu has bought several pieces! I bought it this year

Egg yolk


Don’t look too beautiful!


You can also wear it with girlfriends and boyfriends

Its characteristic striped shirt and cardigan, daily casual and eye -catching! Don’t worry about hitting a shirt ~

The price is basically there


100 ~ 600 yuan

In between, now a certain treasure also has overseas flagship stores, not only


Overseas authentic direct mail is also free of shipping

Don’t be too fragrant!

Reference price: 673 yuan

Tao password: ¥ fdgac6j6vho ¥ ¥

Reference price: 503 yuan

Tao password: ¥ juldc6j6ezs ¥

Reference price: 450 yuan

Tao password: ¥ WTBRC6J6AMO ¥ ¥


Reference price: 418 yuan

Tao password: ¥ IE80C6JS2NZ ¥


Reference price: 464 yuan

Tao password: tvrvc6j7hcr ¥

Besides, one is relatively small.

Korean tide brand Kirsh

Essence Whether you recognize this brand, but you must have seen Kirsh

The most distinctive iconic logo -a pair of big cherries

Woohow buds really

I love Kirsh’s big cherry

, Obviously it looks like an ordinary big cherry, I don’t know why put it on the clothes

Very eye -catching

, Make people buy!

Kirsh to

“Research and Creativity”


For the main purpose, the brand of young clothing in the era of creating new things is mainly aimed at the audience.

A teenager and twenty -year -old young girl

, So the overall style is very sunny, sweet and then a little college.

Isn’t this the most suitable for my clothes? (Shameless) No wonder even

Zhou Yutong, Nana, Yang Chao


All of them will be planted ~ No girl can get out of Kirsh empty -handed!

In addition to the hot cherry model mentioned above, it still has

Love Bear Series

Let me gocci ~ It’s really a wife! Especially and

The most in dyeing


Combined, I like it so much ~


In addition, there are still in the house

Featured pants and sweater


Wait, each one is a girl’s heart killing device! It’s so good -looking and versatile. Sisters must buy and buy!


The unit price is basically there

100 ~ 500 yuan

In between, it is not much more expensive than the daily ZARA, but don’t worry about hitting the shirt at all ~ And there is

Don’t be too convenient ~

Reference price: 472 yuan

Tao password: ¥ yunic6j7vik ¥

Tao password: ¥ IKDWC6JI3AF ¥

Reference price: 555 yuan

Tao password: ¥ A59YC6JIPXB ¥

Reference price: 374 yuan

Tao password: ¥ 8AFJC6J89IS ¥


Reference price: 274 yuan

Tao password: ¥ SCVMC6JRLRM ¥

Okay, this is here today ~

Don’t have too much brand that looks good niche

I don’t like to hit a shirt


Sisters who like unique style

Remember to do more homework in daily life ~

Today’s topic


What is your favorite clothing brand?

Share it with you in the comments!


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Reference price: 568 yuan


Overseas flagship store

Reference price: 472 yuan