Wearing white long sleeves and tight jeans, the young lady walking on the street is very fashionable

Jeans can be worn naturally regardless of any section, but follow the change of the sky, the demand for this item is different.

Probably hot and warm sky, you want to appear fresh and flexible, the blue jeans are relatively suitable.


Most of the black and gray jeans are relatively stable and atmospheric, and the severe cold days are used.

Take a pair of blue jeans, for example, if you want to wear a pleasing eye, the depth of color must pay attention to the division.


In general, medium blue jeans are relatively versatile. Whenever they give people fresh and elegant images, they can relax and control no matter what they match.

In particular, with a white top, the blue and white toll matching will show the romantic temperament.


Coupled with the blue and white fee is just a foundation style, what kind of items are selected in detail, and the mediation is held based on my needs.

If you are a small descendant, you probably seek an avant -garde sense, and you must choose a short white top, and probably break the holes. Everyone looks very tall and slim. The slightly fat girls with width shoulder can choose the matching method of upper width and narrow, which looks more petite and delicate.


The method of dressing of jeans ①: If the hairstyle is also very nervous and fresh, the high ponytail that is probably brought about by the ball head can show a full sense of vitality. And the graded jeans of the same style, the micro -curly hair is probably suitable for the shawl, romantic and modern.