Shiri Lantern Craft Club | Founded in 1956

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硖石灯彩工艺社 | 创办于1956年

Rotor lantern

1. Historical changes

“Shi Shi Lantern” is an important traditional culture of Haining. It began in Tang Sheng in the Song Dynasty. It can find relevant memories in the poetry of the Southern Song Dynasty and once became a tribute.

During the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, the “vermiculite lantern” slowly developed towards large -scale development, and began to have animal lamps, such as “birds and beasts”, “Dragon Lion, Tiger and Leopard”. In the late Qing Dynasty, the vermiculite lantern reached a new peak.

In the early days of the Republic of China, there were many lantern festivals, and Lanshi Lantern Festival activities were several times a year. The biggest lantern festival event was in the 23rd year of the Republic of China (1934). This lantern festival event was unprecedented. There were many reports in Shanghai’s “Declaration” that they opened special rows from Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. Varley watching lights, all night, for two consecutive days.

There are a total of 36 large lights. After 3 days and 3 nights, it is displayed at the foot of Haining Dongshan. The photos displayed are now stored. Later, these lamps went to the Shanghai Golden Theater to exhibit. This batch of lantern was later as a cultural symbol of our country. He participated in the then World Expo (that is, the World Expo) at the time, which quickly improved the international reputation of vermiculite lanterns.

Vermiculite lantern painting

Second, product inheritance

The predecessor of Haining Shi Shi Lantern Co., Ltd. “Shi Shi Lantern Society”, also known as the “vermiculite lantern craftsmanship” in the early years, is the continuation of the “Haining Lanshi Lantern Group”. Founded in 1956, it is a professional enterprise for making lanterns in Haining.

The company has more than a dozen employees, mainly for middle -aged and elderly employees. The strength, they all have rich experience in lighting and strong inheritance. In order to inherit the craftsmanship and technique of vermiculite lantern, under the concern of the local government and government departments, after years of hard work, the Shi Shi Lantern Company has cultivated a number of young professional talents.

硖石灯彩工艺社 | 创办于1956年

Some works have been collected in the National Museum of China, Zhongnanhai, Diaoyutai State Hotel, the Non -Heritage Center of the Ministry of Culture, the National Museum of Auckland, New Zealand. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, China and other countries and regions.

硖石灯彩工艺社 | 创办于1956年

The vermiculite lantern always keeps pace with the times. In the earliest, I used loose fat lights. After with candles, I used candlelight sources to light light. Now all I use are LED lights, which are safe and power -saving. They are made of wood, and now they are used with iron bars; the glory lamps are also very large in shape and shape. The headlights can be made by a few meters high and small to a few centimeters.

A senior is Chen Weiyan. He is the original national inheritor of vermiculite lanterns. The teapot lamp he made is very small, the smallest is only a few centimeters. Shi Shi Lantern is not only made of lamps, but also a gift of gifts, lights for tourism products, and even family lights. The vermiculite lantern is no longer limited to the lantern festival, but also the industry. In addition to inheritance, it also needs to be made.

Therefore, product lamps need higher technology content, studying how hard stone lights are integrated into modern technology, how to make the hard stone lamp more perfect and beautiful, making it the most urgent need for it today.

3. Manufacturing process

The vermiculite lantern is a combination of acupuncture knife carving and painting. It has eight major techniques.

The first is “acupuncture”, which is the most important feature of vermiculite lanterns.

The second is “making lamps and paper”. The lamp paper production skills are the core skills of vermiculite lamps. This paper is not bought by itself. It is made by itself. It is a special paper. It uses multiple layers of rice paper and color paper and cotton paper layer by layer. The method of making lamp paper now is still the method of making paper paper that has been continued in previous generations. Sometimes it also uses some cardboard paper. This card paper is usually used when it is made of a product lamp. It is the original lamp paper made by the original itself;

The third is the “knife carving”. There are many places in the vermiculite lantern, which is also called lantern paper -cutting, but this kind of paper -cutting is not cut, but is carved with a knife;

硖石灯彩工艺社 | 创办于1956年

The fourth is “painting”, which includes the design of the lantern, the sample of the lantern skeleton shape, and the painting of the light surface;

Fifth, “Zha”. The vermiculite lanterns are now welded. It is a bit welded, welded, and welded. But the earliest was not welded. It was tied with paper wires. This line was paper, not cotton yarn, nor other plastic lines made now. The joints are tied, so it is also called as a lamp. Although it is welding now, it is still called tie lights;

Sixth is “paste”, “paste” is to mount it on the skeleton with the silk sheets, and it must be flat;

Seventh, “拗”, “” is very important. Its technique is actually a shelf -shaped technology. What kind of light to make is what kind of shape. For example, if you make a palace lamp, you must form the shape of the palace lamp. When making animal lights, you must put out the characteristics and shapes of various animals, and give people a lifelike feeling;

Eighth is “knot”, “knots” are used very little now. Generally, when railing is called railings, there is a category of lamps and bearded and hitting China. It is also called “Qi.

Fourth, gain honor

硖石灯彩工艺社 | 创办于1956年

Shi Shi Lantern Company is the “Zhejiang Provincial Non -Heritage Product Protection Base”, “Jiaxing’s Non -Genetic Inheritance Demonstration Base and Industrial Base”, “Haining Non -Genetic Demonstration Base and Industrial Base”, and continuously rated as “Haining City City Non -heritage protection advanced collectives. ” Then, then, then

In recent years, the company’s lantern works have won dozens of awards at all levels, such as the “Chinese Folk Literature and Art Mountain Flower Award”, “First Chinese Folk Arts Expo Special Award”, “Teapot Lantern” and “Volles Light Lights” produced in 2008 “Won the” Outstanding Craftsmanship badge in the UNESCO.

(The information of this article is provided by Haining Hardstone Light Lighting Co., Ltd.)

In April 2013, the trademark of the “vermiculite lantern” was identified as the famous trademark of Jiaxing City by Jiaxing Industrial and Commercial Bureau;

In January 2015, the trademark of the “vermiculite lantern” was rated as the famous trademark in Zhejiang Province;

In 2016, the company was named “Zhejiang Old”.

(The information of this article is provided by Haining Lanshi Lantern Co., Ltd.)