The “chiffon shirt” popular this summer is refreshing and fashionable.

Summer high temperature is difficult to resist no matter what item is worn. Even if shorts and short sleeves still cannot change the heat of the sun. On the contrary, it will become darker and darker. If you want to get cool, you do n’t want to be burned by ultraviolet rays. You must not miss this one. Single product /

Chiffon shirt


Speaking of chiffon items, the first thing we think of in our minds is the light and agile appearance. Its single product setting is very flexible and is almost unlimited by the style of the single product. And compared to other items, chiffon shirts are the coolest upper body, good breathability, soft upper body, and very feminine style.

Analysis of chiffon shirt wear

The biggest visual experience of chiffon shirt is


Light and elegant

The items made by chiffon are very soft, both in color and style, and the thin texture, the touch brought by a gust of wind is cold and comfortable, and it also has a certain elasticity, and the upper body is very elegant.


The design style is changing, and any sister can control

When choosing, you can choose a design style, maybe it will surprise us.


Chiffon dress

The dress has always been a high -end item in summer. It saves time and effort and worry, which is in line with the current fast -paced life. When we choose a chiffon skirt, we must pay attention to the details. Therefore, adding some design sense will look more fashionable and tasteful, and the details are the key to the overall style.


It is almost not much different from the choice of dresses, but because it is a combination of upper and lower items, it is difficult to match.

First of all, the selection of pants, the basic color can stabilize the floral style shirt. The solid color system can be used to improve the texture with solid color system. Showing a variety of styles, which can not only show its own level, but also a reflection of charm.

Choice and matching chiffon single product

In summer, florals are the most popular. Based on this basis, this soft feeling can best reflect the atmosphere of the little woman, and the combination of these two elements is the best CP.


The solid color system will make the style advanced, which requires us to consider it ourselves. Of course, the overall smoothness can be said that there is no look at all. These three choices must be remembered.


(1) Rich neckline

There are so many items now, and many people want to make their own styles sell well. It can be said that everything is used, especially the changes on the neckline, because the face is the most direct view and conversation, and a different neckline It is very important for the face shape and the skin color state, so in the face of different people and different occasions, the neckline has a leading role.

This shirt neckline uses a lace design. There are very full stacks under the neck. The vision looks more “good”, full of gentle wind, and it is very suitable for daily commuting.

If you want to create sexy wind, you must not miss the small V -neck. Now, regardless of the season, the cover of V -neck single products is still wide, because it breaks the choice of many people inherently, a small V -neck can enrich the overall taste as a whole, At the same time, V -neck has the effect of extending the neck, which is more conducive to the display of the collarbone, and it will also show the face very small.


It also has a certain attraction to people’s vision. We must “pursue the victory” and work hard on the color of the single product, which can exude charm.


(2) Saturated cuffs

We all know that the bubble sleeves are easy to create a cute princess style. It is more friendly to the sisters of the shoulder, can balance the shoulder lines, and it looks more manner. Secondly, many flesh sisters want to try chiffon skirts in the summer But because the texture of chiffon is too soft and skin -friendly, it is a challenge for the figure. At this time, add a bubble sleeve, which can be “protective” for the worship of the arm.

For skirts that fall down as a whole, we can use bubble sleeves to embellish, so that wearing can be used to become interesting and saturated, and it will not make the whole look too monotonous, but this style is more Korean, clean and generous, overall, overall The shape is an elegant and gentle feeling.

(3) Add other fabrics

Although the gentle attributes of chiffon texture are already strong, the combination with some items will make this style instantly fill. We all know that the lace is very attractive. In addition to the monotonous display, it can also be perfectly combined with chiffon items. In this way, the tone of the whole person will be sweet, and of course it is arranged according to color. Beauty, dark color is a sexy and unruly gesture in deep, and will bring a little A force.

Demonstration of chiffon items

① mature wind

The more mature women like clean and simple items, because their cultivation and experience are not supported by patterns, they are full of taste and deserve to taste slowly, so solid color simple items are more suitable for mature women.

This blue knitted vest is cool and breathable. Because the color tone is clean, the small lace is embellished with the neckline. The blue color saturation is a bit deep. The degree will be better.

② Pure wind

Proper blank, no matter who controls this item, it is refreshing and clean. Choosing jeans for matching is destined to have a salt flavor.


The chiffon shirt on the upper body is large, and the design of small florals can be matched with jeans. This chiffon shirt is bright and bright, which is in line with the taste of fashionable girls now. The overall shape looks full of pure girly atmosphere.

(3) Gentle Wind

The girls who can’t escape the dolls are completely different from the taste of mature women. When we get a solid color item, its design must be plump enough to show our level.

It is not that you do n’t like simple small details, because the age of age and the breaking away of the personality, many sisters will think that it seems that only enough designs can enhance their charm.

Here I believe that the sisters have a new understanding of chiffon. They are not waiting for people with high temperatures. They are still worried about the charm of chiffon items for the sisters who are worried about. I am waiting for your feedback here!

Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily match guide and meet a more beautiful self with wearing!


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The “chiffon shirt” popular this summer is refreshing and fashionable.

Chiffon shirt