Little white shoes are out of favor! These “summer boots” with pants and skirts are beautiful, fashionable and thin

In spring and summer, the types of clothing can be described as a variety of, and different styles and styles have emerged endlessly. But when you choose a combination of tops and bottoms, do you instantly feel that the style of the shoes is not good!

Although small white shoes are very versatile, it is inevitable to reduce the sexy of the shape and make you look ordinary. This is exactly the problem that a fashionable tide must be avoided. Therefore, in the spring and summer seasons of 2021, it is time to take off the lessons without changing white shoes.

Was the keen partners who had a keen sense of fashion smelled differently in the past. Yes, in the recent fashion circle, “Summer Boots” are slowly rising. Whether it is a star or a blogger, the number of “wearing boots” has increased significantly ~

While this trend has not started to be widely popular, hurry up and take a look at the “Summer Boots” recommended by Xiaobian. The trend has it with it, release the charm and fast people!

Summer boots start point: Know your body

When it comes to the matching of shoes, you must not be able to start from your own foot type. If you boots, you should also add the characteristics of the leg shape. Only by taking targeted selection according to your figure can you choose the most suitable style for you, and at the same time, you can also make the shoes to show the greatest charm!


(1) Starting from its own foot type, comfort and fashion need both

According to the characteristics of most people, we can divide into three types:


Roman feet, Greek feet and Egyptian feet.

· Egyptian feet wear migraine shoes:


Egyptian foot type is very common. Because the foot type belongs to the shoe, it also needs to choose those styles with obvious biased design in terms of shoes, such as diagonal heads, Mary Zhen shoes, etc. higher.

· Roman feet wear round head shoes:

The characteristics of Roman feet are similar to toe lengths, so the shoes of those squares or round heads will fit themselves more, and some shoe tip -tip styles will squeeze their feet.


· Greek feet wearing pointed shoes:


Similar to Egypt’s feet, the toe in the Greek foot type also has obvious lengths, but this type of sisters are more suitable for the sharp pointed shoes series with the tip of the shoe. This design of shoes is not only exquisite, but also very sharp and capable.

(2) Do not ignore your own legs, keep your boots in mind


Because the boots itself has a certain height, it is necessary to consider the problem of leg shape when matching. Different legs are suitable for different boots, and the problem of inconsistent boots should be avoided.


• Choose nude boots with long legs:


If your own calf line is relatively slender, then in the selection of summer boots, you can choose the style of the ankle in length to the most of the ankle. It is very stylish and more harmonious and natural.

• Leg -shaped imperfection short boots:


If the leg shape is not perfect, you need to use some loose or straight pants to modify it. If you match it, you should also choose the boots with low -style boots to better integrate into the shape. However, you need to pay attention to the length of the pants. The small girls do not recommend too long pants to avoid the problem of procrastination and pressing.

The focus of summer boots: with different items

Different from the boots in autumn and winter, the focus of wearing in spring and summer is not only comfortable, but more often, it also needs to reflect various personality temperament.

Therefore, the matching method of summer boots needs to be changed according to different single styles.

(1) Summer boots+comfort pants, lightweight and durable


Boots and pants are always the best partner in the world. Therefore, in the combination of summer boots, first of all, there are some good -looking and stylish pants.

① Summer boots+trousers to modify the leg shape higher

Style recommendation: high waist wide leg pants, straight pants

Long trousers help cover the fat on the legs, help you modify your leg shape, and match the summer boots with length to the ankle position. It is a problem.

The style is more recommended for wide -legs or straight pants, and the high -waisted design will be more visually high -effect; it is important to note that when choosing a dark pants, you can choose bright tone boots as a whole as the whole Highlights.

② Summer boots+shorts, youth reduction is more personalized

Recommended style: denim series, suit pants series

If the chosen pants are shorter, then a large area of ​​leg skin is exposed. At this time, you can use longer pile socks and short summer boots to combine the white tone against the fairness of the skin.

At the same time, it is recommended to be a more casual denim series, or a more comfortable and better suit, which makes you more youthful.


(2) Summer boots+skirts, the strongest sense of fresh girls

After speaking, the combination of summer boots and skirts is also ever -changing, and because of the unique ladylike temperament of the skirt, there are even more girly charm when matching ~

① Summer boots+dresses, high -level fashion

Style recommendation: chiffon skirt, velvet skirt

The upper and lower dresses do not need to consider the hue of the upper and lower colors too much. Friends can directly choose a light -colored style, paired with solid summer boots. First use light -colored clothing to show the refreshing spring and summer seasons, and then echo the dark summer boots to create a “shallow and down deep”, which is full of layered charm.


When necessary, you can also add some design elements to the skirt, such as lotus leaf edges, or irregular tailoring, to increase the overall personality, and also make the original monotonous color match more attractive.

② Summer boots+skirts, change the foreign spirit


Style recommendation: pleated skirt, small leather skirt

The style of the skirt is rich and diverse, but Xiaobian also recommends the academy’s pleated skirt and the sexy and handsome small leather skirt.

A fold skirt with a simple and clean T -shirt or POLO shirt, the youthful feeling is released, and then with the classic summer boots, it is a love “student girl” shape!

Similarly, if the summer boots you choose are leather, then a relatively tight small leather skirt just echoes the boots, uniform up and down, paired with tube top or ground camisole, sexy hot girl is you ~

However, it should be noted that such a personal skirt is not friendly to the sisters with a large crotch. Great girls should choose a loose style of skirts.

What do you wear in summer, of course, choose a pair of feet, comfortable and handsome boots! Don’t be silly with little white shoes anymore. The real fashionable sister has already started the change of summer boots. As a single product that can be available in all seasons, I believe that as long as you choose a style that suits you, you will definitely win the 2021 most fashionable “goddess” award!