The cotton clothes in winter are coming! Fashionable people have their own tricks and wear a generous trend temperament

Facing the reincarnation transformation throughout the year, we cannot change, but we can change our clothes and dress to cope with the different styles of this spring, summer, autumn and winter. Today, in the coldest winter, girls naturally choose a cost -effective winter clothing to wear, so that they can maintain a stylish shape and ensure enough warmth. Then I think this single product is not cotton clothes. The genus is also a well -deserved practical item. Although there are single products such as down jackets, double -sided coats, cotton clothes have their own uniqueness in all aspects, so they will stand out in the various winter clothing and become a trend.

In the process of matching the cotton jacket, you can also add some other items such as hats, scarves, boots, short skirts, etc., so that you can still interpret all kinds of fashionable styling and dressing style in this winter. Winter. For girls who love beauty, isn’t such a clothing that they have been pursuing? Let’s take a look at the following content. What are the cotton clothes and wearing demonstrations.

The first set: short cotton jacket+sweater+checkered pants+canvas shoes

The first set of clothing we shared is a more relaxed and casual and retro look. As shown in the figure above, select a delicate short cotton clothing, a pure white sweater inside, and a pair of checkered pants in the lower body. Generous. Due to the advantages of short models, even if you wear small children, you only need to choose flat canvas shoes to not worry about height problems. Such a combination is very eye -catching on the streets of winter, a bit daily and a little bit of workplace.

Second set: Hooding short cotton clothing+checkered shirt+black pants+sneakers

Women who are slightly fat, if you are worried that wearing cotton clothes will be fat, you can choose the most thin black cotton clothing, comfortable and stylish hooded design, and have some highlights. With a checkered shirt and black pants inside, the retro flavor is strong, suitable for the temperature of our south. The lower body is paired with a slim and neat small black pants. The overall tone is brightened, stable and low -key, and very thin, it is worth learning.

The third set: medium and long cotton jacket+striped shirt+black pants+canvas shoes

The refreshing haze blue medium -long cotton jacket has good effects of lining skin tone and good warmth. It is especially suitable for our yellow and black skin to be afraid of cold stars. The method of wearing helps you to interpret hard and fashionable styling, very easy to control, and avoid bloating. A pair of white canvas shoes on the feet are very casual and full of fashion.

The fourth set: medium -long cotton clothing+white bottoming shirt+jeans+sneakers


In the same way, if you want to show thin girls, you choose the black mid -length cotton clothing. The very simple and generous basic model is very simple and generous. Inside a white turtleneck bottoming shirt, classic color matching, do not worry about outdated or errors, a young and casual light blue jeans in the lower body adds a little age reduction and tenderness. The trend Han Fan’er, Meimei went out to go shopping.

Fifth set: wool -collar cotton jacket+sweater+corduroy pants+small white shoes

Girls who like to be younger and younger can choose light -colored hair collar cotton clothes. The light and soft tone can help you brighten the overall skin color. A few years younger and more fresh. Coupled with the elegant mid -length and fashionable big hair collar design, the effect of preventing wind and cold is very good. A comfortable knitted sweater and corduroy pants inside, the sweet lady Fan is full of it, suitable for cold when it is cold. A pair of small white shoes on your feet can neutralize the sweetness and interpret the intellectual handsomeness to just right, showing your clothes.

Sixth set: loose cotton jacket+sweater+pants


Lazy and casual girls can choose a loose version of cotton clothing, which is very friendly to the girls of the girls, and there is no need to worry about what kind of items you use inside, ensuring that it is warm enough. The black cotton jacket and jeans, the neutral style, shows a different winter fashion.


There is no natural beauty capital, but we have the ability to rewrite destiny. Every beautiful and excellent woman can find a dress that suits them and create our own charm.


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