Don’t “sofa”, create a cloakroom in the living room! Come and learn from this pair of immortals

Don’t “sofa”, create a cloakroom in the living room! Come and learn from this pair of immortals

In 2018, Long Zaier completed two major events in life,

Marriage and decoration


After receiving the decoration in January, I stayed in the new home the next month after the marriage of October. During the period


(Budget, design, supervision, beauty sewing, cleaning, cabinet installation, soft furnishings, kitchenware selection, etc.)

Essence Long Zaier leaned on the Internet and was inspired by the Japanese home improvement books, and finally drumped out a small home he was quite satisfied.


▲ During the decoration period, the homework made by Long Zaier, in different stages such as the rough phase, after the disassembly, and after the brick, and other stages, ran to the construction site to measure the size to ensure the accuracy of the units and renderings.

Case source: Living in the small gang app user@仔 儿

House information


Unit: three -bedroom

Area: 125㎡


Style: Japanese style

Location: Nanning City


Primitive apartment defects:

1. There is no porch, open the door to see the toilet.

2. The living room is more than 5 meters, and the location of the TV and sofa is not good.

3. The kitchen is dark and narrow, and the upper and lower water and circuit spaces presented outside the window cannot be used.

Unit optimizing solution:


1. Increase the cloakroom from the living room, which not only solves the problem of too wide the living room, but also can separate a porch space.

2. Open the kitchen in the kitchen, the non -loading wall, the guest dinner kitchen and wash, the free space for the laundry room, the kitchen space is no longer blocked.


The 1.4*2.1 meters of porch space in the cloak’s space cannot see the traces of the transformed. The color of the star chandelier is warm. There is also a magnetic body sensing light next to the white anti -theft door. Going home, you do n’t have to find a switch in the dark.

The laiding hexagonal brick at the porch can enhance the attributes of the porch area, and the height difference between the height difference between the connection with the wood grain brick at the living room forms the ash area. The value and practicality have both.


Because there is a cloakroom to store shoes in the home, the porch is not made of custom cabinets. Instead, IKEA’s low cabinets are used. The cave plate above is flexible and decorative. Change the shoe stool and the small stool to change the shoes when they go out at the same time.

The wooden board above the shoe cabinet is made from the remaining waste of the cabinet. It is used to cover the top of the shoe cabinet soaked by the cleaner, and it also indirectly increases the value of the shoe cabinet.


The bell axis on the wall is composed of poached eggs, forks, spoons, and spoons, which are simple and interesting.


Good things in the porch


Two -color entry door: quite solid

Smart cat eye: fluorite


Fingerprint lock: Yale YMH70


Coconut palm pad: Seriously

Shoe cabinet: IKEA Macaipa

Hanging clock: mandelda


Jewelry frame: Nakko Nakko


Hook: umbra

Shoe rack: yamazaki

Human sensing lights: Netease strict selection, Xiaomi


living room


After adding the cloakroom in the living room, the width has changed from the original 5.5 meters to 3.4 meters. The home purchased 55 -inch TV, which is more reasonable to watch the distance.

The living room gets rid of the traditional layout method. The bay window+lazy sofa instead of the traditional living room sofa. The extra space can become the baby’s amusement park.

The living room usually has a short sunshine time, and the survival rate of large green plants is too low, so simulation plants are placed next to the bay window for decoration.

The blackboard wall of the living room makes the daily life of the couple full of rituals and fun. Different festivals draw different themes, two, three meals, four seasons, and the rest of their lives are long and warm.


Placing rowing machines+equipment of equipment+yoga mats in the corner of the living room is a small gym between the couple.


Long Zai’er likes wooden floors very much, but he was afraid that when he returned to Nantian, the wooden floor was prone to deformation. Finally, he retired and chose the wood grain brick. It was cleaned with the floor sweeping robot and dragged it occasionally.


The TV cabinet was placed in stationery and battery debris. This habit was inherited by Long Zaier in his father. For so many years, he couldn’t forget or want to change it.

Good things in the living room

Blackboard paint: Fulee (dark gray, color number: 5517)

Lazy sofa: muji, squeak


Carpet: House said

Bookstore, TV cabinet, air circulation fan: MUJI


Shipping machine: Wow coffee

Sweeping Robot: Stone T6


Dining room

The restaurant location is in the middle of the kitchen and living room. The color of the three conical chandeliers is very gentle. The refrigerator is convenient to get items in the middle of the restaurant and the kitchen.

The combination of the bench+dining chair makes the restaurant layout more flexible. The bench can be placed under the table at any time to release the external space, or it can be moved to other positions.

