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The picture shows Song Gang (first right in front) and leads the masses of Kugu Village to plant bamboo on the mountain.

In the opening of the Central Party School (National Academy of Administration) in the fall of 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “Organizing young cadres to work in a long -term and remote region is to cultivate For the sake of pride, for fear. The knife must be grinded on the stone, and people must practice on things.

With such a group of people, they rushed from the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to Malaysia and Leibo, Sichuan, rooted at the grassroots level, and entered the masses to dedicate wisdom and sweat for poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. They have hardships and fun, hardships and harvests, and they have grown up in difficult and remote areas with blood and struggle.

Sichuan Province Matabian Yi Autonomous County and Leibo County are located in Liangshan Yi District. It was once a national -level deep poverty -stricken county and Wumengshan concentrated poverty alleviation and development county.

One after another, not only space, but also time, civilization. There is a typical “straight nation” where the Yi people live there. In the past, they were scattered between alpine canyons and above the steep slopes. Nearly half of the rural population was illiterate and semi -illiterate. They could not speak Putonghua and could not speak Putty. Most of the people basically had no wealth accumulation. , Basically, travel, communicating, roaring, income is basically worried, and they are very worried. “

In accordance with the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the two counties of Malaysia and Leibo were identified as designated poverty alleviation counties for the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. In recent years, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has sent a total of 16 poverty alleviation cadres and 9 cadres of poverty alleviation cadres. They set off from Beijing, joined the grassroots line, faced poverty, and overcome difficulties.

Surprise and joy

From the beginning to the “shock” to the “joy” for the change of poverty, how big the emotional changes are, and the hardships that are paid

In September 2019, Liu Erwei, deputy secretary of the Leibo County Party Committee, took the first car to the local poor village to learn about the situation. For him grew up in the plain area, the most impressive is the twists and turns, Tongcun Road, which is straight to the cloud. Every time the vehicle is curved, it must be reversed first, and then hit the direction. The first time he walked on the steep cliff and the mountains and deep valleys, when he reached the mountains, the white shirt had been soaked by cold sweat.

In Matabian, the road to Xiaoguxi Village is also all the way. The successive U -shaped curve made the first person who could not help but sigh. The poverty alleviation work was not good. It was not easy to adapt to this road. Chen Jinsong, deputy secretary of the Matabian County Party Committee and deputy county chief, and Chai Jie, who was the first secretary of Xiaoguxi Village, Maibian County, walked countless times to the winding mountain road leading to Kobayashi Village. The boulder on the mountain rolled down.

Of course, it is not just a natural environment that surprises people. “Boarding and dirty”, Song Gang, who had worked as the first secretary of Laogu Village, Leibo County, still remembered: “The villagers eat, the family squats on the ground, surrounds a pot, cooks some sauerkraut bean dregs, a horse spoon, a horse spoonful Eat; many children are still bare -up in winter, wearing a sandalwood, but they are not cold and used to it; most of the homes do not have a bed at home.

The harsh environment and backward appearance did not scare them down. In the organs, they are the iron army of party style and clean government construction and anti -corruption struggle; when they go to the field, they are determined to become the leader and intimate person of ordinary people.

Faced with the muddy path, low cottage houses, dim light and a large number of out -of -school children, they find funds, require policies, pave the way, passed the water, pass the water, and improve the construction of various infrastructure; Effectively improve the quality of life of the masses; adapt to local conditions, plan for development, and accurately develop industrial development in accordance with ecological conditions in various places; poverty alleviation and liberation of ideas to stimulate poverty alleviation and rich internal motivation; home……

In order to find the source of water for 174 acres of pear trees and more than 2,300 acres of bamboo in the village, Song Ganghe Finding Water Group was led by the villagers’ guide and climbed it for two hours on the snowy mountains without roads. For the people who live in, Chen Jinsong wore high rain boots, and often walked for a few hours; due to uncomfortable diet, alkaline poisoning, Liu Erwei had been on the county back to the county, his body was numb and lost consciousness … This group of roll up his sleeves and poverty The masses’ “work together” to help cadres have continued to grow and mature in the “tough battle” of poverty alleviation, showing the responsibility and responsibility of young cadres in the new era.

Mountain high, road danger, easy to decline, transportation is the poverty alleviation of Malaysia and Leibo. Changing the difficulty of traveling and unblocking happiness is the epitome of local poverty alleviation. Today, when talking about the road of Kobayashi Village, Chai Jie still has endless words. “Complete the construction of 8 kilometers of asphalt pavement roads, and the construction of a total of 22 kilometers of the road. In June 2020, the last road of our village -Daijia Communication Group Road was opened to traffic. “These rural roads, he measured it step by step,” I used to sit in the office to watch the plan, and now I sit in the masses to talk about the road. The best class is among the ordinary people. “

As long as you work hard, you can realize this joy.

