After Zhang Yuqi fell in love, there was more and more girly feelings. The cotton coat with hat sweaters cut the age of foreign age, which is like 34 years old.

Many girls will try a black matching method in winter. It looks cooler to see, but it is not easy to wear a girl’s feeling. The female star Zhang Yuqi wore a black cotton jacket with the same color hooded sweater when she walked the airport. A basic black dress is wearing a low -key sense of girlishness in her body, and its vitality is full of vitality.

Zhang Yuqi’s styling analysis:

Same color matching -reduce color scheme difficulty

After Zhang Yuqi fell in love, she became more and more girly. She was equipped with a hat sweater with a hooded sweater. If you want to reduce the difficulty of color matching in the body, you can try to wear a sufficient sense of harmony with a simple basis. It is very good to look at it. You can also wear a thin effect through a basic black clothes, which is also very friendly for young ladies and sisters.

Short cotton coat -not to lower body height


In addition to choosing the correct color when wearing cotton jackets or down jackets, you also need to choose the right length. Different lengths are suitable for girls of different heights. When wearing, you can match cotton clothes of different lengths according to your height characteristics. Zhang Yuqi wore a short black cotton coat, which was capable and neatly avoided the effect of lowering his height.


Cotton clothing+hooded sweater -increase the sense of movement

Zhang Yuqi uses the basic black cotton jacket to match the hooded sweater of the same color system. Although the color matching of the body is a very simple and basic same color, the sweater is a very typical age -free item. In terms of women, when wearing, you need to know how to use aging items to wear a moderate age reduction effect to show sufficient sports and age reduction.

Black tights -wearing small bird legs

Zhang Yuqi is paired with a basic black leggings in the lower body. The color matching of the color matching is very simple. The lower body tights are very suitable for Zhang Yuqi with very slender legs. The effect can show the advantages of the body.

Middle -length sweater+short cotton clothing


Use the inner and external shortcomings on the upper body to present a sufficient sense of layering. The mid -length sweater inside is casual and comfortable to wear on the body. The outside with short cotton clothing can show more warmth performance. The short -level sense of the inner and outer and external is very distinctive.


Analysis of other styling of Zhang Yuqi:


Short grass jacket+high -waisted jeans

For girls who want to wear a sense of noble sense, you can try to wear fur when you wear it. Fur coats can show very good warmth performance. Strong, the short fur jacket can also show more sense of sharpness. The lower body is paired with high -waisted jeans, which is perfectly combined with casual and noble sense.


Add velvet leather jacket+slim -fitting pants

The black leather jacket is paired with small -foot pants of the same color system, and the harmony of the color matching is very strong, simple and harmonious. The fashion sense of leather can show more practicality by adding velvet design.

Brown coat+dark brown sweater

In terms of color matching, the same color system can be used to reduce the difficulty of color matching. At the same time, you can also use different color tones to present a visual sense. The brown coat with a dark brown sweater is simple and harmonious in terms of color combination. At the same time The combination of coats and sweaters can show a sense of style.

After Zhang Yuqi fell in love, she would wear more and more, especially in private clothes. Whether it is a minimalist style or a sweet girl style, the hands can be controlled. Will the women’s clothes in love be improved?

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