Visit multiple shopping malls in Beijing: Cold anti -anti -prevention curtains were removed, and self -service cash registers were added

Beijing News (Reporter Chen Lin) In response to the commodity trading market, wholesale market, building shopping malls and other fields, Beijing has formulated and issued a guidance for the prevention and control of the epidemic. It is recommended that these places remove the curtains. On February 22, the reporter visited some shopping malls and supermarkets found that in the past, the heavy cold -proof curtains and transparent plastic curtains were no longer visible, and the manual door was kept open. “Extended to” one meter and a half “.

At the entrance of the Guanzhuang China Resources Supermarket in Chaoyang District, the curtain was removed, the manual door was dislocated, and the personnel entered and exited. Beijing News reporter Chen Lin

Multiple shopping mall supermarkets take off the cold -proof curtains, and the manual door is all opened

This morning, the reporter saw at the China Resources PLUS 365 shopping mall at Yangzhahuan Island, Chaoyang District that the heavy curtains on the two floors at the door in the past have been removed. In order to keep the insulation, the two -story door of the mall was dislocated and the customers had no obstacles in and out. “Since the pneumonia epidemic, I have always remembered that when I go out, I want to minimize the touch. Every time I go to the mall supermarket, I see the curtains hanging at the door.

It is understood that on February 20th, Beijing released the prevalence prevention and control guidelines such as product trading venues, wholesale markets, and gas stations. It is recommended that the above -mentioned places are recommended to remove the curtains to avoid the risk of disease transmission caused by repeated touch. The reporter visited that many companies took the initiative to take off the curtains before they were released, and strengthened employees’ temperature measurement. They had to wear masks when they entered the mall.

The relevant person in charge of Beijing Hualian said that considering that the protective clothing is not easy to buy, they also equipped with goggles and rain pins for the cashier and temperature measurement of temperature. Self -service cash register is being added to the maximum to avoid face -to -face contact between employees and customers.

The cold -proof curtains entering the household door of Cuiwei Co., Ltd. were removed on the 20th, and equipped with a handheld thermometer for each store to perform the temperature testing and registration of customers in the store one by one; The ground and the trash can disinfection multiple times a day; the mask is set up in the business area to recover the trash can, the daily disinfection treatment is performed, and an outdoor isolation area is set.

Employees make their sole disinfection pads and place them at the door of the mall. Before customers and employees enter the mall, they must step on the cushion sprinkled with disinfectant while measuring temperature and checking the mask.

Mall employees self -made disinfection pads. Interviewee confidence

In some places, the epidemic prevention distance is widened, and the one -meter line is extended to “one and a half meters”

In addition to picking curtains, the “one -meter line” also appeared in the cashier area of ​​many shopping mall supermarkets, as well as the queuing area of ​​some small catering companies. For example, the Jingtian Honghu Fangqiao Store is at the door of the store. The land stickers are separated by one meter to guide the queue. The ground is also printed on the ground: “The distance may not be beautiful, but at least it is safe”.

In addition, the Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau also launched the “safe one -meter line” prevention and control management measures to set up a safe “one -meter line” for places that can easily cause personnel to gather in their office areas, cafeteria meals, and government affairs reception. Essence


The office of the organs is “one and a half meters”.工作期间,所有人员全程戴口罩,沟通交流保持1.5米距离;乘坐电梯,最多四人进,站立四个角落;打水洗漱,自觉排队一人进;召开视频会议,少开会、开小会,加The distance between the large personnel, the segment interval is more than 1.5 meters.

In the Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau, the cafeteria prompts the peak to take meals at 1.5 meters. Interviewee confidence

The cafeteria implements the prevention and control measures for meals during lunch, bringing meals and tableware peaks to take meals to avoid concentration. Set the inlet and exit railing and the 1.5 -meter interval logo line to maintain the necessary waiting spacing and move forward. The distance before and after the meal is greater than 1.5 meters.

Receiving visits also remain “one meter and a half”. The office area implements semi -closed management, set up a conversation room on the first floor of the office building, and receives visitors to visit the staff.

Beijing News reporter Chen Lin


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