Lafite Cognac: Lafite in Cognac

Speaking of Rafie, is it the first to jump out of the melon seeds? Bleak


Congratulations, I believe 99% of people in the country have the same idea as you! That’s right, in my Greater China, Lafite can almost be said to be known to women and children, and even some people are familiar with the performance of each year, grape ratio and wine reviewer scores.

It can be said that Lafite is the eternal trend of the wine circle. Whether it is a foreigner or a person who knows wine, it regards it as synonymous with top wine. Nowadays, drinking Rafie is not only a kind of enjoyment, but also a symbol of identity and status.

In the world of Bailan Di, Cognac also exists like carrying a handle. The more, the more people regard their works and the symbol of success. Pour Cognac into the short -footed cup, hold the cup belly with one hand, and pump cigar with one hand, which has become a portrayal of the daily life of successful people.

What kind of wine can be combined with the characteristics of these two is to be the characteristics of the two! It is produced by the famous Lafite Group, which is famous for the vivid portrayal of the official website of Apple’s mobile phone: Bigger than Bigger.

You may have to ask: Lafite can produce wine well, why do you have to produce Cognac? Let me listen to me carefully!

There has always been a tradition in the Cognac production area. In addition to the sales of liquor sales, the winemakers will also save part of the Cognac. After these wines are old, they may be the dowry when they get married, or for the purchase of land in exchange for cash, or for their own enjoyment and banquets. The Rafiroschild Group also continues this tradition:


At the beginning, Lafite Cognac is just an exclusive wine for the private banquet of the Lafite Castle, and it is a courtesy that senior VIPs can enjoy. Because Lafite Castle has always been known for the world with the top of top wineries, its unique unique wine conquered Cognac collectors and politics and business streams of all countries, so people often went to visit. During the dinner hosted by the Lafite Castle for VIPs every year, Lafite Cognac is provided. However, this kind of cognac was not exported at the time. Except for being a noble guest, otherwise it would not be able to enjoy these peerless wines. Later, under the strong suggestion of the wine merchants and loyal collectors who had cooperated with Lafite for a long time, they finally publicly sold a small number of Lafite Cognac. For a while, these enthusiasts were all happy.


1. The coming of the Cognac in Lafite is not small

First of all, you have to understand that Lafite Cognac is not a strict wine, even if it is produced by wine grapes; Lafite’s Cognac, or more precisely, it is called Domaines Barons de Rothschild Lafite Tres Vieille Reserve. Among them, the previous Domaines Barons de Rothschild Lafite is the Rafiroschild Group, which is often referred to as DBR/Lafite Group.

The Roschild family is a well -known financial family in Europe and the world, and it can also be said to be the richest family in the world. This family is not small. Its assets are equivalent to 800 Bill Gates or 2,200 Ma Yun’s worth, reaching 5 trillion US dollars, and the industry is all over the world’s oil, banks, minerals, and hotels. Later, the Roschild family began to involve the wine industry and acquired Lafite Castle in 1868. Later, the family has been known for its production of high -quality wines. Now the Lafite Group is already a giant in the global wine industry. With strong funds, excellent advanced technology and equipment, and deep corporate culture, Lafite Cognac is finally born. It first appeared at the end of the 19th century, while the Lafite Cognac was used only for its own drinking.

2. Lafite handed down Cognac: La Fei in Cognac

Speaking of Lafite’s good, you must have heard your ears, and its high quality and high reputation are beyond doubt. So when we describe the highest status of a wine in the rivers and lakes, we often use Lafite to make analogy. For example, Sassicaia can be called “Rafie in Italian wine”.


When it comes to this Rafy’s handed down Cognac, it can also be called Lafite in Cognac. Yes, “Lafite can produce the best wine and the best Cognac.” A former director of ASC (Lafite Series China General Agency) was so emotional to reporters. Like the Lafite Castle, Lafite Cognac is recognized very high in the market; its taste is also one of the best in the Cognac. Before the Rafie Cognac was released publicly, those who were fortunate to have tasted Praise, now its excellent quality also makes lovers love it. Of course, it is the combination of Lafitechida Group and rare Cognac that brought this multiplication effect that it achieved the king of this Cognac.

