How to pay attention to how to pay attention to your self -made adult sleeping bags, what should be paid attention to

Sleeping bags are very important for those who participate in outdoor travel. In daily life, we can also make adult sleeping bags to meet our unique needs. The method of self -made adult sleeping bags is not complicated. First, select the materials, then sew the filling and waterproof fabric, and finally fold it, install it with a zipper, and pack it. When making sleeping bags, pay attention to the choice of filling, do not overweight. Let’s take a look with Xiaobian.

How to make self -made adult sleeping bags

1. Selection of materials

For sleeping bags, you can choose silk or duck, cotton or silk cotton, waterproof fabric, long zipper and so on. Silk cotton can be used to wrap the body and requires a little longer and wider. There are two thickness of silk, and you can choose as needed. Cotton or silk cotton is used to make contains, and you can choose the same size as silk cotton. The size of the waterproof fabric is slightly larger than the library fabric. The length of the long zipper is the length of the two sides that fold the cotton pair.

2. Production method

1. After selecting the materials, you can make a sleeping bag. Generally, the envelope method is used. Because a flat -type head pocket can be used as the back of the back to increase the warmth of the back, it can also be used as an anterior chest to increase the front chest warmth, which is conducive to the adjustment of itself.

2. Use a sewing machine to sew the filling and waterproof fabric in accordance with the design requirements. During the sewing process, 8 to 10 standing lining interval can be set. Each lining interval is almost 14.5 ~ 19.5cm. The situation of running.

3. After the fabric is sealed, you can fold it against it, and the folding place is put on the tail of the zipper. This good sleeping bag can be used as a quilt and a sleeping bag. When you sleep, pull the zipper of the heel is a sleeping bag.

4. Roll up the finished sleeping bags and then roll it. Put the sleeping bag in the bag with a bag, tighten the bag to compress the sleeping bag, so that the adult sleeping bag will be packed.

What should be paid attention to by hand -made sleeping bags

1. Pay attention to the choice of filling

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The quality and content of the filling charging are very important. The quality determines your useful life, and the content is closely related to keeping warm. The down material is better than that of silk cotton, but it is not tolerant to humidity, and the light cotton has a certain warmth in the humid environment. In fact, the production of sleeping bags focuses on the quality of the down. The cotton material outside can choose a general chemical fiber fabric. It is waterproof and breathable, and it is easy to carry. And the type of down the type is best to choose a goose down. The heating of the same weight of the fine velvet goose down is higher than that of duck down. People with insufficient conditions can also choose to fill the duck, goose down, and duck and goose hair. The effect is also good.

2. Don’t be too heavy

The weight of the bag depends on the situation. Many people have such a misunderstanding when making a self -made down sleeping bag, that is, “the more plush, the better, the heavier the more the more the quality, the better the quality.” Individuals should control the weight of the down sleeping bag according to their own travel lines and weight capacity, and should be controlled by themselves.