The cool and breathable chiffon skirt, let you easily hold the whole summer

The temperature soared to 35 degrees, and many people couldn’t stand it, and so did the editor, so hot weather, I really don’t know what to wear. Jeans seem to be not suitable for such hot weather, not only hot and boring; There is a kind of cool and thin item, that is, chiffon dress, put on TA, you can feel a cool atmosphere even in the hot summer, and choose a chiffon skirt to lower it with the editor. Downs the heat in your heart.

1. Sleeveless solid color chiffon skirt

¥ 119.00

Little Black Skirt 2016 new Korean version of the slim slim slim sleeveless vest base skirt chiffon dress women’s clothing

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This dress is made of high -end chiffon fabric, light and elegant; classic round neck not only reflects the sexy and elegant side of women, but also gives full play to women’s confidence and beauty; Hidden under the skirt, put on it, you can also become the ultimate slim -fitting little woman.

2. Seven -point sleeve chiffon shirt skirt

¥ 148.00

Korean version of loose and thin princess shirt skirt white chiffon dress seven -point sleeve waist waist versatile long shirt female summer

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Pure white is not suitable in summer. The fabric of chiffon is very cool and breathable; the curve tailoring of the waistline is tailored, and it has a visually shrinking effect. It is very thin. ; If you are worried that white will penetrate, Xiaobian suggested that MM can put a small suspender and safety pants inside, very girls.

3. Middle chiffon print skirt

¥ 168.00

Lecoffi Women’s 2016 summer new European and American slimming temperament mid -length sunscreen chiffon print dress

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Personal design lace knots, exquisite and versatile, show soft temperament, easily show your sexy neck lines, feminine. Loose long sleeves and soft chiffon fabrics, refreshing and playing the effect of modifying the lines of the arms, helping you easily cover the meat, fan dresses and printed elements make you more elegant.

4. Large -scale stand -up collar chiffon dress

2016 spring and summer women’s new mid -length large -size chiffon dress stands collar printed large skirt temperament long skirt female

Is there such a single product that can be matched with the type without complexity? Xiaobian thinks that the printed dress will satisfy your tide shape. Comfortable fabrics allow you to enjoy the unrestrained comfort, and your mood is easy and clear. The three -dimensional tailoring of self -cultivation, perfectly covering the lower abdomen fat, showing a charming figure, even if it is a noisy city, you can’t resist your unparalleled elegance.


5. Sleeveless OL bag hip chiffon skirt

¥ 138.00

Hangyi Pavilion 2016 summer new Korean version of the slim women’s sleeveless OL bag hip vest skirt tide chiffon women’s dress

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Compared with the first elevation of the previous models, this dress is more fashionable and capable, which is a must -have item for OL in the workplace. It is hot in summer, comfortable and cool, but it must not ignore the importance of thinness. It is like a base shirt design design design, which is more convenient for you to travel in summer, light and light, even if you are hot in summer, your mood will be so good.


6. Persian chiffon floral skirt


¥ 99.00

Warm time Bohemian long skirt seaside vacation floral beach skirt travels travel dress dress chiffon long skirt

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The great Bohemian style design, the effect of the upper body is very natural. Adopt a classic 3D tailoring technology, perfectly conforming to the human version, which can make your body graceful and make your elegant and pure temperament more interesting.


7. Round neck hollow puffer chiffon skirt

¥ 89.00

2016 summer new Korean version of loose and thin round neck hollow short -sleeved pure color puff chiffon dress mid -length


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Are you still upset about what you don’t know every day? This hollow puff skirt can easily solve your problems, no matter what occasions can do whatever you want. The combination of generous and simple hollow collar and horn cuffs shows your charming collarbone, adding a little sexy, giving people a fashionable visual enjoyment, while raising your hands and feet to become the focus of attention.

8. Large -size half -sleeved splicing chiffon skirt


¥ 69.00

Summer 2016 large size women’s chiffon short sleeve dress summer slimming thin women’s short skirt half -sleeved stitching skirt

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The white chiffon stitching black pleated skirt, it feels very fairy, the overall black and white match is classic. The close -up version of the fit, it can not only help you cover the fleshy belly, but also slim the body and shape the charming S -shaped figure. Whether it’s a leisure time to date with her boyfriend or go shopping, this kind of combination will never make an error.

¥ 168.00

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