Bullying my sister, abuse cats, thought this little girl was simple and cute? Don’t be deceived

This little girl is a bit bad.

It looks only seven or eight years old, but he is already very good at speaking.

Well, her little eyes were inquiring about the parents sitting on the front of the car.


What do you want to do?

After listening, you may take a breath of cooling ——

She wanted to secretly bully the dumb sister sitting next to her.


While the parents did not pay attention, the little girl stretched out her hand and slammed her sister’s legs fiercely.

Anyway, my sister will not sue, nor does she know how to perform pain, and she will only let it be bullied.

The little girl recently met a new friend Benjamin, which is worse than her.

Benjamin also came to “play”, but there is a difference-


He would first pick up her sweater sleeve and start.

Benjamin knew that he was still young and his strength was not large enough, so he had to find the best position.

That’s right, this baby is bad and fine.

This Cannes thriller “Innocent” has no direct blood violence and JumpsCare, which is shocked, and the picture is still small and fresh.

It is scary to be very clear-

#When a bad child get superpowers, how bad will they be? #

The little girl at the beginning was Dada, and their family of four had just moved home.

When you come to the new community, children always look for new playmates.

Eda’s first new playmate was Benjimin mentioned earlier.

Ordinary children usually play sand and play.

These two children are different, and it is called a “odor.”

The head of your head is full of ghost ideas+a bad belly, you can’t guess what they will do in the next second.


Benjamin picked up a kitten and gave it a named Yaba.

He gently called Yaba and introduced to Ida.

By the way, I performed a cooked cat technique, and I touched Yaba and arched back.


Next second.

Ida picked up the T -shirt at hand and covered the kitten.

It’s nothing, right? One second.

Benjamin simply put on the kitten’s head and body with his clothes.

The two were sitting comfortably, watching the kitten can’t get rid of the appearance of anxiety, and laughed very well.

But the long afternoon in the summer, playing this “game” soon was bored.


As a result, the advanced version of the “game” of the kitten came.


Eda and Benjamin suddenly started running the stairs, one by one layer by layer.


-In the higher?



Why do you do so high?


What would happen to see the kitten falling upstairs? What kind of sound will make?

They were tired and looked under the building. It was so high that it was a bit dazzling.

That’s right, height is enough.


Benjamin gently held up the kitten and aimed at the mouth of the stairs.

let go.

They waited for a few seconds to hear any sound, and then ran down to explore the situation.

The kitten was lying on the ground and couldn’t move.

Benjamin suddenly burst into tears: Do you think it died?

As soon as the tears were wiped, I saw the kitten getting up and moved twice.

Benjamin quickly passed and stroked it gently.

Do you think he would reflect on himself, and fortunately the kitten survived?

Remember, you will never guess what these bad children will do in the next second.

He raised his eyes innocently: Do we want to kill it?

As soon as he finished speaking, he got up and stepped on the little life without hesitation.

Ida was afraid that he didn’t dare to look at it, but Benjamin crouched and stroked the kitten again, smiling and said:

The body is still hot

He kept touching the ground twice, feeling the body temperature left on the kitten’s body, and lost a little bit.


And this psychological distorted child is gradually waking up …

At first, he could only control a bottle cap.


Then, the movement direction of the stone can be controlled.


There are more super powers, but another little girl Aisha.

She suffers from vitiligo, her appearance is somewhat different, and she is willing to play with her without a child, so she always talks with her dolls alone.

Aisha’s super power is induction, but only is particularly spiritual for some people, Anna is one of them.

She can read Anna’s thoughts, and she can even “feel the same.”

One time Ida’s shoes to Anna secretly stuffed the glass residue, and Anna was immediately stretched out of her feet.

On the other side, Aisha also felt the pain on the same feet when she put on her shoes, and she could see the illusion of sock bleeding.

Because of the arrival of Esha, Anna also seemed to have changed her personal.

Not only can she say something simple, but her “control” super power is also increasingly prominent.

It turned out that she loved to play the pot at home and left a hand. In fact, she can control the lid to keep turning.

Soon these four strange children played together.

What can I play?

Will it be out of control?

Super powers are just a way of gaming for children.

On them,

Super power is first childlike.

The four played a high -end version of the speaker game in the stairs.

Two whispers were passed under the stairs.

The other two use the ability of induction to guess what this sentence is.




The next day, the four of them went to play outdoor version of the passing game and ran to the woods.

Ida, who loved the trouble, wanted to make bad times this time, and quietly passed a word of scolding Benjamin.

Aisha can feel it, and say the answer with a smile:

Benjamin Big Stupid.

As a result, the sound of the sound fell, and the game became a battle.

Esha was pushed down to the ground by an invisible force.

Almost at the same time, a stone smashed to Eda. Fortunately, she turned her head in time, otherwise she had to smash a pit.

It was Benjamin soaring: Don’t scold me!

Anna quickly ran down to protect Esha.

Unexpectedly, she seemed to be stupid, her ability was the strongest.

Only she could compete with Benjamin, and they closed their eyes to confront each other, and they moved around with them as a shaft.

Instantly a bit of martial arts film internal flavor

The tension between the two continued to accumulate, until the huge trunk was cut off.

Ben Jiming looked stupid, but also realized that this power was powerful.


He began to be obsessed with how to practice well.

Eat at home and don’t forget to practice.

In front of the mother’s face, the stove was shifted on the pot.