In Jiagu Village, when he decided to develop the bamboo industry in the village, nearly 260,000 bamboo pits were dug on the steep slopes of the mountains. There are no channels in many places, and the masses are also dumb.

“While we fight for the masses and explain policies, we encourage party members and cadres to take the lead.” The masses saw real changes, and gradually moved by party members and cadres. Song Gang said, “In two years, this batch of bamboo will begin to produce bamboo shoots. Green water and green mountains will really become Jinshan Yinshan. Many young people working outside the village will return to the village and take the initiative to apply to join the party organization.”

Sweat and tears

A large number of cadres who have feelings for rural and farmers and do mass work have been cultivated at the grassroots level. They sweat with the masses and cry together.

From the organs and the city to the countryside, the first problem encountered by many cadres is that they do not know how to work. The language is not unreasonable and the living habits are different. The village cadres are not assured of them, and the masses do not believe them.

“Understand the grassroots first, and then do grassroots work.” Liu Erwei told reporters, “In the past two years, I have traveled to 21 towns and villages in the county. Difficulty, the small things that the masses care about, and specific things are important. “

How to understand the masses and integrate into the masses? “Really made friends with the masses, leaned down to learn experience from the masses, and in the process of being a ‘primary school student’ and ‘mud legs’, they unknowingly integrated into the masses.” This is the common work of helping cadres. ” Secret “.

They stepped on the muddy soil and overwhelmed the dangerous mountains. They visited one household and one household. They talked one person and one person. The chickens in the villagers need to be vaccinated and grab the chickens together; the peanuts are mature and pick the peanuts together; when they work, they are in the hometown of the villagers.

Slowly, dialects like foreign languages ​​can be understood, and local customs are also understood. There are fewer questions and answers when entering the household, and the “Dragon Gate Array” is even more free; “There are more” you hear during the mission, and “can’t afford” less; when promoting the project, the responsibility and dedication of everyone are the same. Worrying about things and mindfulness keep in mind.

Recalling poverty alleviation, Chai Jie’s mouth closed is “our village”. “The foundation of our village is thin, and the two years of assistance time and the work ratio of work are too short. Time is tight, not waiting for people.” Chai Jie wearing camouflage clothes every day is not only convenient to work, but also reminds himself to play charge Essence He went straight to a big voice, and the masses of grassroots cadres recognized very much. Not only did he recognize his reason, but he also recognized the enthusiasm of his always decorated with the masses. The lazy man who leaned on the roots of the sun, the confused eggs who did not send children to school, and the little fart who refused to school, Chai Jie could solve it as soon as he spoke.

“Treating the villagers with the emotions of friends and loved ones, many things are easy to handle.” Song Gang was moved too much at the grassroots level. Sometimes when I return to Beijing, I still want to think about Kaogu Village at all times, think of those things of the people, and want to do them well. “When Song Gang was about to leave Jiagu Village, the introverted little girl Ri Gila was reluctant. I asked timidly: “Can you not leave?” At that moment, Song Gang felt that all the hardships were worth it.

“The man has tears and does not bomb, but they are almost crying at work. Tears sometimes include unspeakable joy, or it may be a mixed emotion that mixed with joy and hardships.

In Matabian, due to the inconvenience of transportation, coupled with the influence of family poverty and traditional bad habits, many elementary schools from 11 to 15 years old are “old -age students” in primary schools, especially girls who have dropped out of school. Chen Jinsong reported this situation to the Poverty Alleviation Office of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Mazbian County Party Committee and County Government, and was supported. The county education bureau was led by the county education bureau. Hua Peiyou Class.

“Let the children who have no dreams have the courage to chase dreams and dreams, this is the best interpretation of the Chinese dream in the new era. Children’s gratitude has been touched too much.” Chen Jinsong still can’t forget a child named A Pei A black. The child who is still in the second grade of elementary school at the age of 16 has said two words to Chen Jinsong, one sentence: “Uncle Chen, you, you who care and help us are like a beam of light that passes through the crack, illuminating us.” There are still there any more. One sentence was that when Chen Jinsong walked for nearly 2 hours, when the mountain road came to Aihe’s home and returned to visit, Ahei sent a message to Chen Jinsong with his mother’s mobile phone: “Uncle Chen, you promised to see us, you did it, you are a honest and trustworthy person. “

“At that time, I had gone far away, and I could still see her waving farewell to me on the mountain. When I received the text message, tears came out of my eyes again. It is often said that we helped the people in the difficulties. In fact, they were the people who gave us lights. “Chen Jinsong said that these days in the village understand the suffering of the masses, understand what it means to take people’s trivial matter, and learn how to better serve the masses.

