The shopping mall sells 600+ clothes. It only costs more than 100 online. Is the quality reliable?

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Recently, the acting skills of the big coffees in the variety show “The actor invite the throne”. Come! It’s! … God, its advertising word “Brand Special Sale, which is a value -for -money” is just printed in the mind of Xiaobian like “sugar”, and it can’t be thrown away. However, just to buy autumn clothes recently, Xiaobian went to Vipshop by the way to “inspect” a wave, see if the bottom is “super -value”.

As a result … my mother! Many shopping malls sell huge precious brands in Vipshop only selling more than one hundred. What is going on? In order to answer doubts, Xiaobian placed a few clothes in Vipshop, and planned to give you the box out of the box to see what was greasy inside.

One said that the service of its “SF Free Shipping for 88 yuan” is pretty easy to use. The order just day before yesterday, the next day was delivered to the door. This speed was also fast! like!


(A large box of clothes full of clothes, hope not to step on the mine ~)


The next time the box is opened ~


The first is a wide -colored French knitted dress. At first, when I watched the seller show, I felt particularly grass, and there was a retro and elegant feeling! The original price of this counter was more than 700, but the Vipshop would only sell for 118 yuan. Xiaobian was really shocked at the time!


It is very temperamental to put on the unexpected look. And this horn sleeve can cover the worship of the arms, the waist design can also modify the figure well, Xiaobian likes it!

The next second is a wide pink small incense short jacket. In recent years, small incense wind jackets are very popular, almost one person, but most of the details and workmanship are not very good. However, although this jacket is only 152 yuan, its mixed color yarn is very delicate, and the hair is soft.

The editor took a solid color bottoming shirt and a pair of white pants, and the whole person looked very gentle and well -behaved. And this coat is very warm to wear, and it can be worn in winter in the south.


Let the editors continue to dismantle. This is a coffee -shaking pellet jacket of the Handu clothing. The original price was more than 600, but Xiaobian bought only 150 yuan in Vipshop. This coat is very comfortable, the thickness is moderate, and the color is very suitable for autumn.

I took it with a pair of white pants or wide -leg pants, and then I can wear a beautiful photo to take a beautiful photo!

The last one is the blue -gray woolen coat of the Handu clothing. Its material is so thick, and the version and tailoring are relatively positive. Xiaobian was paired with a blue stitching sweater and white pants, and it looked white and thin behind the upper body! There are four or five hundred pieces of flagship stores like such coats. Do you dare to believe that the coat you bought for only 166 yuan? It feels really picking up treasures.


In general, this shopping experience is really unexpected by Xiaobian! Unexpectedly, the large -name clothes with an average price of more than 100 are quite online!

However, Xiaobian is still confused about why Vipshop can buy big names at low prices. After picking up the information on the Internet, I found that Vipshop is not the same as other e -commerce companies. It is specially sold for brands. It is a bit like Outlet, so it will be much cheaper than the counter. And the product details page can also be seen on the brand authorization book, which should be directly taken with the brand, so there is no problem.

In the end, I will teach you a little trick to chop your hands, click on a discount for you like the brand. Cheap clothes!


Unexpectedly, the unpacking experience was finally turned into the pits of the editor (covering the face). Today, I opened the box for you a large -name clothing with an average price of Vipshop. In the future, you can rest assured that you can go to the wool!

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