Follow the trend to invest in the follow -up, and some people fry the postal card to lose 340,000 yuan

□ Chutian Metropolis Daily Reporter Zhang Haoqu Yan Yan

At present, postal card transactions in the investment product market have become popular. No, there are a group of students in Wuhan. Based on the trust of the teacher, they have followed the investment. As a result, they lost the money and lost more than 340,000 yuan.

More than 100 people in WeChat group fry the postal card

Yesterday, citizen Zheng Yi (pseudonym) reported that she had trained at a accounting school in Shouyi Road, Wuchang before, so she has been in the QQ accounting group. At the end of last year, Mr. Gong, the person in charge of the school, published a message in the group saying that it can lead everyone to fry the postal card and return to the high return. Everyone makes money. She was pulled into a WeChat group with a stir -fry postal card, with more than 100 people, and those who invested more than 50,000 yuan could also enter large households.

Zheng Yi said that everyone was under the guidance of Teacher Gong. She invested 15,000 yuan, and now she lost only 3 or four thousand. According to her understanding, many students have lost, and they lose tens of thousands of yuan, and the maximum loss is 340,000 yuan. “Teacher Gong, the student was due to his trust in him. As a result, everyone lost and worthy of vigilance!” She said.

Some trainees claim to lose 340,000 yuan

The reporter contacted another insider Yu Yan. She introduced that Xiaohui, who lost 340,000 yuan, was not an accountant, but the student of Mr. Gong when he taught in a technical secondary school. At the end of last year, Mr. Gong also sent information in the technical school classmate group, calling on everyone to follow him to fry the postal card, saying that the results were high. Xiaohui believes that this teacher is very much invested by 50,000 yuan at the beginning. Later, he also withdrawn from other wealth management funds to invest in a total of 600,000 yuan.不过,她购买的吉庆1400元左右,目前跌成了600元;木棉花650左右,目前价230元;万国邮联500元左右,目前280元;航天750元左右,目前320元……如今, Xiaohui has only 260,000 yuan and a loss of 340,000 yuan. No one wants to throw it out. Almost all of the people in the large group have lost money so far.

Mr. Peng said that after he was pulled into the large group by Mr. Gong in October last year, he invested about 80,000 yuan, and now he lost about 50,000 yuan.

The teacher said that investment is risky

Yesterday afternoon, a reporter from the Chutian Metropolis Daily came to the accounting school of Shouyi Road, Wuchang. The staff said that it was not convenient for Teacher Gong to go out to class. At the request of the reporter, the staff said in person to open the phone of Teacher Gong that Teacher Gong was temporarily inconvenient to answer the phone, and the reporter left the contact information.

Last night, Teacher Gong called to reporters. He admitted that there were 98 people in the small households, very few profitables, and 15 people in large households were currently losing money. However, he said that many people earned in the early stage, and the market was affected by the country’s vigorous rectification.

Regarding the students’ reflections, Teacher Gong said that he expressed regret that investment was risky, and he could not be responsible for profit and loss. He admits that he can get two or three thousand yuan a month on this platform. However, he was guaranteed by a teacher’s personality. He never had a dark box operation. He had a transaction record to check, and he himself lost 600,000 yuan.

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Postal card transaction is not approved

The postal card is a collective name for stamps, commemorative coins, and telephone cards. It is often used as a collection or stored asset by enthusiasts. The postal card transaction is similar to stock transactions, but has not been approved by the state securities management agency. Many trading platforms are actually private enterprises and do not have the qualifications to provide public services. The postal card electronic disk transaction has great fraud. The price of investors to purchase stamps is much higher than the value of the physical market, and the trading market cannot guarantee the openness, justice and transparency of the source of the price mechanism, and the price is easy to be controlled.

In February of this year, the China Securities Regulatory Commission released the “Fairness Around” Investor Protection Series Series -Playing and Non -Clear Questions and Answers “pointed out that” some cultural trading venues carry out postal card transactions and adopt concentrated trading methods such as continuous bidding. Violation of Document (2011) No. 38 and National Office (2012) No. 37. These exchanges attract a large number of investors to participate, and even obtain unfair interests through malicious hype and manipulate the market. Legal rights and interests. “