A 10 -year principle has adapted to Bosideng’s “new retail” journey?

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of Bosideng. As the first brand of Chinese down jackets for 21 consecutive years from 1995 to 2016, Bosideng and its four major brands, “Bosideng”, “Flying in Snow”, “Kangbo” and “Bingjie”, have been widely known. The Group’s business is developing at a high speed, and the construction of Bosideng Information Platform has also moved forward simultaneously.

From information construction in the 1990s, to the distribution management system implemented in 2002, the supply chain management system and office automation system in 2005, the ERP management platform in 2007, and the subsequent e -commerce system and commercial intelligence analysis system, and then to the end of In 2016, a retail cloud platform based on the Internet architecture of Ali Enterprise. Every step of the Bosideng Information System has a clear goal. It has always been accompanied by, supporting enterprises’ transformation and changes, and becoming a good partner for business.

Picture: Gui Yilong, director of information of Bosideng

However, summarizing the development process, Gui Yilong, the director of information of Bosideng, said: “We are not the only protagonist. The information system planning serving the business transformation has always been our principle. 2017 is the 40th anniversary of the founding of Bosideng. The competition of the supply chain capacity, and then to the current consumer -centered service capabilities, Bosideng’s business has been advancing with the times, in evolution and evolution. For the transformation of service business, our informatization also has different stages, and commodity competition The times correspond to the import and sales system and financial system; during the period of channel competition, the corresponding distribution system and capital management; the era of full supply chain competition corresponds to the supply chain system, ERP system construction, and overall operational efficiency improvement. This is also us in us From the natural changes of the Bosideng Retail Cloud Platform of the Internet Architecture, which is now in order to better serve the seller’s Internet architecture to better serve the seller’s Internet architecture. “


Make the information system and business more in principle

Understanding the principle of the construction of Bosideng’s information system, when you know why in the various departments of Bosideng to score the information technology departments and the projects operating, Gui Yilong’s team can often get high scores of 9 or more. This score feedback is the high degree of compliance with the business. “Letting the business department truly feel the value brought by IT innovation to the business is the ultimate goal of IT services.” Gui Yilong often said internally.

This is also a principle of 10 years.

In May 2007, it was only half a year before the boarding time of Boshi, and the company’s information system was still very scattered. It was urgent to comprehensively and overall planning to adapt to future development. The group’s information department also urgently needed to take care of talents. Gui Yilong received an invitation from Bosidin’s high -level and served as the director of the information technology department to comprehensively plan and promote the group’s informatization process. But as early as 2005, Gui Yilong was already busy for Bosideng’s informatization. At that time, his identity was a senior consultant in UFIDA and was the project manager responsible for Bosideng. Prior to this, the major he learned was enterprise management and was proficient in financial management.

These experiences have practiced Gui Yilong’s balanced and strong strength in terms of IT, finance, management, operation, etc., and formed “based on business, financial guidance, and business strategies and business strategies and business strategies and business strategies. The working principle of effective integration “. In 6 years, Gui Yilong led the team to build an information platform with ERP as its core in 2012. It has played a strong support for 91 sales companies, 120 provincial agents, and more than 6,000 terminal dealers’ business management. Manage and analyze channels, orders, sales, inventory, use relevant data for sales performance assessment, and optimize the management of sales process through optimization; the company’s production management center, logistics center, 7 brand production companies, more than 300 suppliers (processing Factory) Use ERP system for production orders, procurement, quality testing, warehousing inventory management, shipping management, etc. for production process management, make full use of production data for delivery and quality assessment, and improve the production process by optimizing, continuously improve product delivery Rate and product quality; management personnel at all levels conduct operation management, application approval, personnel processing, financial management, and improve work efficiency and management and monitoring of business through the ERP system. And integrate the company’s management system and business control system into the OA system and ERP system, apply information technology to assist the company’s business management and risk control, and realize the integration of knowledge management and information systems.

Subsequently, e -commerce systems and commercial intelligent analysis systems were launched for business needs. However, the time pointer was dialed in 2016. With the large -scale layout of the store, consumer demand is more diversified, the business needs of business have continued to emerge, the construction cycle is long, and the traditional IT architecture with a slow response speed has approached the limits of tolerance. For example, the POS POS system used to use offline clients and background servers to regularly update store sales, inventory and membership data. There are problems such as data transmission consistency, timely data, and business collaborative efficiency of online processing members and promotion. Moreover, offline data can only be used for post -post -after -to -the -after analysis, and it is difficult to achieve online real -time analysis and decision -making.

