140 square meters of modern minimalist wind, not moving, poke your ideal life

Design inspiration

Different houses have a different atmosphere. For life, the space is not the size, but in its comfort and practicality.


Case information

Project Address: Helen International Hyde District


Project area: 140 square meters

Case cost: 120,000

Designer: Geliang Song


Project type: four -bedroom, two halls, three guards and one kitchen

Go to the household

The white is bright and clean, and the orange is warm and mysterious. The white -tone of the porch shoe cabinet of the white main orange embellishment at the door is used as a semi -partition body in the outside world. The shape is simple without losing the quality to ensure the privacy and comfort of the home environment.


living room


The living room is based on the main color system of ivory white shops, supplemented by cobalt blue and logs, and enhances the pure texture of the overall home.

The simple and novel combined sofa, the color and the contrasting pillow are lined, which enhances the brightness of the space. The L -shaped layout sofa function is complete. Feel with beauty.

The furniture of Bai Liangguang Roguin series -TV cabinets and coffee tables, the lines are smooth and clear, which meets the owner’s living room storage needs. Gypsum lines TV background wall, the cost is not high, the insulation and sound insulation effect is good, highlighting the three -dimensional layering of the space.


The design of food and kitchen always adheres to the principle of life supremacy. This case is a small apartment, with a regular square dining table. It covers a small area and contains a sense of fashion. It is convenient for the aisle walking and saving space.


Dingtianli -style dining cabinet, there are many plaid cabinets, and the storage function is strong. The place where the cabinet is reserved by the cabinet, the embedded refrigerator, the maximum use of the space, the entire dining area is refreshing and not messy.

Between the kitchen and kitchen, a light sliding door is used as a partition, and each other is independent of each other, so that family members in the two spaces can also communicate and create a warm and pleasant dining environment.




Divide a small space, design a study, enrich the fun and storage of life.


The transparent glass and the warm solid wood custom bookcase are smart and stylish, and then incorporate the stylish atmosphere of black metal. The two rays of jumping color blessing, the overall temperament of the study room is improved.

Master bedroom

Small and warm bedrooms, contrasting curtains, and finishing touch of space are full of expectations and tenderness of night, making the space lively and angry.

The design of corner wardrobe creates a visual comfort. The push -pull wardrobe door is convenient and fast, and the rounded edges and corners are both beautiful and ensuring the safety of home.

Master guard

Black and white classic color bathroom, exquisite avant -garde.


The lockers and floor cabinets on the side of the mirror cabinet meet the storage function of the sanitary area. The bottom of the bathing area is designed, clean and easy to clean, and the water is not easy to leak during use, which ensures the tidy and refreshing space.