The mother stretched out her hand in a panic and held her ears, and was screaming.

Benjamin laughed.

Mom was so angry that he scolded him:

Dog Day. Do you know how it hurts this?

I really don’t know what the evil I had made in my last life …

The next second, you can’t guess what will happen.

Before her mother scolded, she suddenly smashed with an iron pot. For a moment, her head fell to the ground.

Is the revenge on my mother over?

not at all.

Ben Jamin looked at the mother who was no longer saved, and looked at the pot on the stove.

Inspiration is here, I want to have an experimental game again.

See if you can use super power to pour the boiling water in the pot accurately on your mother’s leg?

And, will the fainting mother be scalded?

He concentrated on the experiment quickly.

After playing, he approached the past to see his mother, watching her lying there without moving.

Just like the last time he looked at the kitten fell to the ground, he suddenly burst into tears.

What are you crying?

At this time, we can’t tell the screen.

The mother seemed to be crying.

It’s just the end of the game.

But it is certain that in Benjamin, superpowers’ games are no longer childlike.

It is full of evil.

It became a sharp blade that could be killed at any time.

Children may not distinguish between good and evil, but there are always simple and evil.


This is the root cause of the danger of super powers–

Depending on your own and evil, but do not distinguish between good and evil.

A game ends.

Then start the next game.

In the children’s world, turning the article is faster than turning her face.

At this time, the mother’s body was lying quietly in the kitchen.

Benjamin was busy looking for the next hunting target and started another experiment-

Murdered by a knife.

The prey is very easy to find, and the person he hates, such as the teenager who had bullied him on the court before.

At that time, he knew he couldn’t beat others, and was bullied and could only walk away with his tail.

Now different, his control ability has become stronger and stronger.

The experiment started.


Benjamin buried his head, holding a small ball in his hand and patting the bedside regularly.

The sound of knocking on the next floor was passed on.

The uncle downstairs in Benjieming had just finished dinner and got up and walked out. He didn’t even wear shoes.


The next shot.

He walked on the road, just like a walking dead, his eyes were empty, holding the bricks to prepare to hunt the target at any time …


The death of the mother and the teenager was just the beginning, and Benjamin’s serial killing game officially kicked off.

Who is his next prey?


Eda, who had been with him, would continue to be his companion, or would he break up?

How will this out -of -control game end?

Uncle Meat pressed the spoiler first, and let’s talk about why this film can be praised by everyone as a “thriller of the year.”



“Psychological thriller victory method”


The film accurately holds the “good change” of children, making the story full of secret uncertainty.


The director knows how to grasp the characteristics of children’s uncertainty.

Let you always hang your heart in the process of watching the movie. You can guess which sentence is, and at which moment you can ignite a tragedy.


The whole body was moved, creating a sense of uncertainty embedded in daily life.

When we saw that the kitten was not dropped to death, Benjamin smiled and ran over to touch it, no one expected that he would suddenly kill the kitten.

I did not expect that her mother had woke up to ask Benjamin for help. He chose to be indifferent and let her died in pain.

And this creepy uncertainty is more specific, refers to—- refers to–


Choose “good or evil”, a swing between one thought.

Qiu Qian appeared several times in the film, and it was also the key image on the poster.


In the picture, Eda hangs on Qiu Qian, watching the upside -down world quietly.

Eda’s appearance was like a bad child, and she bullied her sister and small animals when she got the opportunity.

It seems that evil things do a lot, but she is not a complete evil.

When Benjamin proposed to kill the kitten, her first reaction was to refuse and not dare to face it.


As the only ordinary child who has no superpowers among the four, she always swayed between good and evil.

What is the root of this swing?


Speaking of the fantasy setting of this super power.


The director did not take it to play any wonders of horror, but used it to present


Children’s most innocent and evil one side.

This layer of intention is hidden in the two mirrors of Esha and Benjamin.

Aisha represents goodness, her induction ability, so that she can always feel the same, understand the joy and sorrow of others, and know how to protect others.

Benjamin represents evil, and he slowly made his superpowers into weapons to hurt people.

Anna was stabbed by a branch, and there was a detail:

Ben Jiming saw her wound and smiled curiously, like finding a new toy, and couldn’t help but reach out.

And Aisha pushed him angrily.

Because she understood the pain of Anna, she wanted to protect her.

It was found that Benjamin’s evil was always naive.


The biggest difference between him and Aisha is that he never understands convergence.


That’s why he got deeper and deeper in the abyss.

And this is also the root of Eda’s sway, and sometimes there is no empathy.

At her young, she couldn’t understand the sister who did not speak at autism, and couldn’t understand the small animals that could not speak.

So he did evil.

But in the “game” again and again, she is learning to perceive the emotions and temperatures other than herself.

She saw the cold behind maliciousness.

On the day after the kitten died, she secretly returned there and felt the coolness of the corpse after her death.

She also saw the warmth behind the goodwill.

When her sister successfully spoke with Aisha’s help, they showed a happy smile together.

Children’s innocence may have been mixed with good and evil.

It is just that adults often want to think of their natural innocence without the world.

Just like the dual meaning of the title InnoCent, it is childlike, and it is also innocent.

When this film gives adults a “children’s viewpoint”.

When we saw the hidden corner hidden in the children’s world.

The sense of thrilling like a wire and swaying between good and evil.

Only then will make people break.

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