It is time to make a decision to transform the Internet structure with the business department.

The most important challenge for the transformation of the Internet architecture is not technology

The time to explore the transformation of the Internet IT architecture is actually earlier than cooperating with Ali. Gui Yilong told Yunqi Community: “As early as 2013, the team started the exploration of the Internet architecture, but at the same time we also found that as a traditional retail company In terms of talent, resources, costs, etc., it is not enough to support the independent development of the Internet architecture system. Therefore, at the 2016 Yunqi Conference, after in -depth understanding of Alibaba Cloud’s technical solution for traditional enterprises, we feel that this is an excellent opportunity In March, the core technology colleagues of the Bosideng Information Center came to Alibaba Cloud Division, and exchanged the needs of the enterprise, and set the goal of cooperating with the retail cloud platform. “

Because there is no relevant experience, the development plan of the four modules a year has been formulated. As a result, the launch time is shorter than expected. In 5 months, Bosideng completed the cloud POS, membership system, intelligent supply chain, omni -channel O2O system cloud reconstruction and migration, and made significant progress in data refined operations. Gui Yilong said: “In 2016, Bosideng used Alibaba Cloud’s Internet middleware technology to rely on the enterprise -level Internet architecture to build the Bosideng ‘Retail Cloud’ platform. The service layer ‘, including the global shared user center, trading center, inventory, order center, and then build upper -level business modules based on sharing in China. These business modules flexibly adapt to different business projects and different business processes. Bosideng relies on the retail cloud platform. In 2016, the “Double Eleven” promotes the O2O business quickly, and membership activities, store sales, etc. can flexibly support the rapid growth of Bosideng business. “

Figure: Bosideng intelligent supply chain system

The cloud platform has helped more than 3,000 stores to break the information islands. The online sales business and offline membership information are fused. Retail cloud platform, realize the “new retail” three -link pattern of membership, retail, and inventory:

“Member Connect” (Unified Member System)


Establish “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) to upgrade to the “Social Relations Customer Management” (SCRM) through the mobile Internet, throughout the operation management center, membership club, interactive center, customer service center, marketing center, data (interactive) center, to The way consumer group loves to interact with consumers, and moves, interactive, gamified, and dataized the brand communication. For example, in 2016, Bosideng launched a series of small games related to the Olympic Games during the Olympic Games to guide consumers to share and spread on social networks through game competition, and increase members tens of thousands daily. WeChat games and membership rights, consumers -centered systems have strengthened the interaction between store shopping guide and consumers, and enhanced the brand’s stickiness to consumers. On the other hand, the establishment of a member community, member club and 5 million members interacting activities to increase customer stickiness, and the membership repurchase rate reaches more than 20%. By Poziden integrates consumer contacts of various channels, provides a unified brand reaching (SCRM, social network, e -commerce, etc.), sticks to the old customers, and attracts new customers with incremental increases.

“Retail” (refined retail operation system)

Intelligent replenishment increases the turnover rate of goods, shorten the delivery cycle, reduces the loss of loss by 21%, increases the proportion of the right marketing, and the sales rate increased by 10%year -on -year. The company’s performance increased year -on -year. “Inventory movement” is an effective way to solve high inventory and high out -of -stock, and set up a sharing cache mechanism for stores, warehouses, general warehouses, and factories. Store inventory sets the target inventory that meets the sales of sales within a certain period according to factors such as product characteristics, distribution cycle, weather, holidays and other factors. By reducing the number of dealers’ warehouses to reduce the intermediate link, Bosideng’s “Retail Cloud” project cancels the dealer warehouse in the pilot area, and realizes the supply chain system to automatically replenish dealers stores and direct stores, saving inventory costs. By online big data monitoring the supply chain a large amount of inventory nodes is fast and efficient, and appropriate inventory is allocated at accurate time and proper nodes. In addition to the backward movement of inventory, coordinating manufacturing resources, and quickly replenishing the structural outage of retail outlets. In addition, it has also promoted the application of store passenger flow and patrol shops, store viewing analysis, card -free payment and other systems. Adopting the operating management model of traditional stores to improve the operating efficiency of store operations; reducing the shortage of stores through big data analysis, and promoting the performance of stores to increase double -digit year -on -year.

