Xiong Dailin will “blogging”, wearing a white conjoined clothes cover skirt, big long legs really grab the mirror

Underly mature women who are superior in their bodies usually like slightly perspective matching methods in some grand occasions. Fabric fabrics with a slight perspective can show both visual richness and can be used by slightly perspective ways to show up. The advantage in the figure, the supermodel Xiong Dailin this time with a white jacket with a see -through skirt, showing the charm of long legs at a glance.


Xiong Dailin’s styling analysis:

Basic color matching -simple and practical

Xiong Dailin is very eye -catching, wearing a white conjoined cover skirt, and a long legs really grab the mirror. Xiong Dailin uses a basic white conjoined jacket with a see -through skirt, showing unprecedented consistency in the color matching of the body. It should be as simple as possible in the color matching of the body. The color matching method avoids the exaggerated matching effect.

Conjusational shorts -bold and beautiful legs

Xiong Dailin wore a more one -legged conjoined shorts. The conjoined shorts focus on the design of the style. The upper body is designed with a long -sleeved design method to present a moderate conservative sense. The lines of the legs are to the extreme. Women with very slender legs and long legs are very friendly. They can perfectly highlight the length of the legs through this combination.


Perspective skirt matching -looming now shows femininity


Xiong Dailin is paired with a perspective skirt outside while wearing a jacket, and the slightly perspective fabric is used to present the looming effect. This perspective fabric is a very good show for mature women with a good figure. The weapon can not only show the superiority of the long legs, and don’t have to worry about it too exposed.

Loose bubble sleeves -covering meat is thin and age -reducing

Xiong Dailin’s white conjoined coat is very practical in the design of the sleeve part. The loose bubble sleeves can achieve several practical effects. For mature women, this loose cuffs can put the arm part of the arm. Bye -worship meat can be blocked, and at the same time, it can also show the right sense of age.

Big wave curly hair -gentle and romantic

Xiong Dailin was paired with a large wavy curly hair when wearing white jumpsuits. Large waves of curly hair are very common in mature women’s groups. The shape of large waves can show a very good femininity. At the same time, it can also show fluffy with natural curl arcs, making the hair more abundant.


Analysis of other styling of Xiong Dailin:

Pink hollow dress


A pink dress can show the effect of age reduction on the body. For mature women, if you want to wear the pink body to reducing the age reduction effect, pay attention to the saturation of color. Generally, light pink is worn on The matching effect on the body will be more suitable, gentle and sweet.

Black tube top dress


The basic black dress is easy to show a dignified and elegant feeling on the body. The part of the neckline uses the tube top shape to Xiaoxiu Xiang shoulder and presents the charm of the figure. The curve and grace on the shape of the origin, the unevenness is very perfect.

White sleeveless dress

Compared to black, the refreshing white feels younger, and it has increased a lot of vitality. Xiong Dailin’s body on the sleeve on the sleeves with sleeveless cuts to show the sense of superiority in the shape. In the stage wearing, this moderate exposed design method shows both the body and the skin is too large.


Xiong Dailin not only has a supermodel figure, but also has the envy of ordinary people. Whether it is a sweet and age -reducing pink dress or a noble black dress, she is always so dignified on her body.

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