The “moving floor heating” in less than a thousand yuan can also lie on the ground and warm enough to be reluctant.

The floor of the house seems to have a magic power, as if it is a magnet that can suck the pressure and fatigue, and relax the whole body at will.

I like to sit on the floor with my family and friends, playing board games and watching TV. Compared to sitting on the chair, it can relax the body, and there is a warmth that pulls closer.

But in the cold winter, the cold floor of the floor is cold and cold.

I recommend one to you today

Warm ground pad,

Can sit on the ground in winter.

1 minute hot

When it is cold, just open it, almost no need to wait. When you go home, open it, and the effort of pouring a cup of water is hot, and your barefoot is not afraid of stepping on the cold floor.


The calories will gradually spread to the blanket

Essence Sitting on it, it will not be cold when you take off your jacket, you don’t need to turn on the air conditioner!

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

The family watched TV, friends gathering games … Playing it, there are many activities than the sofa. Lying or lying casually, how can they be comfortable and comfortable!

Bao Da Bao Ma loves it even more,

With it, winter


It’s not cold to wear a single sweater!

Since taking it home, the most anticipated on the weekend, making a pot of tea staying on it for a day.

Reading and writing are particularly comfortable. When you are tired, you lie down for a while, stretch your limbs freely, and even work at work, the efficiency will become higher!

After winter, I also thought of installing floor heating, but I knew the projects.

There are tens of thousands of yuan in a living room,

In the later period, the electricity bill is more scary. Once the maintenance, you have to dig the floor and immediately dispel the thought.

And it is paved on the ground with the heat, and it is convenient to move to which room to move.

It is also good as ordinary carpets when not fever. Unlike the low use of ground heating, the other three seasons are almost idle.

Although the price of this floor mat is not low, it is fair,

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

In terms of cost -effective, it is much higher than the ground!

I bought one in the living room, and the air conditioners and electric heaters were driving less. After one winter, the electricity bills saved can be bought.

Waterproof, electrical resistance, low radiation, overheating protection

These security guarantees are all the money and one penny. It really cannot save this money for family safety!

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

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Seeing it at first glance, like many people’s reactions: Isn’t it just a thickened version of electric blanket?

In fact, it is not like the northern puppet, and the heat penetration is particularly strong.

Sitting on the whole body was wrapped in a warmth, and it was still warm without covering the quilt, so comfortable that he couldn’t bear it!

Less than 1 minute after the actual measurement is turned on, you can feel that the blanket starts to heat up. In about 10 minutes, 60cm above the blanket can feel calories.

To put it bluntly, just sit on it

Not only the buttocks are warm, but the legs, arms, waist … the whole body is warm!

The air conditioner and electric blanket have been driving for a long time. It is inevitable that dry mouth, dry skin, and easy to get angry.

But it is a little bit

Not dry

, Gentle and comfortable, just warm. Make a pot of tea in winter, prepare some snacks, sit on it to eat and drink for a day,

Will not get angry.

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

Special recommendation to some


, Children like to play on the ground the most. They are particularly easy to cold on their stomachs. They are distressed when they get sick.

With it,

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

Sitting, lying on your stomach, lying down, you won’t be cold, you don’t have to wear it so bloated, you can play comfortably, happy and healthy!

It uses

A whole carbon crystal heating film

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

This material is not only

Fast hot and uniform

Essence It feels cold, no need to wait, it will be hot as soon as it is opened.

The point is! It can also be the same as ground heating,

Can drive the temperature above the blanket to become higher!

Put it on it, and the air conditioners are driving less.

Unlike electric blankets, it is heated by single -rooted resistance, and the calories are slow and fast. If you do n’t believe it, you can try not to cover the quilt, and the calories will never gather.

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

Note: After power -on, carbon crystal molecules do irregular exercise, constantly rubbing raw heat, and thermal energy conversion is as high as 98%!

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

When the carbon crystals are fever, they can release far-infrared rays with a wavelength of 8-18 microns. Most of the energy carried can be absorbed by the body to help the body heating up.

There is still the far -infrared rays of this wavelength

The function of improving human microcirculation,

Many Korean steamed houses and sauna houses are used to achieve the effect of physical therapy with this fever principle!


I especially like it, saying that after lying up, the warmth spread quickly to the whole body.

The joints on the body are not sour

It is simply a whole body physiotherapy instrument!

There is also this effect that there are famous graphene, but this time there is no recommendation, because there is only one word -expensive!

