Return to camping, “renew” for your tent

Return to camping, “renew” for your tent

The return of camping is not a throwing, even if you finish it. If your equipment is also experienced during the holidays

Stormy, rainy,

Then they may need to come once


It’s right. For the good experience of the next travel, now we need to do the protection and maintenance of equipment. In this issue, start with the three -piece camping set, and learn about these equipment to take care of these equipment!


The internal and external accounts of the tent need to be cleaned in time, mainly to clean up and use it

Mud, dust, rain and snow and small bugs


Tent cloth cleaning

1. When the dirt is not serious, it can be used

Witting cloth wipe


2. It is best to use when it needs to be cleaned


Cold water rinse or hand

Wash gently;


3. Do not use machine washing, let alone use some hard objects such as brushes to wash it. This will easily destroy the coating outside the tent and affect waterproof performance;

4. Using mild

Neutral detergent

Or a tent

Dedicated detergent


Tent rod cleaning

1. Sand and soil will cause damage to the billing rod. When the joints that enter the tent pole into the tent pole will not only affect the splicing of the tent pole, but also wear the inner and outer wall of the ledger rod, so you should carefully maintain the account pole after each use;

2. When disassembling the ledger rod, it should be removed from the middle. This advantage is that the stress of the elastic rope in the tent pole is balanced to avoid the natural stitching of the tent rod from the failure of local elasticity.


1. After the tent is cleaned, it needs to be


Thoroughly dry to prevent mold from becoming sticky (especially mesh tents), reduce the service life; (tents that are over rainy and do not use water cleaning should also pay attention to drying and drying in a ventilated place)

2. Note

Don’t state


1. After washing and drying the tent, just fold it rationally. Do not always press a crease to fold the tent, so that the crease is prone to crack;

2. After receiving it

Don’t press heavy objects,

It is best to place it with other outdoor equipment, so that it is more convenient to use it next time;

3. Place the camp columns and tent fabrics separately to avoid piercing the tent cloth.

sleeping bag


Outdoor, sleeping bags are our closest partners. You will not be willing to sleep in a strange sleeping bag for one night. Therefore, it is important to check whether the sleeping bag has odor and mass in time after use and clean up in time.



1. Choose a major

Plel cleaning agent,

Avoid using laundry powder and laundry fluids commonly used in families;

2. Clean up the sleeping bag


After that, place it into the cold water of the detergent, soak for 1 to 4 hours, and use

Wet cloth wipe

Remove stubborn stains;

3. Replace the water multiple times to remove the residual detergent and dirt, pay attention to gently scrubbing until the water surface is completely clear;

4. After rolling the sleeping bag into a ball, use



Dowry the moisture, do not twist.


Qinglang weather shadow area

Dry drying, avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, degrade the shell fabric;

2. During the air -drying process, the down sleeping bag may be damp because of the humidity, and from time to time


, Put the crowded duvet slap evenly.


1. Whether it is a down sleeping bag or a chemical fiber cotton sleeping bag, if it is not used for a long time, try to use it as much as possible


State preservation (suspended or squeezed) to maintain the nature of down and cotton, extend their service life;

2. Do not store it with a compressed bag. Although it can save space, the insulation is destroyed;

3. Plel sleeping bag

Don’t dry dry,


Don’t wash hard,

So as not to affect warmth.

Moisture -proof pad

Clean and dry

1. Generally speaking, use a soft brush or rag to dip the soapy water or the special detergent to wash the stains. After scrubbing, scrub the detergent with clean cloth and water;

2. After the cleaning is completed, in the

Aquatic place

Dry drying, if it is an inflatable moisture -proof pad, you should first charge a part of the gas and then dry it.



1. Wide moisture -proof pad application



Wrap it well to reduce the wear during exercise and extend the service life;

2. In order to extend the service life, please do not fold,

Roll up

Just save it.



In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about TFS Tent, hope it can help you.