The tablecloths are often replaced, and the oil -proof and dirt transparent table cushions are more practical. Two people can often do some exquisite placing plates, which is more attractive than food. It is a daily life full of ritual sense.

Long Zaizai is a shutters. The beauty of Shangri Lalau can ensure indoor privacy. There is a electric box next to it. Compared with the ugly painting, the larvae of 36 yuan are cost -effective.

Next to the refrigerator is a mini dining cabinet with a small water dispenser and cup on it, and the medicines are placed below. Put a magnetic suction rack and hook on the side of the refrigerator to meet different storage needs.

Small drawers are hung under the meal counters to place some bags of tea and coffee.

Good restaurants


Dining table, dining chair: building wood

Meal stool: squeak


Dining cabinet: jugar pole frame

Chandelier: Platinum Lantern Castle


Tablecloth: Nakko Nakko

Shangri -La curtain: sunpathie

Magnetic rack: Thekitchenshop



The original apartment kitchen was closed and dim, and after the wall was transformed into a spacious and bright open kitchen, the right wall also opened the laundry room.

Long Zaier, who has experienced 6 times, has his own obsession with the kitchen, that is, the table is wide, and it is convenient to get items.


IKEA’s three -story cart is usually used to place fruits and vegetables, often active in refrigerators and sinks.


The storage chaos at the bottom of the cabinet is orderly. The sticky board and the kitchen paper towel box are hanging at the bottom of the hanging cabinet. The knife, cutting board, and dishwashing sponge for raw food and cooked food are placed separately.


The design of the high and low platform makes the couple’s high height when washing and cooking. The walls use gray cement bricks to prevent and water -proof and clean. It is more convenient to clean.

The high and low designs make the dishwasher have an extra space. After the drawer is added, it is installed into a drawer, and chopsticks, spoons and other tableware are placed in a partition box.

The capacity of the 90cm high cabinet is amazing. The dishes and fresh -keeping boxes are placed in the lower layer, and dry goods, fresh -keeping bags, and dishwaters are placed above.

All kinds of cleaners are placed under the sink, and the hoarded oil barrels can also be placed inside.

Place daily dishes and seasonings in the cabinets under the cooking area.


There are two -story partitions above the small home appliance area with various types of miscellaneous grains and drinks on it, and hand -lamps are installed at the bottom to facilitate wet operation.

Both the microwave oven and the oven are placed on the shelf, which can be stored in related tools.

Place the seasoning rack on the right, place various spices on it, and place daily oil and salt sauce vinegar.

The corner -pulling basket below the corner cabinet makes full use of the space. The microwave oven bracket is placed above the rice box, and the partition can be pumped.

The increased island platform is very practical. It can usually be used to put vegetables, dumplings, vegetables, etc., and a hanging trash can with dried garbage under the countertop.

Under the island, it is used to place unused seasonings, pots, etc.

The gap next to the refrigerator is caused by the error of the cabinet designer. Putting a gap storage cart to hoard milk and drinks can make up. The small fan on the magnetic rack is used to blow the steam steam steam.

Recommended kitchen good things

Garbage processor: Beckbas E40

Dishwasher: Siemens SC73M612T

Oversed: Hai’s


Steamer: boss

Refrigerator: Bosch


Kitchenware hanging pole, magnetic knife rack, cart: IKEA

Ground pad: serious


Cutting board: Hasegawa, Asahi

laundry room


Next to the kitchen is a laundry room, storage cabinet, storage partition, storage drawer and other combinations can classify and store a large number of items.

The white folding ladder hanging on the right wall is usually used in the items of the kitchen cabinet.


A folding pot is placed in the gap between the washing machine and the dryer, which is usually used to transport the washed clothes into the dryer.

Three plastic drawers are stuck on the bottom of the dryer at the bottom of the partition for placing a laundry anti -dye scarf, which can also supplement the kitchen storage.

Long Zai’er also used a pull -up track and nail -free screw DIY.


Install the cave plate and the hook to place the cleaning tool.

Cave panels and storage boxes are installed inside the tool cabinet, and many storage boxes are placed to classify and store some tools and accessories.

The low cabinet below the water heater is used to store clothing cleaner and other items, and placed with iron and other debris on the top of the iron and stitching clothing. The expansion rod hanging the curtain is used to cover the ugliness. Towel plugs on both sides, and the retractable rod is fixed, so that the cabinet will not deform.

Washing room good thing recommendation

Storage cabinet, washing rack: IKEA

Wall -mounted washing machine: Daewoo

Washing machine, dryer: Bosch

Dirty clothing basket: Netease strict selection

Hippo mouth storage box: lazy corner fall

Parts storage cabinet: Retainer


The gap between the two bathrooms was completed by the couple for 3 days.

