Really senior women, rarely wear these three skirts! Don’t say tacky, it’s also very cheap to drop the grade

Do you also think that the completion of fashion is completely relying on the face and body? In fact, it is not all. Xiaobian still feels that the choice and the skills of matching are also an important factor that affects whether it is fashionable.


Like many female stars, male stars, the hardware conditions of their figure, looks, and height are good, but because they are laughed at the “fashion desert” because they wear taste, many boys and girls who seem to be mediocre and strange in reality have passed Continuous taste exercises, aesthetic improvement.

To change your external temperament and make yourself look more fashionable and temperamental, so today I will come to tell you about the summer where the skirt runs horizontally. On the top, you can choose which items can improve your taste ~ Just look at it together ~

1. Wear these skirts less!

1. Cheap feeling full gauze skirt

The yarn skirt is really the “first thunder” in the skirt items. The mosquito net is generally rough. It will lose from the fabric that determines the high -level sense of a single product.

Coupled with the design of the gauze skirt and the design of puffed skirts, it is Thunder Garley. It is clear that it is 2021. It is already in the nostalgic studio of the millennium.

2. The big chance to show fat skirt

The fabric must not only pursue the texture, many times we also hope that it has a thin effect, the gauze cannot be thin, and the leather cannot be, because the leather fabric belongs to the autumn and winter fabrics, and most of the autumn and winter fabrics have a thick sense.

Moreover, the skin skirt is very embarrassing that it has the ability to make everything tacky. Whether it is an A -line skirt or a hip skirt and the appearance of leather fabrics, it is vulgar and earthy.

3. Flower skirt with complex colors

Summer Cheng is also crushing, and the defeat is also a floral. The floral can be said to be a aunt in the fifty -sixties, to the little girl from a decade of ten or twenty. Full of grooves.

First of all, most people do not do well in the choice of floral floral. If it is not too big, the pattern is too bright and incompatible, but most of them are because the background color is not clean enough, which causes the floral skirt to be very old and dull. The overall fashion is not enough.


Second, we wear these few skirts


Article 1: Dress


① shirt skirt

So I have said so many not fashionable skirts, so what styles are worthy of our daily life? I will tell you the answer now.


The first one must be a shirt skirt. The design of the shirt itself is the concrete of temperament, and the fabric of the shirt skirt with the version design will also make its texture more upper level, a must -have one for traffic and tourism. Skirts.

② suit skirt

In fact, many of the items in the workplace are very textured. The texture is not black suit+black trousers transformed into a sales lady. It may seem like high -quality workers.


The suit skirt is one of the high -quality wear, and I recommend vacuum wear. The suit skirt itself is a V -neck design. Vacuum wearing has the effect of extending the neck lines, showing a small face and slender effect.

③ Little black skirt

In all skirts, only black and white have their own names, that is, small black skirts and small white skirts. The small white skirt is not resistant to dirt. Anyway, the editor of the lazy cancer star generally does not choose it.

But the small black skirt is not only resistant to dirt, but the thin and thin effect of black is well known, and the small black skirt also represents elegance. Whether it is work or important occasions, a small black skirt can make you outstanding.

Article 2: Half skirt


① denim skirt

The biggest advantage of half skirts is that its cost -effectiveness is its cost -effective. A half skirt is good. If it is versatile and fashionable, the top of your wardrobe can be used.

The first thing to recommend to you can be said to be a must -have for many people’s wardrobes. It is a denim skirt. The versatile of denim fabrics is beyond doubt. Its style changes with the length. Denim skirt is more playful.


② pleated skirt

Does the folds look sloppy? But the pleated skirt is not the same. The pleated skirt is a folds that have been pressed by special crafts.

Its biggest feature is agile. It has a good sense of pendant and has a thin effect. It is also very gentle. It is very suitable for wearing as a workplace or dating occasions.

③ slit skirt

Many people are pursuing a sense of design now, thinking that eye -catching is more fashionable, so Xiaobian recommends everyone to choose a slit design. The small slit is eye -catching and sexy, and it is obtained.

And there are many options for split skirts. The front split is eye -catching, the side split is sexy, and the back of the split is retro. You can choose according to the style you want.


3. The secret to wear the skirt to wear


1. Speaking is very critical


① Add belt


As a process of avoiding long -term avoidance, no one wants to look short. When you choose a loose skirt, just like the shirt and skirt we just mentioned, or when the T -shirt skirt, you can Use the waist to split the waistline, highlighting the proportion.


② The design of its own slim waist

If you are already lazy, you should be in place when choosing a single product, and choose the design and fabric of the upper part of the body.

2. Skirts and matching are fashionable

① denim/pleated skirt+shirt


It is important to wear and wear it. It is also important to wear. When you want to create a texture, the shirt is always your strong backing, but there are also a few attention. First, you either choose a solid shirt or choose a vertical stripe style.

The second is when wearing a shirt, do not buckle the buttons at the front placket, and release a few properly. The third is that the corner of the shirt is remembered in the dress in the dress, and the skirt will be more long.


② suit skirt+small leather shoes

The matching of shoes is also very important for skirts. Suit skirts are relatively strong items. If you want to make it daily, you can match socks and small leather shoes to make the suit skirt look more expensive.

③ Shirt skirt+boots

When it comes to shoe items, how can I not lift my boots? Because the boots are all -inclusive design, Xiaobian suggested that when you match the skirt, you choose a skirt to match the boots. Whether the boots and short boots, it will be higher and long.

④ slit skirt+tube top/suspender

In the end, if you talk about the split skirt, many girls may feel that the split skirt is too bold and dare not wear it, but in fact sexy+sexy items will make your summer high and cool.

So I recommend everyone to choose a tube top or suspender item to match the slit skirt. If you are a novice editor, you can recommend that you choose a suit containing these two designs.


The article is over here. Compared to everyone’s thoughts on how to wear skirts, so quickly transform their own dressing ~