GPS measurement class measurement instrument training

The GPS measurement class measurement instrument training. When using the terrain diagram of the whole station instrument to measure the operation method, it is necessary to form an effective transparency between the points to ensure that the method can be effectively applied. Moreover, this technology needs to control the observation line of sight within a reasonable range. The length of the observation sight cannot be too long, and the whole station instrument is not needed. This can effectively reduce the cumulative error. The operation of the whole station is not affected by factors such as the status of the sky satellite and the strong radiation of the outside world. The operations are widely. For some areas with many mountains, forests, land, and urban layers dense. It is advisable to use the whole station instrument.

GPS动态RTK野外地形图测绘作业要求卫星信号好,天空开阔,无障碍物;施测点不宜在高压线、无线电台、电视信号发射塔、移动通信基站、大型金属建筑物,强能量噪声源、大Divided by area; avoid high temperature operations. High temperature, active ionization layer, reducing RTK accuracy. The dynamic RTK wild terrain diagram testing operation does not require the point of view between points and points. It is not affected by the length of the observation sight, and the operation area is large. However, for some dynamic RTK operations in mountains, forests, buildings, and sources of strong interference sources, it is suitable for use in the open area of ​​the plain or the sky in the sky, and there are strong interference sources.

Methods and practice: Through the comparison of the above two operations, combine the characteristics of the terrain and landforms of each test area, there are both mountains and dense buildings, dense buildings, regions with strong radiation sources, and open areas with open sky. Combined with the characteristics of the regional characteristics, the whole station instrument and the GPS dynamic RTK cooperate with the wild terrain diagram measurement method to test and draw operation methods, which can be used to set up the full station at the E -Class control point or dynamic RTK layout. Collect the data of the broken step point. It mainly focuses on the detection and drawing of terrain diagrams such as villages and forest -intensive areas.

The dynamic RTK measurement group, the GPS reference station stand on the known point. In the open area, a measuring person is holding the CPS mobile station and the thin hand to collect the broken point data. Mainly the topographic diagrams of the open area such as roads and farmland. In the open area of ​​the sky, the dynamic RTK measurement mode is adopted to replace the whole station instrument measurement. Under the conditions of not required to be required, the root point of the cumulative error is measured to make the root point accuracy of the graphic point required for the map measurement. The quantity is satisfied, and the speed is fast, which speeds up the progress of the map.

In empty areas and highways in some villages; in low mountains and slope areas with poor visual conditions, the entire station instrument and dynamic RTK work are used. First of all, the dynamic RTK measurement group is used to use a dynamic RTK measurement mode to add graphone root points in the above areas, and the measured part points are applied. The whole station instrument group set up a full station at the Tu Gen point to collect the broken part of the data. In this way, the method of cooperating reduces the limitation factors of the terrain; reduce the number of stations of the whole station instrument station and reduce the cumulative measuring errors. Improve the λ accuracy of the broken part.

In summary, in order to enable the surveying and mapping work of special terrain to be carried out smoothly, it is necessary to combine advanced surveying and mapping technology on the basis of traditional surveying and mapping technology to achieve complementary advantages. According to the special nature of the terrain, choose the appropriate surveying and mapping technology , To ensure the effectiveness of the development of surveying and mapping. The related surveying and mapping methods and technology are gradually developed in the long -term practice process, especially the use of the whole station instrument and GPS dynamic RTK wild terrain diagram measurement method, which not only greatly reduces the difficulty of terrain surveying and mapping, but also The advantages of the two surveying and mapping methods are maximized, so that the collected information data is more accurate, which makes the current special terrain surveying and mapping work in the wild.


What knowledge points do I need to measure training? Including courses that measure instruments, measurement software, and measurement data, the more important is the application of the whole station and RTK in the construction process, as well as the calculation of earthwork and coordinates in software courses, etc. If you need to learn more and more comprehensive and comprehensive Course, please consult Teacher Chen in the East British era!

Main training: engineering measurement, surveying and mapping, cost, construction, data skills, academic qualifications, technical certificates, etc. The school measurement includes construction measurement, road and bridge measurement, tunnel measurement, mining measurement, terrain surveying and mapping, cadastral surveying and mapping, real estate surveying and other. Single-learning full station instruments and single-learning GPS-RTK can also come to learn. Instrument courses: full-site instrument, latitude and weft meter, level instrument, GPS-RTK and other training courses.

Practical training, cross -listening lessons, focusing on practical operation ability, learning independently after learning, while learning.

Training Center: Chengdu Dongying Times Training School (the school is enrolled nationwide, can be accommodated)


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