Difficult and easy

“Only the prescriptions of the medicine can be pulled out of the poor roots.” Whether it is poverty alleviation or rural revitalization, it is required to help cadres to grasp policies, clarify their ideas, and pay close attention to implementation.

Many of the assistance cadres who are in the front line are the first time to participate in agricultural and rural work. They are deeply touched by the difficulty of leading the villagers to plan and embark on the road of getting rich. How to cope with complex issues, timely decisions, overall arrangements to be implemented … Each item is a difficult test.

In exchanges, several assistant cadres talked about the help of assistance.

“For example, grasping party building to promote poverty alleviation, and promoting poverty alleviation with a style of fighting, this is what General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized. The masses must go to the steps, and cadres must first go to the steps. Grasp the style. Bitter, work together, “Chen Jinsong said.

The “obstruction” in any link of policy implementation will affect the policy effects and rural development. Helping cadres to come to the grassroots line. The first thing to do is take the lead in promoting policy implementation.

“Kobayashi has witnessed the most difficult ‘last mile” of Matabian’s poverty alleviation. We finally withdraw from poor villages and achieve high -quality poverty alleviation as scheduled. Chai Jie’s emotion: “Although it is difficult, but fortunately the policy is very clear. What we have to do is to implement the policy in place.”

After the village, Chai Jie and the village teams and village cadres investigated them for households to make up for the standards of each household in accordance with the standards of “two sorrows and three guarantees” and “one super six” standards. Supervise the completion of 160 households in the dilapidated house, implement 68 households in Yijia Xinzhai, 122 relocated resettlement and resettlement, and complete 4 centralized resettlement sites including Maojiashan, Xiaogu Creek building dam, freshwind ginkgo, and Daijiagou The concentration point of scattered scattered construction, the whole village has achieved guarantee of safe housing. In 2019, Kobayashi Village successfully passed the municipal and provincial poverty alleviation inspections and inspections, and successfully passed the national survey in 2020.

The infrastructure should be transformed, and the human spirit must be transformed. As soon as I arrived at Kobayashi Village, Chai Jie found that the cadres’ eyes were timid and could not catch them. “In the first week of the village, I haven’t seen the village cadres for 3 days.” Chai Jie introduced that Kobayashi Village strengthened the leadership of party building and expanded the scope of education from the village “two committees” and all party members to all village group cadres and villagers representatives. , Commend the excellent party members, dig typical deeds, and advance with advanced leadership; improve the rules and regulations, establish a daily work reporting system; serious work discipline, and drive a new style of civilization with the party style. “In the past, my understanding of party building was to complete various regulations according to the requirements of the organization. Since the poverty alleviation in the village, I have a deeper understanding of the party building.”

The water, electricity, and roads in Jiagu Village have been connected. Some poor households have also moved into a centralized resettlement point. However, in the face of the natural environment of steep slopes and so many soil, what industries can develop to stabilize the income of the masses? Song Gang and the poverty alleviation team did not immediately run the project and need funds. Instead, they were tied into the Laigan ditch in Jiagu Village and sat next to the fire pond of the poor households. After field investigation, consulting experts, and meeting research, the industrial development ideas of the combination of length, combination of breeding, and cultural tourism were finally determined.

“According to the natural conditions and original foundations of Jiagu Village, in terms of long -term industries, the development of bamboo, pear, peaches and other planting industries in terms of industries; in terms of short -term industries, 2346 acres of bamboo land are included in retreating farmland to return to forests, developing dandelion under the forest, making dandelion Tea. Use the grass field to develop breeding industries such as chickens, sheep, cows, etc., to achieve a combination of lengths and breeding. “This is Song Gang’s” Industry Scriptures “.

After the development of development ideas is determined, the key is to implement it. Liu Erwei said: “It is necessary to pay attention to educating and guiding party members and cadres to form a proactive work attitude, accurate and rigorous work habits, truthful and pragmatic work style, but also to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of the masses to allow them to create wealth and consciously create wealth consciously , Pursuing wealth, this is the real endogenous motivation. “

Chen Jinsong had discussed with Chai Jie, and he must find a way to overcome the problem of “waiting for”. They said casually: “If the people in the village can build a 100 -meter road by themselves, it is a miracle.” Who knows, thanks to the internal vitality of poverty alleviation, under the leadership of the village, in order to penetrate the three districts of the whole, middle and lower areas, 18 people along the line spontaneously raise funds and investors. “Eighteen Good Han Road”.

