Buy panties for your baby, choose the right only three points, choose the wrong part of the private parts may be inflamed

When doing a small survey, when did you realize that you should buy underwear for your baby? When I saw the sponge baby on my husband’s buttocks, or when I remembered that I should buy red panties for myself?

At that time, my baby used the diapers as a pocket and stuffed a building block. I laughed my stomach pain. The baby looked at me innocently. I realized that TA might not know what the underwear was?


When the little guy grows up, it is time to enter the next stage.


I just searched for a wave on the Internet, and I didn’t calm down immediately, mom! This trick is too much, right? The “picking cotton, triangle or four -corner panties” in my experience is not enough!

Facts have proved that all kinds of unsuitable underwear that is easy to buy, thighs, pin PP, and even stuffy butt stinky. If you have encountered these situations, the inventory knowledge should be updated!


01 How much can baby wear underwear?


When you start training in the toilet, you can try to try on small underwear.

The American Pediatric Association AAP suggested that most babies start toilet training between 1 and a half to 2 and a half years old, so that these typical performances are subject to:


At this time, changing to the underwear can block the genitals frequently in contact with bacteria and cause infection. Reduce the friction of the private parts of pants and shorts. You can also block the baby’s small paws.

Do not wear open crotch pants. The advantage of the underwear is its disadvantages, and there is no privacy at all.

02 How to transition to the underwear?

Choose a special time, such as the 2nd birthday, take the little guy to buy the first panties of life.


You don’t have to wear it at all times.

Let your baby familiar with it first, and occasionally change to experience the feeling of urine and wet pants. Friendship reminds that the rainbow farts of parents at this time are remembered in time.

It is inevitable that you just wear pants urine pants, bed, and urinary sofa. Parents do n’t get angry. If you feel that the thick pants in the winter are not easy to wash, you can open a transition plan in summer.

At the beginning, when the baby was awake during the day, we put on the same play, and replaced with diapers at night. Slowly, wearing underwear time is getting longer and longer, and gradually extend from daytime to nap, night, out, and other occasions.

03 The “style of unscrupulous, the size first” of buying underwear

The underwear tables on the Internet are generally marked with waist, hips, height, and weight. The detailed sizes of the pin and beveled.

Measure the baby’s waistline, which actually measures the abdomen. Do not measure the navel, but to choose the most drumming position of the belly.

Pick the most raised position of the buttocks.

According to the data in these general directions, the underwear you bought can be worn at least.

If you want to be more comfortable, don’t get stuck or hold your buttocks, look down to a slightly different difference.

04 Buying the underwear “Light knowing that pure cotton is not enough”

Pure cotton is of course a well -deserved preferred fabric.

There is a concept clear that pure cotton is not 100%cotton,

More than 95%of cotton content, even cotton


Cotton is made of water and absorbs the water of pores at any time, which means keeping the skin dry at all times. Breathing means that moisture does not accumulate on the underwear, and it is not easy to breed bacteria and cause infection.


Pure cotton sensitivity is already very low. If the sensitive baby still has concerns, you can choose organic cotton.

Secondly, if the fabric is class A.

National compulsory standards GB18401-2003 The “Basic Safety Technical Specifications of Home Textile Products” stipulates that infant supplies within 24 months should be the highest level of safety.

For babies over the age of 2, if the mother has bought type B fabrics, or elastic underwear, it is generally a cotton nylon, Leica, Modal and other synthetic fibers, and it is not necessary to throw it. Class B is also skin -friendly, and adult underwear can be used with type B fabric.


In addition, take a look

The crotch design, there must be a cotton pad here

If so, the baby is not abnormal, and continue to wear.


Select light or solid color in color, minimize the baby’s contact with formaldehyde and chromosomal residues.

05 Buy underwear style articles

Before wearing underwear, there is a type of transition -type training pants on the market. In essence, it is the thick panties of the crotch that can be washed. The water absorption is not as good as the diapers.

There is also a name of bread pants on the Internet. There are pads, some wearing diapers, and some are directly worn. I can’t see which category belongs to. The experienced mother tells me!

We mainly say children’s underwear with similar underwear styles.

1. Broken trousers

The biggest feature of the briefs is the groin of the pants feet on the root of the thigh roots, so that you do not thighs, do not roll,

Suitable for small butt, thick thighs


2. Plastic trousers

Black pants can be wrapped in the entire butt egg, it is not easy to pinch the buttocks,


Suitable for babies with large butt and thighs that are not so thick

Essence For example, send big stars.

Suddenly a little understanding, why adult women’s underwear multi -corner trousers and men’s multi -flat trousers, because men and women’s buttocks and legs are different.

3. Boxer underwear

It is a loose version of flat -angle pants, wide waist banded and wide ankles, the best breathability, no body shape. If you have to say the shortcomings, you may be wrinkled when wearing a personal pants.

No matter which kind of underwear is selected, the middle high waist is comfortable,

The crotch is best not to have seams

Otherwise, it may stimulate sensitive skin or make the baby uncomfortable.


Also, some panties

Label seam

It can also cause itching.

How often do you change to wash?

Change every day. Wash the day. Try to wash as much as possible and wash separately from other clothes.

Do not wash with flavored, alkaline and too strong soap and laundry liquid. After washing, you must rinse thoroughly to avoid residual stimulation of the private parts such as flavors and cause itching.

By the way, now everyone’s sanitary consciousness comes up. Washing clothes is afraid of being clean. Putting more laundry fluids and washing powder, which causes excessive amounts of laundry to add excess. As a result, contact dermatitis and allergies are increasing.

Let’s add it according to the recommended amount. Chemical pollution is more lethal than ordinary oil.


When the inside is washed, pay attention. If the crotch is yellow, most of the cases are normal, yellow is the color of urine. However, if a yellow secretion occurs, it is not normal, it may be infected, and you need to seek medical treatment.

For the time interval of changing new underwear, some suggestions are replaced by 1-3 months like a toothbrush, and some suggest to change waves in half a year. There are no authoritative institutions to give the theory. Based on life experience, everyone can change the cave and change the cave.

Finally, knock on the blackboard to review the knowledge point ~~~

Instead of putting on the underwear, the baby has taken another step towards the adult world. Regardless of the male treasure and female treasure, you can say so in the future, “Underwear is like money, everyone has it, but you can’t always show it.”

Such a detailed suggestion, can there be no help to you? Tell me, love you ~