Biyi: Adidas Adidas Children’s Cotton Sports Dress $ 19.99 (about 164 yuan)

Adidas is a German sports supplies manufacturer and a member of Adidas AG. It was named after its founder Adolf Adi Dassler, and in 1920, he began producing shoe products in Hecuoken, which is close to Nuremberg.

比呀比: adidas 阿迪达斯 儿童纯棉运动连衣裙 $19.99(约164元)

Adidas Kids Ruffle POLO DRESS Children’s Cotton Sports Dress is made of 100%cotton, making the baby comfortable and peace of mind. The classic POLO shirt collar design and layered fold design add cute details, which is also convenient to exercise. It can be dual -purpose, can be worn casually, and can be used as sportswear.

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$ 19.99

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164 yuan (without tax)

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比呀比: adidas 阿迪达斯 儿童纯棉运动连衣裙 $19.99(约164元)

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比呀比: adidas 阿迪达斯 儿童纯棉运动连衣裙 $19.99(约164元)

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