Independent soul partner at work, American full -automatic dripping coffee machine

Independent soul partner at work, American full -automatic dripping coffee machine

Coffee is an indispensable soul partner at work. The mellow taste not only satisfies the desire of the tongue, but also can refresh the brain. However, the busy work does not consume too much time to cook coffee, especially when overtime.

Dripping coffee machine: It mainly uses the coffee powder after heating the water, and the natural dripping method is used to extract the coffee liquid. Because the boiling boiling water has a long time in the coffee powder, the content of its caffeine is also higher. Essence The function of American coffee machines is usually relatively simple, and the operation is more convenient. What you need to do is just press the button gently, and then wait for the delicious coffee to appear. Its convenience is much better than the traditional Italian coffee machine products. Here I introduce several American full -automatic dripping coffee machines.

Winno American full-automatic dripping coffee machine KFJ-A07V1

KFJ-A07V1 of the Bear American full-automatic dripping coffee machine is used with double-layer moisturizing heat, the inner layer PP material, the outer metal edge, and the insulation lock.

65-75 degrees automatic thermal insulation, the entrance is just right. The coffee temperature of 92-96 degrees is just right. The steam pressure is launched in sequential boiling water. The water temperature is protected at 92-96 degrees, and sprayed evenly in the filter of coffee powder.

Philips American full -automatic dripping coffee machine HD7431

工作中不可或缺的灵魂伴侣 美式全自动滴漏式咖啡机

The Philips US -style full -automatic drip coffee machine HD7431 uses a smart nozzle in the brewing pot and automatically stir coffee during the cooking process.

The LED indicator reminds you of the working status of the coffee machine, clear and intuitive. Visual water level marking, customized coffee amount according to needs.

Nordic European American -style fully automatic dripping coffee machine NKF6007

Nordic European-style full-automatic dripping coffee machine NKF6007 water out of the water temperature is about 90-95 degrees. The dripping water dripped in the cup is about 80-83 degrees within 2 minutes, and the moisturizing can maintain 70 degrees and 2 hours.

The moisturizing function of automatic temperature control, efficient energy saving, overheating protection, automatic power off -power and dry burning, no hidden danger at all.

Dongling Donlim American Full Automatic Drill Coffee Machine DL-KF200

工作中不可或缺的灵魂伴侣 美式全自动滴漏式咖啡机

Dong Ling Donlim’s American full-automatic dripping coffee machine DL-KF200 uses 600 ml of gold capacity and can brew 6 cups of coffee at a time. High temperature hot water spray, ensure that hot water and high -temperature steam are uniformly sprayed on the surface of the coffee powder.

工作中不可或缺的灵魂伴侣 美式全自动滴漏式咖啡机

After the coffee is made, it will automatically enter the 2 -hour insulation mode to keep the coffee warm. One -click coffee extraction, indicator lights and electricity are always bright, and the working state is safely reminded.

Forte Bao American Full Automatic Drip Coffee Machine

工作中不可或缺的灵魂伴侣 美式全自动滴漏式咖啡机

The Fuxing Bao American full -automatic dripping coffee machine uses the LED atmosphere light, which can be adjusted in three gear to improve the style.

工作中不可或缺的灵魂伴侣 美式全自动滴漏式咖啡机

24 -hour appointment function. Coffee filter can be removed, simple operation and easy to use. Touch panel, simple design, one -click operation.

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