Snoopy fans must start! VANS X Peanuts co -branded five Stebibervana shoes are here

In the fall of this fall, Vans has cooperated with the American long -term comic “Peanuts” to launch VANS X Peanuts Autumn Lianqi series of products. “Peanuts” is a classic comic created by Charles M. Schulz. Vans cleverly integrates Peanuts’s unique characters and comic style elements to re -interpret the classic comic Peanuts with the spirit of “OFF The Wall” brand spirit, launching shoes, clothing and clothing and clothing and clothing. Accessories and other products,

史努比迷们绝对要入手!VANS x Peanuts联名五款史努比帆布鞋来啦

The main design elements of VANS X Peanuts joint shoes are based on the characters in “Peanuts”. Old Skool shoe is presented with all black, and the hand -drawn Snoopy pattern is injected into the upper. Authentic shoes use pink upper and full version of characters to create a fun style. The SLIP-ON launch two styles, with black soaring upper and embroidered Snoopy and Charlie Brown cloth on left and right feet to form an asymmetric comic style. The other is staggered on the upper with the checkerboard plaid and the Snoopy big head pattern. Added the shoe -type Half Cab with a beige sole, incorporate a variety of Snoopy emoticons, and relive the picture in the cartoon. This series also launch a variety of shoes for children’s shoes, as well as clothing and accessories, bring a complete Vans X Peanuts autumn product. This series will be listed on October 7th (Sat).