3. The extremely rare internal supply, the global output is only 1,500 bottles

Nowadays, regardless of domestic and foreign, the Cognac is a very rare wine, because it is only 1,500 bottles of global sale each year, and it is even more limited to be divided into China. Based on this principle, the price of Lafite Cognac with low output is naturally unsatisfactory. It can be said without exaggeration that any bottle of 700ml installed Lafite Cognac is tens of thousands of cognac. In addition to the 700ml installation, Lafite Cognac also has a 1.75L installation with less output, and the price can be imagined more expensive.

4. Why is Rafie’s Cognac so expensive?

Lafite Cognac’s brewing grapes come from the best grapes in the Cognac areas: Borderies and Grande Champagne, and then select the rare, the most old -fashioned original wine from them. Used for deployment. In order to achieve the most perfect taste, the Roschild family collected special oak barrels in various places like ancient craftsmen. Some Cognac still finish aging in the dry red oak barrels of Lafite Castle. Generally speaking, the base wine of Lafite Cognac is at least 40 years old, and some can even reach 100 years, which can be described as rare. Of course, the deployment is the soul brewed by Cognac. In order to create a unique Cognac, the Roschild family uses an exclusive deployment secret recipe to inherit the consistent high quality, uniqueness and elegance of the Lafite Group. There is a reason for it!

5. La Fei Cognac is so expensive, what taste it tastes?

There is a “Selectionne Par Lafite Rothschild” on the alcohol label of Lafite Cognac, that is, the selection of Lafite Group. After completely brewed, these wines will be filled with the taste and screening of the Lafite team, and the selected wine will be packed in a hand -made antique glass bottle. With the filling of the wine, the entire bottle is seductive amber. After pouring into the cup, the fragrance can be smelled, and you can smell the aroma of vanilla, dried fruits, dried flower bones and cigar wooden boxes. After a sip, you can immediately feel the mellow of the wine, drink smooth and delicate, and the fragrant fragrance is left to the teeth. Of course, its condensed structure, complex taste and rich aroma also provide a variety of possibilities for meals.

6. Is the Rafie Cognac VS, VSOP or XO?

Having said so much, is Lafite Cognac VS, VSOP or XO? In fact, it is neither VS nor VSOP and XO. The term that implies the level on its alcohol is Tres Vieille Reserve. Among them, TRES VIEILLE is very old. It is much higher than the standard of XO. It is a very, very rare Cognac level. Its aged wine is usually more than 50 years. Of course, it can still be placed for a long time after bottle.

7. Lafite Cognac: Good wine is reflected in details

Good wine is good, and it is also reflected in details. It can be said that Lafite Cognac is better than other cognac in detail. Do not believe it:

(1) Inherit with the wax seal design of Lafite Castle


In the past, some wines of Lafite Castle used a unique wax seal design; now the traditional way of inheritance of the Lafite Cognac inheritance is not only ten respectively, but also the retro and personality. beneficial. As we all know, Cognac often volatilizes due to the accuracy of high alcohol, and wax glue can better achieve the sealing effect, reduce liquid losses, and provide better conditions for the long -term storage of Cognac.

Of course, if the wax seal cannot be restored after opening the bottle, it is not tight, and a gift box is generally attached to a cognac after the bottle is opened. It is very user -friendly design! Such a feeling of paying tribute to tradition, combining the designer’s affinity, can be described as considering issues on the standpoint of consumers.

(2) Wine bottles are hand -made for French technology purely

The bottle of the Lafite Cognac is full of crystal bubbles. This bottle is made of French technology hand -made, and each bottle is unique. One can prevent the possibility of fraud, and the other is more collectible. Not to mention that enjoying it is a kind of happiness, and lighting is already happy enough. When I was idle, I just looked at it like this.

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