Faye Wong has an advantage in the high -end face. Even the “aunt” dress has a high sense of sense, and the temperament is outstanding

Faye Wong’s face value and temperament are very picky in the entertainment industry. She can always give a little sense of distance on the stage. It is very simple and simple, and sometimes it is not even not stained with fashion. A aunt -style black dress can also wear a different temperament.

Faye Wong’s styling analysis:


Small V -neck -fashion and practical


Faye Wong has a high -end face, and even the “aunt” dress has a high sense of sense. This dress uses a very delicate small V -neck in the design of the neckline. The V -neck style design is very friendly to mature women. The effect can also extend the lines of the neck and wear the effect of the swan neck.


Loose version -comfortable enough

This black dress is very loose in style design. The loose style design is not strong for the body shape. It will be very friendly for middle -aged women. The small disadvantages on the shape of the body are perfectly obstructed by a sufficiently loose version, but this loose version is easy to wear a bucket, and there is no curve feeling at all.

Basic color -simple and practical but not dazzling

Basic black is a more practical color, simple and versatile, but this color is usually because it is too single to correspond to small shortcomings that are not dazzling enough. Many older women will prefer this basic black when they wear, hundreds It is very strong, and the adaptability to the occasion is also very strong, but if there is no highlight at all, it will be very easy to wear the effect of passers -by.


Long dress -dignified atmosphere

The long version of the dress is relatively dignified in terms of design, which is very suitable for mature women, especially girls with a slightly thick leg or a wide crotch. When wearing, this long dress is very suitable. However, the requirements of long dress on your height will be slightly higher. If you are not tall enough, you will not be able to support it.


Short hair+black sunglasses -strong gas field

A sharp short hair with black sunglasses made Faye Wong look very aura. Although wearing a comfortable and relaxed dress, the dress feels a little aunt dress, but Faye Wong, who is wearing a strong gas field, seems to have a different vitality. It seems to be much more advanced in an instant.

Faye Wong’s other styling analysis:

Light -colored shirt+gray Harlen pants

Pay attention to the combination of light and dark in the color matching of the body. Faye Wong is paired with a light -colored shirt in the upper body. The design of Harun pants is a bit too loose in the design, and it is easy to wear the effect of short legs.

Gray sweater+black trousers

The classic color matching method is often the most practical, the highest rate of upper body, the basic black with intellectual gray can show the effect of minimalist style, simple and practical, especially in daily wear. The color matching method is often the best.

Cavet T -shirt+slim -fitting pants

Faye Wong has a reference in the entertainment industry. The T -shirts have been broken and then worn. This T -shirt with a hole -breaking element may look very low on ordinary people, but wearing Faye Wong looks like it looks like it looks like It’s like deliberately, the design of the hole has become a symbol of fashion. The lower body is paired with a black slim -fitting style, and the basic black shows a sense of stability. With the slim -fitting version, it presented through the appropriate sense of outline. charm.

Really temperament women are often very simple and simple in dressing. They are very low -key in terms of color or selection, but it is precisely because of low -key wearing that it can show a sense of high -level temperament.


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