Certificate photos can also take selfies! Chengdu adds 128 “one -stop services” to apply for a certificate

Handling hall

Chengdu Full Search News Network (Reporter Chu Xiao) reported on September 11th

Citizens of Chengdu citizens who handle household administration, traffic police, entry and exit, and public security will no longer run back and forth, eliminating complicated procedures. This morning, a reporter from Chengdu Full Search News Network learned from the Chengdu Public Security Bureau that Chengdu once again added 128 “one -stop services” to apply for a certificate and officially launched today. At this point, Chengdu’s “one -stop service” certificate has reached 136. It is reported that all the “one -stop service” licenses can handle 5 major categories of 31 services.

Yang Hongwu, a political instructor of the Household Administration of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau, said that in the next step, the Chengdu Public Security Bureau will gradually decentralize the business such as different land ID cards and pay a traffic police penalty ticket, which is more convenient for residents Convenient service.

Self -help photographer

Certificate photo can be taken on the spot selfie


Get it in 30 seconds

“Certificate photos are the ugliest photos.” Many netizens are so “spit” when they show their documents, and even said that if the certificate can be taken with beautiful selfies. No, netizens’ wishes come true. Chengdu full search news network reporters learned that starting today, when going to the police station to apply for a certificate, you can take it casually before the self -service camera.

At 9 am, a father took his son to take a picture in front of the self -service aircraft at the Mengcha Bay Police Station at No. 87, Sunhraine Road. In seconds, a handsome certificate was taken. “It is very convenient to handle these businesses now. Not only is the journey close and the materials are simple, but you can also take a satisfactory photo. Pakistan!” Mr. Liu said with a smile.

The reporter of Chengdu Full Search News Network saw at the scene that citizens only needed to bring a second -generation ID card to “brush” before the self -service camera, and then take pictures, and then preview and select photos. The licenses that can be taken on the machine are mainly available, second -generation ID cards, entry and exit documents, motor vehicle driving licenses, etc. Here, the police reminded: wear collar clothes when taking pictures, do not turn on heavy makeup; expose ears, eyebrows, see the neck, do not wear any accessories on your head; do not wear metal frames or lenses that are easy to cause reflective lights or lenses. Glasses licenses and so on.

Citizen fill in information

5 major categories of 31 service matters, 136 points, can be handled

According to Yang Hongwu, in terms of business, the Chengdu Public Security Bureau comprehensive relevant police department’s opinions and suggestions, and continued to be enriched and adjusted through the pilots, and determined the above service matters. Among them, 12 household administration, 1 traffic police, 3 entry and exit, 1 public order, and 14 certificates issued. According to statistics, during the two trial operations, the city received a total of 170,000 people (times) of the masses, and handled 112,000 transactions for household administration, entry and exit, public security, vehicle drivers, and certification materials. Among them, the household administration was 880,000, accounting for 78.36%; the entry and exit of 70,000, accounting for 6.25%; 127 public security, accounting for 0.11%; Compared with 14.59%.

In addition, in terms of the selection of cloth points, the actual situation of regional population distribution, site radiation effect, and the size of the police station’s office room, etc., in 110 police stations in the city, 25 community convenience service centers, and 1 community police room officially established “One Standing service “permit point. Among them, there were 112 central urban areas, high -tech zones and Tianfu New District, accounting for 82.35%, and a total of 24 new cities in the suburbs were built, accounting for 17.65%. Essence Jinjiang, Qingyang, Taurus, Wuhou, and Chenghua set up “full coverage”; Wenjiang, Shuangliu, Xun, Pengzhou, and Yiyi added 16 certificates.

Business card processing and other businesses will also be gradually decentralized

Yang Hongwu reminded that the citizens who apply for permits can pay attention to the “Chengdu Public Security Micro -Household Administration” platform at any time. It is reported that the platform can make appointments for various business; materials review, avoid running back and forth; policy consultation and suggestions. In addition, the specific address and contact information of the 136 “one -stop service office” will also be announced on the platform.

At the same time, for the next plan, Yang Hongwu revealed that the Chengdu Public Security Bureau will also combine the needs of citizens to put the off -site ID card and pay the traffic police ticket at the right time. Residents and masses work.

What business can you do? Full Search Union Chengdu Public Security Release Guide:

1. Household administration business

● Migration of hukou in the city, changes in non -main items, cancellation of the household registration of deaths, replenishment of household registration books, new babies enter the household

● Name, national change, correction

● The citizen ID number, gender, and birth date change and correction.

● The household registration resident ID card in the area under the jurisdiction of the police station is applied, renewed, and replenished;

● Apply for a residence permit

2. Entry -exit business

● For the first time, residents in this city apply for ordinary passports, Hong Kong and Macao Pass and travel endorsements (excluding secondary endorsements), Taiwan Pass and travel endorsements (excluding secondary endorsements). Except for the following circumstances: the documents are re -receiving, renewal, and reissue; those who are not allowed to leave the country; state staff who register and register; household registration moves from the area from the non -demand area to the city; It is accompanied by the non -first guardian (parent); those who meet the situation in line with the situation.


3. frame management business

● Registration of motor vehicle owners and driver window users. Open the Internet to handle business authority, guide the masses to handle the frame management business online or dial 11185 to handle the frame management business

4. Public security business


● Dog raising certificate, dog only identifier card