Because the husband and wife do not like glass partitions, the shower curtain is installed and the 1.5 -meter -long section sink is added to separate the wet and wet.

Based on the principles of all things that do not fall into wetlands, the foot barrel is hung up. This corner is a blind spot, and the laundering supplies that are not very good are placed in this corner.

A mirror is placed next to the shower to remove makeup when taking a bath.


The slippers and diatom mud pads are all on the wall.

Smart toilets, paper towel racks, and garbage bag storage boxes are all good things to enhance happiness.


The washing area was installed with a mirror cabinet. It was not available inside. The use frequency was placed in an open storage grid. There was a charging cable hidden on the left to facilitate charging the mobile phone when going to the toilet.


There are sockets installed in the mirror cabinet, which can be charged with a toothing device and electric toothbrush. If the wire is not exposed, the wire can ensure that the space is more neat and beautiful.

The walls next to the public protection area are all used to make a storage of cleaning tools. The wall -mounted toilet brush in the lower left corner of the picture is made of a fixing device, and the cost is just a few dollars.


There are only 2.1 meters left behind the public health ceiling. It is not suitable for the top spray. The extra outlet is used to install a spray gun and clean without dead ends.

The public guard made a squatting, which is more in line with the toilet habits of most Guangxi people.


Good things in the bathroom

Shower curtain: Murma


Bathroom cabinet, smart toilet, squat toilet: Hengjie bathroom

Show, faucet: Lao Li Hardware

Broken sink: Taiwan AMS


Spray gun: submarine


To build a cloakroom in the living room, Long Zai’er is not impulsive. He carefully calculated the clothes of the two people before the decoration, and the bedroom wardrobe could not be satisfied. Methods.


The cloakroom aisle is 80 cm wide, and the 7 cabinets are 4,200 yuan. The area on the right belongs to the hostess and the left area belongs to the male owner.


The cloakroom is more closed, so the louver door is installed for ventilation.

Good things in the cloakroom

Wardrobe: IKEA Pax

Bags: Genuine Baby Foreign Trade (this is the name of Taobao store)


Pumping trousers: Lala Yijia


Master bedroom

The space of the master bedroom is simple and clean. Above the bedside is a storage area, which can be used to place remote controls and other objects.

Place a makeup table on the other side of the bed and move the small side of the small side. Paste the pop -up pen boxes below a few below, and place small items such as earplugs, nail knives, lipsticks.

The wardrobe of the master bedroom is used to place home clothes and underwear or bedding at home.


The internal storage category of the wardrobe is clear, and half of the couple controls each space.

Good thing in the master bedroom


Drawer bed: treat others


Makeup table: Squeak

Makeup mirror: amiro


Curtain: sunpathie

Air conditioner: Mitsubishi Heavy Industry


Projector: Sky Z6

Air Purifier: Xiaomi Pro


Plastic storage box: Alice, Netease strict selection


Children’s room

Although the baby planning plan has not yet been scheduled during the decoration, Long Zaier is very visionary. After raising the baby, various beds and diaper must have a lot of room for a lot.

This cable child is basically fine in high school.

The three racks on the side of the wardrobe are to cover the cracks of the side plate. They are temporarily used to place perfume. In the later stage, children’s items can be placed.


Wardrobe handle is linked to DIY with wooden hooks+nail -free gum.

One year after staying in the children’s room wardrobe is filled with daily necessities.

The children’s room is temporarily used in the room, so only one folding bed is placed, which can be spelled into a large double bed with 1.6*2 meters. It can also be split into two small single beds.

Good things in children’s room


Wall paint: Albena Children’s Paint (color number: Fantasy Dolphin)




Two desks are placed in the study. The couple are one by one. The piano is an old object that Long Zaier ’s family has begun to use in elementary school. It is very emotional.

Good study

Desk, Bookcase: IKEA

Ergonomic chair: Herman Miller

Plants: Flower Leaf rubber tree



Because there is a dryer in the home, the balcony is not installed on the top of the top of the top, and the two floor -to -ceiling racks are used to dry the quilt and clean clothes.

Large green plants with white screen curtains are beautiful.

There is an exposed corner of the balcony. When customized the curtain, a more bent to cover the ugly.

Good balcony

Flower pot, flower stand: Ali


Show curtain: sunpathie


Drying rack: IKEA

Long Zi’er said


“Our home is definitely not the best, nor the most neat, but it is comfortable and easy to clean. It is suitable for our habits. Our home will live better and better.”

We don’t have to force our homes to be perfect. The process of continuously improved the living environment in future life may be more meaningful.

Edit: 蕗 Keke

Image source: Living Little Gang APP@图片 仔 儿

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