Kappa reproduces the trend! Beach sandals, showing youthful vitality

Remember the strongest logo list on the 2018 fashion street circle? Between Gucci, LV, Prada and other luxury brands, the 7th Kappa successfully attracted the attention of the tide. Kappa you don’t care, unknowingly squeezed the top of the tide brand.


The previous Kappa did have a period of fire for a while, probably when I was still a junior high school student. Later in the past few years, there were some “disappeared” in China. The lifestyle has quietly penetrated our fashion circle again. Two men and women sitting back their backs are well known to the world.

I will recommend one for you today, Kappa’s new sandals beach shoes, let’s take a look together!

The packaging is perfect and the transportation process is not damaged.


This one I received is a plum red color matching. The eye -catching vitality red with the classic refreshing simple white and the black sole, the overall shape is very “harmonious”, it looks good.

It is neither publicity, nor lack of sexy sexy details.


The magic sticker adhesive design, the overall beauty and harmony, coupled with high -quality canvas upper, wearing soft and comfortable.

In addition, there is a Kappa brand logo, which gives vitality to the entire shoes, which is suitable for showing the brand’s unique charm.


Behind the shoes is the two classic Kappa classic men’s and women’s patterns sitting ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕ ➕, in line with the overall color matching, looks more pleasing to the eye.

Tags have information such as anti -counterfeit codes, sizes, prices, etc., which can check whether authenticity.


The sole is KAPPA’s unique bid element. From the fashion runway to the street alleys, from the trend icon to the amateur, all of them are “captured” by KAPPA bids. This pair of sandals can not be let go, but the idea of ​​designing on the sole, I do n’t know which designer has proposed it. Is it popular now that it is popular?

On the whole, this pair of shoes can be said to be 360 ​​degrees without dead ends. It looks good in any way. The red red with simple and pure white.


After experiencing it on your feet, it is very comfortable. The soles of the soles are super soft, it is very comfortable to step on, and the magic sticker design is also very convenient. The only deficiencies may seem “fat”. It is a simple T -shirt+denim shorts, and the legs are relatively long visually, and the small MM can also be worn.

In addition, this is a couple model, that is, the style of men and women through, boys can also wear it ~~


This KAPPA Caba couple men’s and women’s sandals are designed for sports and leisure. They are very comfortable, have good footflars, and are simple and atmospheric in style. How to match them are better, more suitable for hot summer wearing.