Is the “finished product line group” good? Why was there no one used before, but now fishing is robbed?

With the development of the fishing field and the fishing gear industry, the “finished product line” has become a hot -selling product. The main line package of this type of fish line+accessories is very convenient. It is used to use. More and more is favored by modern fishermen, and even becomes the first choice group for many fishermen.

But there are advantages and disadvantages, not all finished lines can be used. In particular, there are many categories. Today, the fishing refined, not only many fishermen will entangle the line levels, but also difficult to choose the types and uses of accessories.

Why is the “finished main line group” controversial? What does a variety of wires and fine accessories reflect? How to choose a line group that suits you?

——In fact, these are the tangled issues of many fishing people. Combined with the author’s own understanding, let’s talk about it in detail below ~

The “past life” of the finished product line group

The main line of finished products is actually “long history”, and even before Taiwan fishing prevails. Earlier, it was made by the fishing gear shop by itself, and then sold it according to the length and fish species; there are some high fishing pits and pound ponds to buy such finished products … But because the line group at that time was rough and rough, and the workmanship was rough and rough. Fish line and accessories are low, so, so,

The previous “finished product selection group” was considered to buy only talents who could not fish

It is one of the “failure” products that have no one in the fishing industry. to date,

There are also many old fishermen who contradict this type of line group and think that they can only rest assured that they can only do it by themselves.



However, with the prevalence of leisure, black pits and wild fishing, the crowds participating in fishing activities have increased dramatically, and the change of the concept of consumption of fishermen, the main line of finished products has been accepted by more and more fishermen, and the production is more good. Positioning is also refined

… Next, we will explain the choice and use of the main line group of the finished product from the main fish lines, accessories, and uses of the line group.


Fish line level is “the top priority”

The most important thing is the fish line, which is also the main aspect of price differences.


许多新人只关注线径下的强度和结节拉力,其实这是值得商榷的,因为结合台钓的灵敏和众多鱼情用途,鱼线更有密度、硬度、抗卷曲、顺滑度、弹性、 Anti -aging, color, transparency, uniformity, memory and other indicators. These reflect the quality and processing technology, which naturally determines the demand for price and use.

For example, the price of the main line of the finished product of 4.5 meters ranges from a few yuan to 2030 yuan. Essence Chi fishing as an example. If you focus on the use of embarrassing fishing and problem fish, it is recommended that the above -mentioned comprehensive indicators with good fish wires; and general fast fish, fishing fish, and casual wild fishing, you will mainly pay attention to the strength of the fish line intensity. The main indicators can be used to have better cost -effectiveness.

“Painting Dragon Federation” of fine accessories


Today’s main product line, the reason why it can become the first choice for many fishermen is in addition to the subdivision of the fish line, that is, fine accessories, two examples below:

River and space beans made of rubber and silicone:

These two materials are the types of fishermen’s main use, and the finished product lines are generally configured according to “level”, such as high -end line groups using silicone space beans and drifting seats; generalized or economic versions of the category of rubber. And cater to the needs of many fishermen today, adding beans and anti -entangled beans. Note: In fact, there is no excessive difference between the choice and use of the two materials. In addition, combining the line products and fishing methods, it is more critical to choose a good degree of tightness and measure the appropriate price.

Scale, coating lead skin group:

The coating lead skin with scale has become the configuration of the main line of the “high level” finished product early. In fact, this is also the main psychological effect. There is no essential difference in the actual use. Instead, it is reminded that leading lead should not be cut according to scale, and it is even recommended to ignore the “oblique” lead cutting lead. The scale is just a reference here.

Leading pendants depends on the thickness and corners of the lead skin and the degree of denseness. For example, if you are the main fishing or big fish, you need to choose a thicker lead skin. The lead skin is also recommended. The actual needs of opening and wiring. If the fine line group of the main fishing small fish needs to be shorter, and the leadership of the leadership is needed to facilitate fine fishing and ensuring sensitivity.

The name of the fish species is “optional”

Many finished products are named after fish species. In fact, this is not necessary in actual use, and it cannot even be used as a basis for choice, such as some grass carp main lines, catfish main lines, carp main line groups, etc. Actual choice, it is still recommended to combine the fish feelings and fishing methods that you face, starting from the aspects of line diameter and accessories. For example, fishing carp in the low season, but it is recommended to use the high -level catfish main line group. At this time, if the carp line group is also tangled, the disadvantages such as insufficient sensitivity and poor floating signals will occur.

The main fish main line should be specially viewed:

In addition to the names of the fish species, there is also a main line named for large fish. Such line groups are generally used for pond fishing or specialized in large fish. It has large number of fish line numbers, highlighting tensile value, enhanced accessories and nodules, and even even. The characteristics of double drift seats. In fact, this also illustrates the “special dedicated”. Do not “set” fish feelings such as conventional fish, sliding fish, and pathological fish, because although this type of line group is more strong, the fish line is hard and the accessories are “huge”, which is not suitable for it. Fine fishing and pursuit of sensitivity.

The length of length needs to be “promoted to avoid weaknesses”


A major indicator of the finished product line is the labeling of length. The more important thing is the problem of “rich surplus”. The length of the conventional actual line group will be 20-30 cm in length than the marking, so as to facilitate fishing operations and replacement accessories. When the use of non -standard fish rods and fast fish in this area, it becomes particularly important. Only the actual length of the line group can be more convenient. Choose a 3.6 -meter finished finished product group to form an effective “Qiqi Line” ~


At the end

The biggest advantage of the main product of the finished product is that it is convenient, but you also need to pay attention to the above problems.


Essence If you are pursuing benefits, you will be more economical. In fact, no matter whether you tie or the finished product, you must not avoid a “psychological suggestion” problem–

Although some old fishing people think that the main line should be made by themselves, they have been contradicting such finished products; but more friends think that manufacturers must be better and regular

…, in fact, there is no need to be tangled. Whether you are a clever master or a fisherman who has always used the finished product line, as long as you are full of confidence when fishing, it is a good line for you. This article comes from the recent inquiries of the finished product line group. This article has issued this article. Thank you for your attention and support ~