2020 Early spring, candy -colored sweater with these “skirts”, too fashionable

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Korean INS fashionista Imvely_Offical’s matching style is really a typical Korean sweet girl, naturally fresh, plus her percentage smile. Just like the female lead of a Korean TV series. And she is more handy about the sweater, how to look good. Especially her technique of sweater with skirts is even more amazing. Learn it together.

Floral skirt


Imvely_Offical’s skin bottle is not particularly white, so the colors she choose are pink and neutral. This color will make the skin look white and tender. First of all, it can be seen that her match is superb. The pink big -shoulder sweater looks very tide. This is also a popular version. The color of the floral skirt of the lower body is also very good. It is very coordinated with the pink color. , Lovely Ladies Wind ▲

Purple will be more neutral, and it is also a sweater with large falling shoulders. The long sleeves cover the handle. This is also a very cool way to wear. This set is also very simple and easy to get started. Girls can try to use these items to match ▲ ▲

Dot skirt

Imvely_Offical’s grasp of color is really good. The gray -green color is very neutral, the large -shoulder version and long sleeves are full of tide and very cute. Loose and comfortable and easy to match. The wave dot skirt on the lower body is a small trace of naughty. This is also a popular pattern today. You can try it.

Asakusa green is a difficult color. The requirements for skin texture are relatively high, sweet wind, and they are very age -reducing. The heroine in Korean dramas often appears this color, which is considered to be more colorful. The small red bag around the waist is even more girly heartbroken ▲




The pleated skirt will definitely be hot this spring and summer. Japan and South Korea’s streets have many girls in this spring skirt this spring. The fabric is comfortable and casual, and the grandma’s sweater on the upper body has a retro flavor. Authentic Korean heroine’s intellectual style ▲

The large version of the grandma’s shirt is super casual, but the lower body pleated skirt is very playful and cute, with boots, sweet and salty. This combination is really very durable, and these items are also easy to get started, easy to match ▲ ▲

Leather A -line skirt

In terms of the choice of skirts, imvely_offface choices for leather skirts are more classic A -line skirts. Leather and sweaters are a natural pair. Usually we like to wear wool leather clothes because these two kinds of materials are inherently matched. So it is classic. We usually feel that the color of Korean clothes looks good. Indeed, the Korean fashion circle is particularly powerful for color for color. So the colors of these sweaters are also superb.

In addition to the matching of sweaters and skirts, the whole set of sweater skirts like this is also recommended by girls to try it. It is comfortable to put on the body. It is particularly young, and there are many choices on the color, casual and cute.


Finally, the classic black match of Imvely_Offical, the black falling shoulder small V -neck sweater, the color is darker, it looks very concise, capable, coupled with the black floral skirt, the combination of leather boots, intellectual style and style The perfect combination of cute style, with her percentage smile, amazing.

The above is the recommendation of the match between sweaters and skirts. I hope girls can also wear different you in this spring.


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