Make the details full of security top solid security door locks and hardware accessories evaluation

Make the details full of security top solid security door locks and hardware accessories evaluation

Q: What do you think of home safety refers to?

Answer: Mainly do a good job of anti -theft work, such as changing the anti -theft door with high safety factor.

If you think so too, it’s wrong! Home safety is not just as simple as a anti -theft door for home, it also includes the safety of other home products. If you do n’t pay attention to it, various safety “accidents” will occur, such as closing the door to the hand, the door handle hit the head, the cabinet door is too large to damage the cabinet, etc. It is said that you can remove all hidden dangers for you and make the details full of security.

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让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

1. Safe door lock -visible high value

For young people at the moment, everything must be seen in “Eye Performance”, and the door lock is naturally impossible. The high -value security door lock must be both design and artistic sense, which can not only add color to the facade, but also highlight the master’s style and taste.

让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

(1) Jane Ou -Gothic Series

Simple European -style Gothic series, selected high -quality copper material, is smooth and delicate. The bumps and corners are paired with black and gray backgrounds, and they are not stable and atmospheric in the capacity. It is simple and beautiful in simplicity. It reveals the eternal charm of fashion and classics. It is the top choice of high -end elite people’s home door locks.

(2) Modern Fashion — Green Series

After changing the coldness of the metal door lock in the past, Green uses a combination of wood grain and metal to give the door lock more living temperature. Simple appearance design, smooth wooden lines, there is no too bright color, no redundant elements, so that the door lock design returns the most natural purity.

让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

(3) Minimalism -minimalist series

让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

Jane, like its name, does not need to be modified with too many colors and patterns. It has both squares just right and rounded. The simple and smooth lines complement the wooden door. The large simplified design style of the door lock is prominent, which brings people an avant -garde and unrestrained feeling.

让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

Second, safety lock body -fire resistance durability high temperature

让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

In addition to the prominent face value, its strength cannot be ignored. After all, it is the first pass of the entry, which is safe. Only by choosing a real -material safety door lock can we go out more assured and use it longer.

(1) Lock body material

304 stainless steel lock, high temperature resistance to 800 ° C, meets the requirements of fire prevention and European standard testing, avoid dilemma such as the melting of the lock in the fire and the unable to open the door in order to quickly escape.

让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

(2) Lock body performance

让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

The lock body also has the characteristics of ultra -hardness and super strong corrosion. It is not easy to rust and oxidation for a long time.

Third, key lock core -more convenient to use safety

As the saying goes, “A key is opened”, but the thief is too rampant now, and you can pry open your door in minutes. Therefore, you can only prepare a higher security factor lock to resist their closure. Just as the newly upgraded safety door locks launched by Dinggu, I heard that the 6 -beaded marble anti -theft lock core was used.

(1) Double -row groove design

The key is upgraded to a double -row groove design. After inserting the key at any angle, it can be easily unlocked by a maximum of 180 °, which is convenient and fast.

让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

(2) 6 beads bullet lock core

The newly upgraded super -anti -theft lock core, the lock core has been upgraded to 6 beads. Compared with the traditional five beads, the key capacity is more, the mutual opening rate is lower, and the safety performance is higher.

让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

(3) fluorescent lock ring

In order to open at night, the door lock adds a unique fluorescent lock ring, allowing users to accurately find the position of the door lock at night and quickly insert the key.

Fourth, buffer hinge -opening and closing safety is more assured

让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

The pain that the door was caught by the door, and many people felt numb. In fact, if you want to avoid this “danger”, you only need to one step -install the buffer hinge for the cabinet door.

(1) Double -layer electroplating process

The hinge is a mechanical device used to connect the cabinet and the door panel, and its role is to bring a buffer function when the door is closed. Dinggu This buffer hinge is an automated continuous stamping for molding, which helps protect the surface layer from being damaged, and the hinge is bright and translucent. At the same time, it is equipped with a double -layer electroplating process, first plating copper plating and then nickel plating to improve corrosion resistance, bring super rust resistance, and make hinges durable. It is often used as new.

(2) Small angle buffer function

In the previous home life, have you had no time to shrink your hands because of the closing door? Have you ever been scared by the “bang” closing? In order to solve these safety risks, the top hinge has a small angle cushioning function to ensure that the door leaf is slowly closed without clipping. The opening of the door leaf above 10 ° has a cushioning effect, which can effectively eliminate the risk of clipping the hand fan when the child is turned on, and at the same time, you don’t have to worry about the noise problem caused by the door fan too strong.

(3) Open door anti -collision function

The opening is too strong to cause the hinge damage and fall off, and the cabinet hit the wall. The top -solid hinge comes with a door -to -door collision function, and the two -stage strength buffer. When the door fan is opened at 85 °, it can be parked at any angle, which helps eliminate the danger of the door -impact cabinet items, and it can also effectively extend the life of the hinge and cabinet.

让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

(4) Adjust the door function

Through the two different regulatory structures of nuts and adjustment of compass, the upper and lower, left and right of the cabinet door are realized. Easy to adjust and accurate location. When you think the door panel is not right, too tight or too loose, you can easily adjust it. You don’t have to worry about the uneven installation of the cabinet and re -installation and disassembling.

Fifth, suspension wheel display -sliding doors are mute and smoother

Installing the sliding door at home was to be more convenient and more worry -free, but after the installation, the sliding sound was too loud, and the sliding door was not running smoothly. Many people began to avoid the sliding door. In fact, in the final analysis, you have not equipped a suitable suspension for sliding doors.

让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

(1) Imported POM wheels

The pulley uses the imported POM material. The friction coefficient is low, the abrasion resistance is stronger, and it has high hardness and toughness. It is perfectly combined with the suspension.

(2) The buckle hanging film structure

The installation of the suspension wheels is convenient. The suspension wheel launched by Ding Gu uses a buckle hanging structure. The door fan is free of grooves. The left and right points are installed.

(3) Increase the oil cylinder design

The hanging wheel also increases the oil cylinder design. The buffer distance is 73mm, making the cushioning effect more stable, easy to close and mild, and effectively prevent clip fingers when closing the door.

(4) Cingard wheel with precision bearing

The diagonal wheel is matched with precision bearing, and the rail contact area is larger. It enhances the bearing capacity of the suspension wheel, improves its abrasion ability, and makes the hanging wheel run more stable and the service life is longer.

让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测


让细节充满安全感 顶固安全门锁及五金配件评测

As the first level of family entry, the importance of door locks is self -evident. Ding solid security door lock, the European standard lock body with upgrade lock core, and buffering hinge and suspension design, just to bring more security and convenience. If you want to guard the safety of the family, start with a strong door lock on the top!

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Cylindrical rounb knob stanless steel entry privacy passage lock5794 PC SS, hope it can help you.