Are there any people who are deceived in the live room 39.9 yuan? Don’t pay for “one eye” anymore

Not long ago, a live broadcast room was shocked 39.9 yuan diamonds

When the anchor was sold, he repeatedly emphasized that “it is not a drilling, not a glass, it is a real drill in South Africa! Fake a fake one, and a authoritative certificate! As long as 39.9 yuan”

As long as 39.9 yuan diamonds, you don’t need to know that it is definitely not true.

直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

Someone said, isn’t it a fake one? As soon as you count, you will find that you can have 4 fake diamonds at 39.9 yuan for fake one. Sure enough, after identification, these diamonds are all fakes, and they are definitely not real diamonds!

If it was cheated by this 39.9 yuan diamond, Sister Baba had to criticize you! Even if we were deceived, we couldn’t be cheated at a glance.

In order to prevent micro -ducts, Sister Bazhu still decided to make a popular science for Xiaobai. What else is there in the jewelry circle?

It is really an IQ tax!

Mozang diamond

Today, more and more Mozang drilled into people’s vision.

直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

Remember, as long as the word Mozhan is added to the diamond, then it means that this diamond is fake!

Mosan diamonds are not diamonds! In the past two years, Mosan’s diamonds are indeed very hot, but it is just a diamond imitation.

“Mosan Diamond” was originally called Mozang stone, and the professional name was “synthetic carbon silica” or “synthetic silicon carbide”.

直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

Mozang diamonds are not only diamonds, but also rarely natural!

Due to the extremely rare natural Mozang stone, Mosan diamonds that can be seen in the market are basically synthesized. The price of Mosan diamond is only 5-10%of the same visual effect diamond. Although it is very cheap, there is no collection value at all. Do not be deceived when buying.

Cultivate diamond

In the past two years, as the technology of cultivating diamonds has become more and more developed, De Beers has begun to launch a synthetic diamond brand.

But as long as you see words such as cultivation and synthesis, you must be careful, which means that this diamond is not a real diamond!

Although some cultivation of diamond merchants claims,

Synthetic diamonds are completely imitated by the growth environment of natural diamonds. They have the same chemical composition, crystal structure and physical characteristics

There are also many colors and quality, but this does not mean that synthetic diamonds are real diamonds.

Natural diamonds may take billions of years to form, and synthetic diamonds can be generated in the laboratory in just a few weeks. In terms of nature, collection, and natural diamonds, there is no comparability at all.

Soviet drill

Do n’t think that there is a diamond that is a diamond. The Soviet diamond is actually a very common diamond imitation product. The full name is the synthetic cubic oxidation.

The Soviet diamonds have a stronger fire color than diamonds, but because of hardness than diamonds, it is often worn.

Siberian emerald

直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

Emerald is precious, but the emeralds with Siberia are not emerald at all! Its real body is chromatopatophaye

直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

Because it is similar to the color of emeralds, some Russian jewelry vendors have named the name “Siberian emerald” for them.

Chromatocyte and emerald are completely two gems, and the value is far from each other. Don’t be fooled.

But the identification method is also very simple, as long as you see a few words in Siberia, you can retreat.


At first glance, do you think it is the abbreviation of Bingye Emerald?

In fact, Bing Cui’s true identity is green natural glass.

直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

Bingcui is easily used by illegal merchants to mimic jadeite for sale. Its appearance is very similar to the ice -breed jadeite, which has high transparency, and it is also green, but the price is very different.

直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

Observation with a magnifying glass will find that there are often bubbles inside Bingcui, and the texture is lighter.

Freshwater golden bead

For Jinzhu, I believe everyone is no stranger. Those who are familiar with Jinzhu must know,

Golden pearls must be produced in seawater, produced by white lips or golden lips.

What is the price of freshwater golden beads that are only one -tenth of the golden pearl? Because the color of fresh water pearls is mostly white, rarely cash, even if the color is very light, it is almost impossible to reach the color of the golden pearl of the sea water.

If the color of the freshwater golden bead you see is no different from the sea water golden beads, it is likely to be dyed.

So pay for one point for one point, don’t be confused by its surface cost performance.

直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

Burn in the second degree

直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

I believe that many friends are no stranger to heat treatment. After continuous science popularization, everyone already knows,

直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

Thermal treatment does not affect the nature of the gem itself. If the budget is limited, gemstone is treated with a high cost -effective choice.

直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

However, some people now have the relationship between dyeing and diffusion treatment and heat treatment, named it second degree, or burn it.

直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

After hearing this name, many people think that this is a updated thermal treatment method, but the facts are very different.

Dyeing and diffusion treatment will directly affect the nature of the gem itself. It is completely two concepts and thermal treatment. You must pay attention when buying.

When you encounter these keywords, you can directly attribute it to a glance, and you can directly conclude if you don’t have to think about it.

直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

When buying jewelry, you must always adhere to the principle of price and one point. Of course, the cost performance must be considered, but most of the cost performance beyond the market rules will be accompanied by fakes and Shangdang.

At this time, you must brighten your eyes!


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直播间 39.9 元的钻石还有人受骗?别再为“一眼假”买单了

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