What is even more incredible is that after the road of the Shengtian group of Kobayashi Village collapsed, the villagers in the group played to provoke Luo Long and found a way to find the excavator to dig the road. The village committee contacted him for reimbursement, but he refused: ” I have to go on this way, and I am convenient for me. “Now, the villagers are convenient for raising animals and working farmers. Several households have built pig farms, cattle farms, and sheep farms on the mountain to prepare to do a big job. Essence

How much soil is stained with your feet, how much true emotions are settled in your heart. The poverty alleviation and rural rejuvenation will bring the 16 -job assistance cadres and nine training cadres of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to bring them to the land of Matabian and Leibo: the elderly by the Liangshan Yi people who are regarded as “pro -son” by Kugu Village Pei Qibin, member of the Standing Committee of the State Committee of the State Party Committee of the Autonomous Prefecture, and the first secretary of the first secretary of Baixiang Village, Maibian County Labor Township Park Xiang Village, who has worked as a “handsome secretary”, who has completed more than a year to help the 366 poverty -stricken people from the poverty alleviation task of helping the village. Wang Shouxian, the first secretary of Mo Shi Village, Paha Township, Po County, was called Mu Wei, the first secretary of Houchi Village, Rongding Town, Rongding Town, Maibian County, who was called “Dad Mu” … It interprets the firm persistence and pragmatic movement of disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres.

One stubble one after another, a stick after a stick, they also have successors, and this hopeful land will stage more miracles.


In the depths of the mountains, the original intention

The trust of being trusted by the organization and the needs of the masses is the greatest happiness of party members and cadres. The poverty alleviation work is very pure. Without any utilitarianity and no rewards, the more we pay, the more trust and recognition of the party, the more fulfilling our accomplishment. I have been engaged in this working time for a long time, and I can see my own value, but also feel my small. It is said that seeing your own value is because as long as you are persistent and accumulated, you can also wear stones to drip water. We must have such a spirit of being afraid of small things, caught iron, and endlessness. We are all collective members. We are the strongest forces. We can do things for organizations and masses.

—— Chen Jinsong

Looking back at more than 700 days and nights, I have a sense of intersection in my heart, and I have traveled to 21 towns and villages in the county. I can’t forget the thrills on the cliffs and cliffs, slopes and steep valleys. I couldn’t go to the countryside during the day, and I met in the evening to discuss the adherence of late at night, and I couldn’t forget the simple and enthusiastic smile of the Yi folks. Comrades from the four seas and the local cadres and the masses of the local cadres thought in one place, and went to the other place. Among them, I have been deeply moved. In this great era, I can participate in the two great causes of comprehensive and strict governance of the party and poverty alleviation, and I am deeply glorious.

——Liu Erwei

As a party member, the party organization sent us to a long -term distant area is both a test and exercise. I think that only in the countryside can we understand China; only by reading China can we better realize their own value. At the grassroots level, what may not do is vigorously done, but it is real. There may be a little scholar at the body, but there is more soil fragrance. The strong true feelings in this soil aroma make me know how to be grateful and love; the hard -waining sweat in this soil aroma makes me know how to be down -to -earth, hard work and dedication; Learn down and learn with an open mind. For more than two years, whether it is the ability to deal with the masses, the ability to connect with the theory, or the ability to understand the party’s policy, I have been greatly exercised and growing in this hard battle.

—— Song Gang

Helping the village to help work is a high sense of accomplishment. Although I just did a little thing for the masses, the gratitude of the masses was from the heart. After I came to Kobayashi Village, I deeply fell in love with this land. This land gave birth to a group of people who worked hard. I believe that Kobayashi Village can get the future and happiness in his own struggle, unwillingness, blood and sweat. Before leaving, I wrote a small poem:

I love you/Takayama/Xiaoliangshan’s towering and towering/there/there/there is rainy pouring/there is a gap given by the mountain

Liangfeng Ding/That’s a bright name/Daijiagou/That is the nest nest of the Miao compatriots/I love you/Yang Ziping, the descendants from Da Liangshan/Da Liangshan

I love you/thirty -six square kilometers/countless mountain countless river/Apu’s admiration descendants/poor for thousands of years/I should enjoy peace

Apudu admiration/he/opened the mountains/across the river/sky is singing/Shanhe Yongfu song/not elsewhere/one of them/one can not be missing

—— Chai Jie