Save girls in winter to trouble the “super easy -to -use skin artifact”! Sisters, buy it?

Hello, the soft cute little fairy, I am your heart -breed criminal — Smith, the Smith planted and pulled up, so happy to share with you the good product ~


“Sum Su’s secret gold series” water milk skin care set, Matid’s skin freckle essence, Dr. Chengye VC100 lotion.

This super beauty, as a skin nature, is a sensitive muscle and a patient with dark spots, indicating

“The above products are used on the face, and the effect has not yet felt. At first, everyone was recommended by everyone, but after receiving it, it would be the same thing ~”


In addition, it is understood,

Internet celebrity bloggers Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya have also traveled these products in the live broadcast, and they have obtained a large number of users’ participation in purchase.

So, are they as easy to use as everyone thinks? Let Smith make an introduction to the above four products, hoping to help and gain some of the fairies.

My girlfriend! Haha, tease you (tongue tongue ~)

1. [breathing SUM37 set box] Su secret set Roman milk milk

Set containing

1. Formulating: Gold Touring Mang Luxu Soft Skin Water 150ml+Gold Sataris Mang Luxu Soft Skin Milk 60ml

2. Gift gifts: Gold Stepping Mang Luxu Cream 25ml+Gold Stereo Mang Luxu Night Conservation Nursing Essence 20ml

Baby effect:

Ancient Ferry fermentation doubles rare ingredients, firming the skin to lighten fine lines, and the fine lines are safe and gentle

For people:

Dry and tight, fine lines, rough and lustrous, pregnant women can also use

proposed price:

1000RMB (four -piece set of gold)

Jiaqi Live Room: 1000RMB, add 3 pieces of gold, 3 pieces of gold*2+miracle mask*1

the way of buying:

SUM37 official flagship store


Introduction [Article]: SUM37 degrees, skin water that can breathe

Its toner is a relatively refreshing toner, which will make our skin moist and not greasy when shooting on the face. Its muscle bottom softening milk just provides the nutrition we need for our skin, making the skin more flexible and vivid. Its cream contains natural fermentation ingredients and plant extracts, which can play a role in stabilizing the skin. It is a more intimate cream. The essence replenishes nutrition for the skin, making our skin more shiny.

【User Evaluation】

Q: What age is this suitable age? Will it be a bit early at the age of 25?

User 1:

It’s not too early, it can be used, but the oil skin is not suitable

User 2:

I just used this year 28, the absorption is very good, and the skin has become delicate! Skin care products have nothing to do with age, mainly depending on your skin condition and the effect you want

User 3:

It’s a bit early. Choose some cheap ones. Young skin does not need to be too expensive, but it hurts the skin

Question 2: Can 23 -year -old dry skin stratum corneum thin red bloodshot be used?


I don’t know, ask the customer service, but the friend’s hand is dry and cracking, it will hurt if you wipe this

I am a dry stratum stratum corneum thickness and little allergy

Smith: It is not recommended that girls who are too young (under 25 years old, sensitive skin, fragile, dry skin) girls use this skin care product. Because this skin care product is more effective for anti -wrinkle and oil, firming and relaxing skin. If you want to buy a skin care product that is only hydrating, you can choose some cheap and sensitive such as AHC and dream makeup.

Question 3: Mixed oil acne muscle, thicker pores, is it suitable for use?

: I also mixed with oil, but there is no acne and large pores. To be honest, I have been using it for so long. I did n’t think it was good. I did n’t see the effect, but I still do n’t recommend buying it. However, everyone has individual differences, and personal opinions are for reference only.

I used it, I didn’t think the oil, my skin is a neutral skin, I read this oil, but I didn’t think it felt

Question 4: Is the bottle body plastic or glass?


User 1/2:


Q: Is the sensitive skin girl suitable for girls?

It should be okay. It is said that pregnant women can be used.


Not suitable for severe sensitivity skin girls (reasons with “asking two”)

Question 6: What is the effect of oil control? Intersection

I bought it in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room. There are many new series of gifts. I feel that there is no blue bottle. I like to be thin and thin. This is a bit thick.

First, it is very greasy (say three times). It is much worse than the weather he bought before in absorption or moisturizing! Second, the lotion fell for half a day and told me that I frozen, but I was useless after thawing! Third, the weight is too small, especially the lotion! Finally, the absorption is average.

