CF & Super Member Great Value Low-cost Activities Leading High Clean Thunder-SS

Crossing the Fire (CF) and the super member united and low -cost detonation of the battlefield activity will be opened again in June. During the event, players can open CFVIP and biochemical or blasting sets on the event page. Monthly low -value and low -cost detonation of battlefield event website!

Activity time: June 17, 2017 to July 5th

CF&超级会员超值低价活动 领高爆手雷-SS

Activity website:

CF&超级会员超值低价活动 领高爆手雷-SS

1. On this page, a monthly super member can enjoy the service of super members+crossing fire VIP for one month. At the same time, you can also receive the corresponding blasting gift package and biochemical package, with a total limit of ten. (Reminder: Users who have opened QQ members, super members, and super QQ members through their mobile phones to transfer QQ members who cannot participate in this event)

2. After receiving the gift package, this event can get “stars”. Cumulative “Stars” can be exchanged for 30 days of CF props, such as: 4 stars can be replaced with high explosive handle thunder-SS (30 days)

The above is the CF June scraping card brought by the editor of the Fire Crossing Fire. For more than the latest content of the fire line, please pay attention to the event area for me to play.