Foot silver, sterling silver, Thai silver, Tibetan silver, Miao silver, S925 silver, who is Li Yan who is Li Gui?

The silver symbol is AG, which is very soft, has good flexibility and ductility. The ductility is second only to gold. 1 gram of silver can be pulled into 1,800 meters long filament, which can be rolled into silver foil with a thickness of 1/100,000 mm. Foot silver is used in industries. It is the best metal metal and thermal conductivity in all metal medium, but as a jewelry, it has a great disadvantage that silver is exposed to the air for a long time. Black, forming black silver sulfide, which affects the aesthetics of the jewelry.

Silver ingot

Foot silver: The silver content is not less than 99%. National standards include Foot Bank 990, Foot Bank 999. Qianzu silver generally refers to 999 silver, and Wanzu silver generally refers to 9999 silver. Now the State Quality Supervision Bureau has canceled the claims of Qianzu and Wanzu silver, collectively referred to as foot silver. The surface is smooth, silver -white, good ductility, and looks elegant and generous, but it is easy to oxidize and insufficient hardness. Generally, bracelets or large crafts are unable to make fine jewelry.



“925” silver: silver content is 92.5%, and 7.5%of copper contains S925 on the jewelry. The silver content is not less than 92.5%. This is also the internationally recognized sterling silver standard. Most of our common silver jewelry are made of 925 silver. After polishing, the 925 silver jewelry shows a very beautiful metallic luster and is not easy to turn black, but it cannot be restarted. It also has a certain hardness. It can inlaid gems and can be made into low -end jewelry.

Thai silver

Thai silver is also called Wuyin, which is generally 925 silver, which is a retro old process. Since the special old anti -prevention is melted on the silver jewelry, the silver and sulfur mixture is melted and the coverage layer is formed. Not only does it change for a long time, but the surface hardness is also greatly enhanced. The unique texture and color make this jewelry rough and quaint, very popular young people! The reason why it is called “Thailand” is mainly because of the masterpiece of Thais.


Tubing silver


Tibetan silver is a name, which is actually a alloy. In the Tibetans, Tibetan silver is actually white copper. Tibetan silver is the elegant name of white copper (copper nickel alloy). It should be copper and other metals with high hardness. It can be carved with patterns to make handmade jewelry. The patterns of Tibetan silver jewelry carving are more fine and clear, showing the simple and original style.

Miao silver


Miao Yin itself refers to sterling silver, and has been used as important jewelry and wedding supplies in the Miao area for a long time. But now some people say that Miao Yin is not a sterling silver. The main ingredient is copper, the silver content is not high, and Miao and silver jewelry has no mark. And we go to some places now, often we will see a lot of “Miao Yin Specialty Stores”, (provided that it is formal) Generally sells 925 silver but it will sell with the so -called handmade seedlings. Very high, pay attention when you travel! [Lingguang Flash]

Planted Silver

There are also sterling silver with electroplating platinum,


The reason why silver requires platinum is mainly because silver is easy to produce black substances with sulfur -containing gas -containing gas in the air. Pure silver jewelry will turn black, and the pure silver jewelry after platinum is not easy to react with sulfur substances.

Silver tableware

Silver also has a good role in life. It can decompose extremely small amount of silver ions in the water. This silver ions can absorb microorganisms in the water and make the enzymes that microorganisms depend on breathing, thereby killing microorganisms. The sterilization capacity of silver ions is very amazing, and the billion -dollar silver can purify 1 kg of water. It is recommended that you can usually contact silver, which are mainly expensive, such as silver water cups, silver jewelry, silver tableware, etc., which still have certain benefits for the body. In addition, silver is also a edible metal. Both my country and India have records of silver foil packages and pills. So everyone can rest assured [cute]