Large size cotton clothing literary style: handmade material, art streamline, winter and spring fashionable and beautiful

Loose loose cotton jacket in a long -sleeved cotton jacket jacket


The coat is not warm enough, a set of cotton jackets, loose silhouettes, like coats to create a sense of fashion, and have a good effect of covering the meat, thick cotton fabric, light upper body lightness, light upper body lightness, light upper body lightness light Keep warm, have a good wind -proof effect.

Stitching hooded cotton cotton jacket large size women’s cotton jacket


This hooded cotton cotton jacket has a super loose version. It really achieves good tolerance for all kinds of figures. The warmth of the body, plus the warm hooding design, very intimate

Hat hooded cord cotton jacket long sleeve thickened cotton jacket


The core velvet fabric has always been retro style in Chinese. The overall version is a very loose silhouette. It can be easily controlled by the identity of tall and thin. Thick wearing is very warm and soft enough


Pure color hood, short and long, long thickened cotton coat women’s clothing


The irregular hem of the front and rear length, at first glance, has a good layered beauty, and the hooded design, which protects the neck and will not be blown by the cold wind. Small grid, showing the literary style, the button design on the placket, which is convenient to wear and take off

Lamb Cava -hooded cotton jacket cotton coat women’s clothing

The upper body of the barista’s clothes can set off the white skin very well, and the hooded design of the small round neck makes the face line softer, and the warm lamb velvete lining, you can feel warm care for a second, you can wear it. Correspondingly obliquely open pockets, in line with daily wearing habits, comfortable and practical

Winter lattice hooded woolen coat women’s clothing


The colorful grid coat makes the retro style filled with a fashionable, loose version, a well -covering fat on the waist and abdomen, exquisite sub -light buttons, embellished on the side of the clothes, and symmetrical. With a lid side pocket, the overall style is full of simple temperament,


Cotton clothing literary and loose mid -length thick cotton jacket

The small checkered cotton clothing on the rhombus wiring looks like a sense of sedimentation at a glance. It is slightly filled with literary and artistic fan, comfortable hooded design, and a good way to cover the wind and rain on the skin of the neck and neck. Comfortable to wear, let you have a warm winter


Stitching long -sleeved hooded loose cotton jacket cotton jacket


Wind -controlled hooding design is really super intimate. There is also a dark buckle design on the neckline. When the cold wind is lingering, it can also protect the neck skin from cold erosion. , Make each dressing experience very comfortable

Switching hooded cotton coat big pocket thickened cotton jacket

Large adapted color pockets, the overall decoration of the fashion sense of this cotton jacket, the color of the hooded design is symmetrical, the big pocket is really intimate in life, it can easily put down the small items, and the warm -handed and concave shape is also warm. It’s handsome, the thick fabric is more warm

Flower Hat with a thick warm jacket loose long -sleeved cotton jacket

Exquisite small florals, plus the elegant blooming straps, the upper body temperament is more literary and artistic, the silhouette coat, whether it is tall and thin, can wear a personality temperament, which is well covered up with the excess flesh of the waist and abdomen. You don’t have to worry about the New Year’s fat.

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