It can be heated to 55 degrees in 5 seconds! “Winter Boots” help Winter Olympic Jian’er

Reading/Shenzhen Business Daily reporter Zhang Jie

The Beijing Winter Olympics is ongoing, and there are many high -tech sports products from my country’s independent production with the athletes with wonderful competitions. The “heating black technology” of the snow sports shoes provided by the well -known sports brand Anta specially comes from the company that goes out of Shenzhen -Polygang Technology.

A few days ago, Zhang Haoda, the project director of Polar Exhibition Technology, said in an interview with Reading/Shenzhen Commercial Daily that after more than two years of R & D and debugging, the heating flexible stretching battery and sports shoes were finally coordinated. Not only did they The recognition of all parties also showed the world the scientific and technological power of Shenzhen and China’s flexible technology.


How to heat sneakers?

It is reported that Anta’s snow sports shoes for the Beijing Winter Olympics this time contain multiple “black technology”. When athletes put on it in the snow, the bottom of the high back to the bottom filling is provided to provide buffer; the low -temperature midsole and the rubber bottom can block the low temperature, and the air cushion provides shock absorption capacity; Anti -slip rubber films on the soles can help athletes walk stably on the snow and ice.


The heating device of the sneakers is the magnetic flexible flexible battery installed on both sides of the shoes. It can be worn through the buckle and the switch is turned on after connection. It only takes 5 to 8 seconds. These “winter boots” can be below minus 25 The Snow Snow provides a two -and -a -half -hour spontaneous thermal insulation effect, up to 55 degrees.

Polar exhibition technology can stretch the battery for the production of Anta snow sports shoes.

Zhang Haoda also introduced to reporters that the heating device weighs only 200 grams, with a total of three temperature gears. After two hours of charging, the lowest heating can be spontaneously heat -insulating for five hours. When you do not need to heat the insulation, you can remove the flexible battery at any time without affecting the appearance structure and function of sports shoes.

Snow sports shoes after the flexible battery.

“The heating device of traditional shoes is either placed on the soles or on the insole, which is not safe, but also allows sports shoes to be used alone. External batteries are more popular in heating. Higher problems. After two years of research and development and repeated experiments, we use the core technology of flexible structural patents and modified materials to be applied to flexible batteries with flexible structural patents and modified materials. The requirements of sneakers and heating shoes are coordinated and easy to use. We applied for many patents with Anta. This solution to use flexible battery mounting is the first in the world. ” When heating function, Zhang Haoda was proud. He believes that it is a very meaningful thing to make Winter Olympic Jian’er put on sports equipment independently produced by Chinese companies.

Promote China’s flexible technology to the world

At the end of 2018, the founding team composed of Tsinghua Alumni, the world’s top materials/structural experts, and semiconductor scientists conforming to the wave of science and technology, and decided to leave the United States to return to start a business. Due to the attraction of the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Shenzhen, the exhibition technology chose to land in Shenzhen Longgang. After depth, Ji Zhan Technology made multiple different directions of flexible technology, and finally locked its focus on the design and manufacturing direction of flexible stretch electronic devices. Later, due to business development needs, Ji Zhan Technology moved the head office and factories to Jiaxing, Zhejiang, and Shenzhen as a subsidiary for research and development and raw material supply.

Reerexiac Technology currently has 30 employees and more than 20 R & D personnel. It has unique flexible stretching packaging technology and patents. Awards such as the Excellent Product Award of Technical Achievement Exchange.

As an innovative enterprise that has been established for more than three years, he can cooperate with well -known brand Anta. It seems to be luck in others, but Zhang Haoda admits that this seemingly simple constructed flexible battery product actually contains the team’s research and development efforts. It is the result of the entire team’s persistence and hard work.

In the early stage of design, Anta put forward the request of “Science and Technology Winter Olympics”, and after repeated proposals, it was presented in the form of flexible battery buckle plug -in. During the research and development process, companies that provide heating films have no way to meet the stretching requirements. The exhibition technology has temporarily added the research and development of flexible heating films. It can be said that it provides a full set of flexible heating solutions for sports shoes. After the research and development, after repeated experiments and debugging, in order to allow Dong Aojian’er to have the best experience, the entire team focused on research and development. It took two years to complete these heated “winter boots” with Anta.

The Anta snow sports shoes worn by Winter Olympic Jian’er.

Zhang Haoda said that it is also through this cooperation with Anta that it has strengthened the confidence in the design and manufacturing of flexible stretching electronic devices. He introduced that the current domestic flexible technology has a large market and wide applications. In addition to heating sneakers, Polygang Technology is also providing flexible batteries and elastic wires for heating knees, gloves, clothes, strap batteries and other products.

The appearance of the “Winter Boots” at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Zhang Haoda believed that the biggest significance was to let the world understand China’s flexible technology and show China’s hard strength. “China’s flexible technology is undoubtedly the world’s leading. The focus of the future is to promote flexible technology to the world and to millions of households.” He said.

With the production of Anta Snow sports shoes, the exhibition technology will also continue to develop a new generation of flexible stretching batteries with lower costs and higher intelligence. It is expected to achieve mass production at the end of the year and put “winter boots” into the market.

Reading: Tan Ligang