How do small and medium sellers pass directly on the car?

First, the golden keywords are golden keywords. As the name suggests, it is the best word. If you sell warm underwear, generally speaking, the words “keeping warm underwear” are the most likely to be searched by buyers. Use this as keywords. As long as it is used properly, the possibility of the baby is also the most likely.

However, at this time we also entered a misunderstanding. Everyone thinks about it, since these words are good words, it must be a place for soldiers. For those sellers who have a few thousand orders a day, commonly known as big sellers, their daily promotion costs are thousands of costs. Can you play slowly with small and medium sellers. Have you ever played these? For another example, the words “keeping warm underwear” bid at 6 yuan in the direct traffic of the winter, that is, the buyer is gone at a time, and six yuan is gone. Many of them only come in to visit. At this time, if you refresh it in the background, you may find that a hundred dollars are gone. In this case, do you dare to fight with them? Fight, just hit the stone with eggs and find death! Therefore, the hottest word of the baby category is not necessarily your life -saving straw.

Second, secondary keywords

The secondary keyword is the golden keyword and some modified words. Take a title as an example: **** eight -character bosnia hair clip banana clip romantic fabric fabric hand -made bead beads. In this title, if the golden keywords are “hair clips”, the secondary keywords are “fabric hair clips” and “printed hair clip” and so on. If the word “hair clip” is 0.9 yuan in the direct vehicle and “fabric hair clip” 0.5 yuan, then my bid “fabric hair clip” is 0.5 yuan, not “hair clip” 0.9 yuan. Because the traffic of “hair clip” is large, but customers are relatively blind, people who come in are estimated that many people don’t like fabric hair clips, but they just stroll around.

However, the customers who search for “fabric hair clip” are not the same, they will be more specific, because she must be a lack of a fabric hair clip in order to search so accurate. So at this time, with the “fabric hair clip” as the keyword, not only can you spend the least money, but also bring more accurate customers, and the conversion rate is higher. Of course, we must also know that at this time, there must be as many “golden keywords” at this time.


In addition, it is necessary to pour cold water for everyone. The secondary keywords are actually a lot of big, and intermediate sellers value it. Its flow is not very large, but there are many, and the biggest feature is that the conversion rate is high. Big merchants are pursuing traffic and conversion, and there is no transformation without traffic. Therefore, we can’t fight the price of these words with them.

So, what other words can be used for us?

Third, long tail keywords

Long tail keywords, everyone knows a long string of words at a glance. The long -tail keywords are the least likely to be searched in the range of keywords and the least proportion. For example, “keeping warm underwear”, the word “keeping warm underwear” is a golden keyword, and “men’s warm underwear” is a secondary keyword, “men’s slim -fitting warm underwear”, “2014 men’s thin warm underwear” The keywords are long tail keywords.

However, everyone thinks about how many customers who buy such a long series of words among customers who buy warm underwear? There must be not many! But as long as the customer searches such words, the probability of the transaction is very high. Large merchants focus on gold keywords and secondary keywords. They also pay attention to long -tail keywords, but they are not the point. So, at this time, if you focus on long -tail keywords and maintain long -term maintenance, then you can survive in the gap.

It’s not good to say, just picking up the rest of the people. As long as you are willing to pick it up, you can still eat it.

Fourth, attribute keywords

The attribute keywords are the keywords that are consistent with the baby, that is, the keywords tailored for the baby. This keyword is generally not hot, depending on whether your baby is high.

For example, the attribute keywords of the baby in the picture above are: artificial crystal Bohemian marine life new unsteady freshly baked spot women, these words can comprehensively explain the specific characteristics of a baby.

In the title, if we can cited these words very cleverly, let the characteristics of the baby match the words on the title, and then derive some keywords through the baby title. It will rise, and business is naturally better and better.

On the contrary, if the baby is obviously from the Bohemian style, you wrote in the title: Korean popular fashion European and American retro and noble princess Bohemian style. Then you may feel that some popular words are going up, and the software test is also full, but it is actually counterproductive. Not only will your transaction volume not high, but you may also be surrendered by Taobao because you abuse keywords. Therefore, when setting a title for the baby, you must think of 4 words: tailor -made! Use some unrelated words as a passing word, first of all, spend money, bring some waste flow, secondly The critical numerical indicators will decrease, and the quality is not high, and the seller will step into a high -investment and low -income deadline step by step.

The above is some of my small sharing about keywords. In fact, I have been doing Taobao for so many years, and I feel more and more that Taobao does not necessarily have a lot of money you invested. The key is attentiveness, especially for small and medium sellers, heart intention is more important than blindly smashing money.