Middle -aged woman’s “shirt” wearing guide, school day miscellaneous bloggers master 4 skills, elegant and advanced

Shirts are practical items with high appearance rates throughout the year, and they are also necessary for middle -aged women’s wardrobes. I believe everyone will not lack. It’s just that the more such a single product, we want to wear more fashionable than others, and the difficulty will increase.

In order to help middle -aged women go further on the road to beauty, this time I will share with you a set of “shirts” to wear templates suitable for middle -aged women. Let’s take a look together!

1. Sign up with the help of details, tailoring, design and material icing on the icing on the cake


In addition to not picking people and versatile shirts, there are many styles. They are worried that basic shirts have high requirements on the wearer’s own temperament. Show the icing on the cake.


White shirts are a practical model that everyone has. Because the style is simple and generous, the white shirt can meet the needs of the middle -aged women’s commute and the streets, showing the high -level and atmosphere of a 40 -year -old woman.

Worried that the white shirt is prone to be too serious, then when wearing, we can break the toughness of the shirt by rolling up or stuffing the shirt cuffs. In addition to raising the waistline, the overall look looks more free and easy to follow. sex.

In terms of tailoring, generally, shirt cuts are simple and elegant, and the more they can help middle -aged women wear a high -level sense and good temperament.

Even if the shirt version is loose, it will not make a sense of procrastination, but it will be neat.


The way to help middle -aged women bid farewell to passers -by, including choosing a shirt style that is superimposed with the design, such as bubble sleeves, petals collar, folds, or ruffled edges, attached to the shirt, which can make middle -aged women look even more Young foreign spirit.

In addition, replacing tough materials with a translucent shirt can also increase the return rate of shirt Look, and add a touch of tenderness to the shape.


Second, soothing and simple color matching

What kind of effect can the shirt wear also has an inseparable relationship with the use of color.

First of all, when choosing a shirt, if it is not a formal occasion with a very strict requirements for dressing, in addition to black and white gray shirts, middle -aged women can also use plain, low -saturated color colored or Morandi shirts to create fashion look.

Compared with dark colors, these colors are softer and soothing, and increase the brightness of the overall look.

“Three of the whole body color” is the law that middle -aged women need to follow. In addition, on the basis of ensuring the color matching, we also need to pay attention to whether the color matching between the top and the lower dress is coordinated.


If you use a white shirt, it is best to use a white or black model to make it more clean.

3. Match according to the occasion

Shirts are classic items with a wide range of applications. They can be worn by commuting, out of the street, dating, or travel, but if middle -aged women want to maintain an elegant and generous external image anytime, anywhere, they need to be matched according to the occasions of wearing.

1. Commuters

When the shirt is used in the workplace, it is guaranteed to be the key to dressing and training. On this basis, it is recommended that you choose a white shirt, black shirt or light blue shirt.

When matching, you can give priority to combining black high -waisted cigarette pants, black high -waisted trousers or black high -waisted wide -leg pants. The minimalist color combined with a sharp match, easily created a capable and casual female image.


2. Dating occasion

When it is used for dating, it is recommended to choose a middle -aged woman to choose some shirt styles that can achieve excellent age reduction effects, such as bubble sleeve shirts and doll collar shirts.

In addition, compared with pants, high -waisted printed umbrella skirts, high -waisted floral A -line skirts, or high -waisted lace half -body long skirts are more likely to create a sweet and romantic atmosphere.


Fourth, ingenious accessories embellishment


After a woman reaches the middle -aged stage, wearing a shirt is the most monotonous and dull, and it is easy to show old. Proper use of accessories to embellish the shape, so that the overall look can have a unique beauty.

For example, the accessories of earrings, necklaces, silk scarves, watches, belts, or hats, appropriately embellish the shirt look, on the one hand, the stereotypes and seriousness of the shirt can be cleverly neutralized.

On the other hand, the overall look can be more remarkable and easy to take care of the sense of fashion and delicateness.


Of course, when using the accessories to embellish the shirt look, middle -aged women need to grasp the sense of size and not be able to stack accessories blindly, so as not to be too late.

The above is the shirt wearing for everyone this time. If the middle -aged woman likes a shirt, she is worried about wearing a flat and unpretentious effect. Then remember these 4 matching skills!

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