How much is Anna Sussu Ferry Perfume ANNA SUI Unicorn Cabin Counter Price

Anna Sussu’s unicorn perfume is really super beautiful, inspired by unicorn, the unicorn carved by the gold carved, with the leaves and flowers, it is so beautiful that it is the kind of perfume that is reluctant to throw away the perfume. ,So,

安娜苏独角兽香水多少钱 anna sui独角兽香水专柜价格

How much is Annasu’s unicorn perfume perfume

What’s more?

The new fragrance developed by unicorn is inspired. The front adjustment is intertwined with pink pepper with the sour red grapefruit. The middle tone is raspberry fructose and violet, and finally a cedar smell.

Since it is inspired by unicorns, of course, there are elements of unicorn on the bottle. Gold carving unicorns, below are leaves and flowers, which makes people have the illusion of liquid gold in a perfume bottle. The outer box is embellished from the stars and flowers.

Top tone: red grapefruit, black vinegar chestnut, pink pepper pepper

Middle: Violet, orange blossoms, orchids, raspberry fructose

Tune: Golden cypress tree, cedar

【Price (Non -listing in China)】

About 385RMB/30ml; 550RMB/50ml; 635RMB/75ml

Anna Sui Mijiao Perfume Fragrance

It is said that in September, Ana Su, in addition to the new perfume of the unicorn, the bottle was huge! Today, I went to Ximending to find out a lot of stores and said they were out of stock. SASA also said that there is no way to do the door

But I actually saw this golden Chancan unicorn at the fragrance counter! Originally, the Student Party of the Turkish Student Party wanted to think about it, and the young lady next to them bought fifteen bottles! There were ten bottles left. No, I was so scared that I hurriedly sent the bank card, and the incense was quite good.

Top tone: red pomelo black vinegar chestnut pink pepper pepper

Middle: Violet Orange Blossom Orchid Rasilly Root Fruit Sugar

Tune: Golden cypress cedar

Anna Sui Corner Perfume Comments

It is really a bottle of perfume. At that time, when I saw the advertisement, it was so beautiful. The US official website was placed. This bottle was 75 ml. The metal pony was received in 3 days. It’s really amazing, and promoted to the face of all the perfumes I currently received ~ ??

“Story behind perfume”

Anna Su always missed the young years of playing with friends in the sun, and listened to her mother’s adventure story about the distant but imaginative adventure. She hopes to review these days again. One day, when she walked through the carnival, a rotating Trojan carried by unicorn surrounded music, attracting her deeply, as if inviting her to dance, in the daily gray daily life, nothing was suddenly better than sudden Entering the fantasy world is even more exciting, like the amusement park entry voucher obtained out of thin air, let us enter the unmanned situation. The mysterious magic summons the Anna Su Su fairy tales unicorn in front, so we carefully walked to her, as I followed her, as I followed her, as I walked to her, as I followed her, as I walked to her, as I walked to her, as I walked to her. Instantly disappear in the air, light fragrance around.

Anna Su’s fairy tale unicorn has a strange magic, elegant and pure, she invited us to experience the fantasy world of Annasu together. The glass bottle decorated with leaves and flowers carries charming unlimited hope. The corner beast guards, the relief vividly reflects the good power, and the vividly keeps the perfume potion. It is the precious pharmaceutical agent in the legend and the golden magic fluid to the Wonderland. On the pink blue outer box with magical power, stars and flowers and flowers and glory red surround the fairy tale unicorn. The sky is light mist blue, and elegant magic is raised lightly. Gold foil hot seals satisfy the senses and bring fairy tales for thousands of years into life.

The smell of perfume is very sweet, just sprayed and smelled very sweet, it is fruitful ~

Top tone: red pomelo, pink pepper, black vinegar chestnut

Tail tone: cypress tree, cedar

It is highly recommended for this bottle of perfume. The perfume bottle is super beautiful, the girl’s heart is bursting, suitable for self -use or collection ~

安娜苏独角兽香水多少钱 anna sui独角兽香水专柜价格

Anna Suo Mog Corchi Limited Late Annie Powder

Another face value, retro literary and artistic, blue -green peacock decoration, the girl is full of heart, placed on the dressing table, full. The pink core pure white ocean wind pressure is exquisite, shells, starfish, coral, conch, can not be more beautiful ~ Powder boxes are packed, the powder core is packaged separately, the powder box and puff are packaged together. Good night powder, as the last step of skin care in the evening, avoid the stickiness of the evening skin care products on the pillow, and will not block the pores. It is officially said that it has medicinal whitening effects, light spots, inhibiting melanin formation, thick, soft, soft and comfortable. Skin -friendly ~

Feeling: The last step of the skin care at night is painted with the oil on the face after the big red bottle of the big red bottle, and the face is immediately matte with this powder. The face becomes smooth. It’s a bit white, it will not be too obtrusive, but it is very clear, there is no concealing power, perfectly isolated the intimate contact of skin care products and pillowcases. The puff is very large and thick. Like, the usage of good night powder I summarized was to dip the appropriate amount of good night powder with large powder flutter and even pat on all areas on the face. This is the most effective and fastest way. Do not wipe it back and forth.

How much is Annasu’s unicorn perfume perfume

Middle: Violet, orange blossoms, orchids, raspberry fructose