Zhengzhou police responded to “private car stickers Japanese flag pattern”: human car has been deducted

Source: Jimu News

Jimu Journalist Zhang Wanjun

On September 29th, a private car sticker in Zhengzhou posted the word “Kamika” and the Japanese flag pattern was complained by netizens. The Ji Mu journalist reported the matter to the Zhengzhou traffic management department. On the afternoon of the same day, a police officer of Zhengzhou police told Jimu Journalists that the vehicles and owners involved in the incident have been deducted, and the case is being handled.

On the morning of September 29, a Weibo netizen posted that a car in Zhengzhou City pasted the Japanese flag and committed the crime. He hoped that Zhengzhou Traffic Management Department would deal with it. The picture posted by the netizen shows that a private car rear bumper hanging in the Japanese brand with Zhengzhou license plates is posted in the middle position with a car sticker. The car stickers are “Kamika” and the Japanese flag pattern in the middle.


At noon on September 29, Jimu Journalists subsequently reflected the matter to Zhengzhou Traffic Accident Alarm Platform. A staff member stated that he would notify the police to deal with it.

At about 4 pm on September 29, a police officer of Zhengzhou police told Jimu Journalists that the owner drove the vehicle to the traffic police team for treatment and had taken the initiative to tear off the Japanese flag logo. At present, the owner and his vehicle have been detained by the police. The case is being handled.