“Inventory” (intelligent supply chain system) —–

In online and offline sharing inventory, by opening up e -commerce and offline omni -channel business resources, in 2016, O2O sales were achieved by nearly 100 million yuan. The online inventory integration and unified unified e -commerce, physical stores, general warehouses, and division of warehouses automatically allocate and handle orders to further alleviate the pressure of shortcomings. For example, a physical product of a physical store is out of stock, and submits an O2O (omni -channel) order and payment to the Bosideng retail system. The retail system finds the most suitable inventory to analyze the inventory routing analysis and notify the delivery party to ship quickly. The inventory of the inventory can be used to calculate and allocate performance. The user experience has also been greatly improved. Our fastest order spent only 2.5 hours from ordering to down jackets to consumers. “

Gui Yilong said: “The traditional IT architecture to the Internet architecture has changed a lot, and the adjustment and response speed are very fast. It used to be one month from demand survey to system launch service. Complete response.

Of course, the reconstruction of the architecture is not overnight, and there are many challenges. The first is the infrastructure. The traditional IT architecture is from the cloud, and the private cloud deployment must turn to the cloud deployment, which requires the integration of resources. The second is that software development technology is different from the traditional model. This takes time. In order to ensure the time of the project delivery, the team also needs to master new skills as soon as possible; third, the traditional operation and maintenance of cloud architecture is very different.

But these are only technical aspects. In Gui Yilong’s view: “The most important challenge is to achieve the best fit point in the technical department and business: jointly create using Internet technology to help business innovation. I believe that all companies that need to go to the cloud are the most concerned about this. . Because from the technical perspective, whether it is the resource integration of IT infrastructure, the software development rules and skills, and the cloud architecture operation and maintenance can be used to learn customer service difficulties, but whether it can find an innovative point related to business, whether it can be found to be associated with business, whether it can find an innovative point related to business, or whether it is associated with business. It’s more challenging. We have successfully passed this level. “

To achieve “new retail”, Shangyun is the way to go through

Bosideng’s retail cloud platform itself also represents its practice in the journey of “new retail”.

Figure: Bosideng Information System Planning

There are naturally insufficient gains. Gui Yilong is very frank: “First, the speed of Shangyun is not fast enough. As a TOC business for consumers, from R & D design to supply chain production, logistics transportation, stores and online sales, it will need to be better in the hands of consumers. Integration. At present, the innovation of some business modules has been completed. From the perspective of large commodity flow, from demand survey to R & D, production, transportation, sales, etc., there are many spaces to achieve with the help of Alibaba Cloud. Second, traditional tradition Enterprises need to better use the Internet architecture and more commonly used tools for the Internet, and need to learn and practice quickly. “

Shangyun, in his opinion, is the only way to achieve “new retail”. Because “the new retail is based on the value creation of consumers. Now it is already an era of supply or excess supply. It is valuable to understand consumers and attract consumers. Where the new retail core is. So you can see that whether it is online and offline integration, the establishment of the member system and SCRM, and the personalized intelligent manufacturing of big data applications, C2B’s personalized intelligent manufacturing, face recognition and other new technologies in terms of business aspects in terms of business. The innovation must be achieved on the cloud platform and serving it for this. “

To sum up 25 years of growth and practical experience, Gui Yilong said to Yunqi Community: “First of all, we must have a positive attitude and use information technology to help business departments realize the strategic layout of the group; secondly, we must actively improve professional skills and improve professional maturity. Establish a solid basic service capabilities; the third is to consciously provide innovative products and services for business development. Good mentality, good technology, and creating value. Such individuals and teams must be excellent. “

In the future, Bosideng hopes to join hands with Alibaba Cloud to promote business innovation under the principle of “information planning to serve business transformation”: For example, as a big data, Boshon as a single industry enterprise, has a limited grasp of consumers’ information. With the help of big data, big data Technical obtaining more dimensions of data resources, such as cooperating with other complementary companies to explore consumer data after desensitization, analyze and meet consumer personalized needs to help brands expand the influence; in terms of artificial intelligence, the robotics of stores in the store, the robots of the store Shopping guide, image recognition consumers, and comparison of actual consumption and system judgment to accurately identify consumers to drive service value.

The new retail era has begun, and I believe that opportunities are more preferred by people with principles.

Written at the end:

At the Shenzhen Summit of Yunqi Conference on March 29, Yunqi Alliance and First Financial jointly released the 2016 Yunqi Award list to select the nine “decision makers that affect China in the new technology era”. How can nine winners deeply integrate cloud computing with various industries and promote deep changes in the industry? To this end, we interviewed them separately, hoping to show the rich pictures of deep cultivation of the DT era.

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