Want to be advanced in winter? It is recommended to wear more “hip skirts”, especially suitable for 30+ women

#What to wear today#



Although the face is born, a person’s temperament can be changed. Many times we can

Through the clothes


Matching itself

High -level temperament


To be interpreted, if you want to wear an elegant temperament, then you must not be inseparable from a skirt. Among all skirts,

Hip skirt

It is the most feminine clothes item, but how to wear a “hip skirt” in winter? Benan women learn these 3 tricks,

Not only is elegant but also age -reducing.

Features of hip skirt



The biggest feature of the hip skirt is its

Function, because its material can fit its skin, plus it is a tight -fitting version, which can well put your hips well



Also presented, but it is precisely because of this reason, for some

Pear body

For women, we must pay attention to the hip skirt

Material selection

Do not zoom in the disadvantages of a wide range of your hips.

Modify the leg shape

The second feature of the hip skirt is that it can be good

Essence The hip skirt is often on the waist

Tight effect

And the hip will show a certain amount of the curve of the hips

And the skirt below the hip is gradually recycled, so that it can make your legs

Be more beautiful,

It can be said that there is a kind of skirt type must be necessary for female friends with long legs.


The third feature of the hip skirt is that it looks very like

Because of its design

Very simple

And fit the figure, there will be no more modification, it feels very likely


And this design that fits the figure is also easy to show the beautiful figure of women, it looks elegant and charming. In fact, the initial hip skirt is used in the workplace matching. The black hip skirt and white shirt can be combined to make your own style of style very


Symbly temperament.

Not subject to age restrictions

The hip skirt can be suitable for a variety of styles, and it is still

Because it involves extremely simple simplicity

Not very picky

The more sophisticated the design, the more suitable for middle -aged and elderly women, and design




It is more suitable for little girls. It can be said that women at any age will wear it.

High -level and beautiful

After reading the three characteristics of the hip skirt, let’s learn how to match the hip skirt.

Classification of hip skirts


Although the characteristics of the hip skirt are roughly the same, there will still be some distinction between the hip skirts, which are both.

Simple color model

, And some with some


Simplicity and diversity often cannot have both two, otherwise it is easy to appear without the theme, and the body will feel a whisty.

It looks low level,

When you choose a hip skirt, you can choose according to the style you want, which is often the best for you.


Some solid -colored hip skirts often appear

Generous and simple

The style, if the little fairies do not know how to match it, it is best to combine with some solid sweater. This simple and complex combination can cause a strong visual impact, but also relatively conservative. It is also relatively conservative. Do not test the matching skills, even if it is fashionable Xiaobai, you can wear it well

Fashion effect


And can make your own style more style more


the taste of.

With the continuous growth of the fashion circle, more and more prints have begun to appear in skirts, and in winter, the trend of animal pattern skirts strikes again.

Zebra pattern skirt

, Make your own style of dressing more in playfulness

Wild taste.


This kind of skirt is actually very small in the small area

High -profile

It ’s, but if you want to make your own match show more

Street feeling,

It can also be combined with other bright colors.


Although the hip skirt will have

The effect, but the skirt part of the hip skirt will still be distinguished

Tight and loose version

It is naturally different for the different version of the body. The crotch is relatively wide or

The legs are stout

Female friends, try to choose as much as possible when choosing a hip skirt

Mid -long hip skirt.


For some

Romed legs


Thick legs

Female friends, then you should choose one

Loose hip skirt

For example, add some fishtails or pleated skirts to the skirt, which is not only diversified to match, but also easily

Hide the shortcomings of thick legs.

The loose version of the hip skirt often looks like


Comparative atmosphere

, So try to avoid some loose tops when matching, choose some tight sweater or tight shirts for combination, or use some clothes combinations with deep necklines.

More sexy.


Created by different materials for hip skirts

Sense of fashion

Naturally, it is also different, especially for the little fairy who pays great attention to the pure color bag hip skirt, you must pay attention to the hip skirt

Material selection


The most common type of hip skirt is the leather fabric. It has its own

Handsome and fashionable

The feeling, and it can also be recessed well, and the luster of its own luster is also very good.

Stunning and dazzling.

How can you lack a knitted fabric hip skirt in winter? The fabric is soft and it can also highlight it well

Curly body



Gentle color


, Make the knitted skirt show a very sweet and romantic attribute. Whether it is paired with a suit jacket or a trench coat, it can become

The focus of the audience.

So do you want advanced beauty in winter? It is recommended to wear more “hip skirts”,

Especially suitable for 30+ women

Essence If you have any fashion knowledge about the hip skirt you want to know, please continue to pay attention to the follow -up article of Xiaobian.




Modify the leg shape


Not subject to age restrictions