24 years old, mixed. I can only say that taking pictures is good. I feel rustic and looks cheap. Because of cheap, sending so much causes the mind, but it also spent a dozen pieces of postal costs to feel the sample, and it is okay. It is normal for this bottle mouth design to be used to end, but is this a new one? Intersection In addition, who is thick and the essence is very sticky, it takes some time to absorb. The frost is very heavy, but it does not give the skin a particularly moisturizing feeling. In the morning, I still feel dry skin. I regret it very much …

Second, Martiderm Martide skin Spain Spain Spain Spanish Freckle Whitening Essence

product detail:

Light spots, bright skin color, improve color, improve color, improve luster, peace of mind and whitening

Applicable effect:

There are sun spots and stains on the face; the skin tone is dull and dull, and wants to whiten and brighten

Applicable skin texture:

All skin types, sensitive muscles are applicable, and pregnant mothers also apply


Acerne benzylbenol, daisy essence, home independent vegetable extract, golden bird heterin



Place of origin:


Promotion Promotion 359RMB

Jiaqi live broadcast room: receive 100 yuan voucher, and the price of the hand is 169 plus four small ampoules essences

Martiderm official flagship store


Question 1: Is there a bottle that uses a bottle, is there a freckle effect?

User 1: It has been used for half a month, some effects

User 2: I feel that the spots are a bit light

Question 2: Is the light spots whitening obvious?

User 1: No feeling

A honey of the honey of A

Q: Hello, is it effective for freckles?

User 1: It should be used for a long time to use the bottle skin smooth and brightened

User 2: I just started to use any effect for the time being

Third, Dr. Chengye VC100 toner water

A whitening toner has a series of whitening ingredients such as vitamin C derivatives. The effect of moisturizing and brightening is good. Its yellowing effect is very good, the texture is very refreshing, the face is very comfortable, and the moisturizing effect is average. This toner has a faint flavor of chamomile, which is very elegant.

Vitamin C Fanta Water’s skin is clear and translucent;

200%high concentration fresh VC, 100 times traditional VC whitening permeability, high functional essence water quality


The bottom layer is clean, deep nourishment, and the surface is bright

Gathering calculation price 360RMB

Jiaqi live broadcast room: receive 40 yuan coupon, arrive at 320 yuan and give gifts to gifts

Drcilabo Overseas Flagship Store

Q: What is the effect of whitening and how long can it whiten?

User 1: No whitening effect

User 2: No

User 3: I think the best function is to hydrate really well. It took two or three years to make up for two or three years anyway.


User 4: Moisturizing is okay. As for whitening and shrinking pores, it doesn’t feel much.

Question 2: Is it alcohol?

User 1: Not included, smelling no taste

User 2: There are no spices, alcohol, and preservatives. I have done my homework before


Q: Can I shrink pores?

User 1: Long -term use, effective

User 2: After using a lot of bottles, the pores are not thinner. This is effective to apply wet to. The effect after wet compress is obvious, but the wet compress is very wastewater.

Fourth, perfect diary eyelashes fixed -type bottoming (long curls of waterproof splitter)

Product specifications: 2.5G

Square period: 3 years

Reference price: 49.9RMB

Jiaqi Live Room: 49.9RMB Buy one get one get one free

Purchase channel: PerfectDial flagship store

Q: Will you feel uncomfortable when you apply your eyes?

User 1/2: No


Question 2: Do you need to apply mascara after applying this?

User 1: After applying this, apply mascara and immediately apply mascara

User 2: I don’t apply it anymore, it has a little black effect, it is more natural

User 3: You do n’t need to use your eyelashes. I only use it to set it, and the effect is very good. A little black.

Question 3: Is it a long time?

User 1: Nothing use

User 2: Nothing to feel

Five, Angeleyes all things have a Ling Gao CD

Baby details: “3D three -dimensional lion powder to create light and shadow and sculpture re -engraving beauty”

Product specifications: 10G

Product characteristics: delicate and appropriate powder, comprehensively enhance the three -dimensional sense of contour

Color number classification: 01 Ge Yin Lake (ginger color) 02 Huan Dance Moon (Silver White Zhu Light) 03 Drunk Jasmine (Warm Powder Polaries)

Reference price: seller discount 149RMB

Jiaqi live broadcast room: receive 40 yuan coupon to 109 yuan

Angeleyes flagship store

Question 1: Have you used the fairy, this powder is fine?

User 1: The powder is very fine, pretty good on the face

User 2: Delicate

User 3: It’s fine, easy to use


Q: Is this highlight showing pores?

User 1: The thin ones will not

User 2: Thick coating, you are the brightest beautiful monkey king in this street

User 3: Should not be

Source: Taobao User Dream Shop 7777


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proposed price:

proposed price:

the way of buying:

the way of buying:

the way of buying:

【User Evaluation】

【User Evaluation】

【User Evaluation】

【User Evaluation】

User 1:

User 1:

User 1:

User 1:

User 2:

User 2:

User 2:

User 2:

User 3:

User 3:

product detail:


Square period: 3 years