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

Just searched on a certain east, and the graphene floor was moving thousands of pieces. The carbon crystal pads of this price can already be covered with the entire home, so

Carbon crystal pads are definitely more cost -effective.

Carbon crystal material is very safe,

Can’t shock, radiation is also very low!

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来


Very power -saving

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

It costs 1 degree at 3 hours, and it is a few dollars for a day, which is more cost -effective than turning on the air conditioner.

Put it on it, the whole family rushed to use it, lying on it, rolling, reading, and brushing the drama, I didn’t remember it for a few hours!

There are many carbon crystal pads. Why do you recommend it?

First of all, it must be clear, the carbon crystal pad is also divided into three

Six -nine

The core is the manufacturing process of carbon crystal heating membrane.

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

Note: The carbon crystal must be transformed into a carbon crystal heating film through special adhesion technology.

The technology in China is not mature enough, so it has been introduced in particular

Korean split carbon crystal heating film.

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

There is a major pain point for ordinary carbon crystal floor mats: only bending, not folding! When not in use, you can only roll up and grow long. It is not appropriate to put it anymore.

After searching on the Internet, I found that this floor mat



The carbon crystal pad that can be folded!

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

One fold and one pillow is as big as one pillow,

It is convenient to store invincible, easily put it in the cabinet, and take it out in the coming year to continue to use it.

And even if one of the areas fails, it will not affect other sections, and the cost of maintenance in the later period will be smaller.

Another is its

Good safety performance

After all, it is an electrical appliance, and it is not a trivial matter related to the safety of family members!

It has two built -in temperature sensors, monitoring temperature in real time,

Once it is overheated, power off immediately.

Continuous fever 12 hours automatically power off power off

Even if you forget to shut down, you don’t have to worry.

and also

Leakage Protection

, Safety monitoring through the whole machine, not leaking, super safe.

The cats at home are very timid, and the air -conditioning electric heater dare not approach, but sleeps on it without any defense. It also shows its safety from a certain level ~

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

Passed the national electromagnetic radiation monitoring

, Electromagnetic radiation is super low.

National 3C certification, Korean electrical safety certification, EU CE certification

With so many layers of security, you can rest assured.

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

In the end, it is still very resistant to toss, load -bearing ability!

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

You can withstand 70 kg gravity per square centimeter

Put in the living room and dining room, pressing a coffee table, the table is not afraid at all.

Several adults sitting at the same time are a piece of cake. In winter, a group of friends sit on the ground to play cards and play board games. It is more intimate than sitting on the chair.

Multiple waterproof design

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

, Accidentally sprinkle the water, wipe off the paper, do not have to worry about electric shock at all, the most careless Ma Daha.

The jacket is demolished and washed

It is very convenient to clean.

Sprinkle the juice, and even the children are not afraid of urinating. As soon as the jacket is dismantled, it will be over if you throw it directly to the washing machine ~

The general floor heating cushion must be scrapped with a small piece of cushion. And this floor pad is divided into two floors inside and outside,

Dynamic to change a jacket, another new cushion!

The material of the jacket is the second -generation PU thermal leather,

Heating has no odor

And ordinary warm ground pads are made of PVC, which is a bit delicious.

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

There are jackets

Dozens of patterns will be selected

, Pick the six most versatile, which can almost adapt to all the decoration styles.

If you want to choose other colors, you can also pay attention when placing an order ~

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

The size I chose this time is


不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

It is about the same size as the bed, you can roll wildly!

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

The operation is simpler. The LCD large screen is equipped with a digital temperature, and the elderly with poor vision can easily use it.

Precision temperature control,

Within 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, you want to adjust it a few degrees.

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

Also comes with one

wireless remote,

It is just a lazy gospel, and it can be controlled without getting up on the ground.

Many people have never heard of Li Lei and Han Meimei brand, but as long as they search for carbon crystal warm floor mats, the results they see must be indispensable!

Their family only does a warm floor pad, and spends their energy on one thing, and the quality is naturally bad.

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

Users who have bought their products,

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

99%are full scores ~

This is not the case, just the highlight has just arrived! There is a huge cost -effective activity price now,

Original price 1


不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

, Special offer 998!

It is a lot cheaper than the price of Double Eleven on a certain treasure! If the number is not large, place the order first.

There is also a guarantee after sale,

不到千元的“移动地暖”冬天也能躺地上 暖到不舍得起来

5 years of warranty, quality problems within 3 months of quality problems!

A warm and comfortable home, a free and worry -free weekend, how can there be no comfortable ground pad?




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