Inov-8 Push the new graphene enhanced version of running shoes: the service life is twice the industry standard

According to foreign media reports, the British clothing company Inov-8 developed the world’s first graphene sole running shoes through cooperation with the University of Manchester’s material scientists in 2017. A few years have passed, and more and more graphene appears in the product directory of this company.

This time, graphene was used in foam buffer materials in off -road running shoes that claim to be two times the industry standard.


In 2017, INOV-8 has a pair of healthy shoes by adding graphene to the outsole of a forward-looking jogging shoe. The shoe promises to have stronger durability and grip on all surfaces. Now, the company said that in the past three years, the sales of graphene enhanced shoes accounted for more than 50%of its sales. To this end shoe.


It is reported that the new graphene shoes Trailfly Ultra G 300 MAX is made of super marathon and long -distance running sports enthusiasts. It is called the world’s first running shoes with graphene enhanced buffer materials.


In the experiment and laboratory, the graphene enhanced foam was tested, and the developer claimed that it was 25%higher than the standard EVA foam. At the same time, it is not easy to suffer from compression and wear and provide a greater time framework of rebound and comfort. The research team said that this bubble still performs well after 1200 kilometers-twice the industry standards.

Dr. Aravind Vijayaraghavan from the University of Manchester said: “In addition to in the experiment, we also conducted a large number of tests in the laboratory, including simulating a large amount of use to make the bubble test violently. Although the G-Fly bubble has obviously obviously Aging, but it still provides more energy returns than some unprepared bubbles. “

It is reported that the $ 190 TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 Max has begun to accept reservations, and it will be listed on April 8.