How to choose a master -level solid watercolor pigment, save money for you to collect it quickly

Watercolor pigments are tens of millions, which one is suitable for you, as an unfavorable painter who is keen to buy painting materials, let me give you a closer look at the common master -level solid watercolor pigments. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Start.

Watercolor pigments can usually be divided into solid color and tube color according to the form, and can be divided into transparent watercolor and opaque watercolor according to the texture. Wait, today we will just talk about solid watercolors that novices are more favored.

Solid watercolor has the advantages of small volume, easy to carry, convenient use, etc. It is suitable for small fresh themes such as works, pens, characters, handbooks, or flowers. It is more difficult to dip than the pipe color. When painting in a large area or need to dip a lot of pigments at a time, it seems a bit laborious, so many professional painters prefer to use the pipe color. In the process of painting, watercolor often runs with time. If you are still picking up paint, and the picture has been dried up, it will make the flaws such as water marks on the picture.

Most beginners will use small -sized paper, and they will also learn from simple small objects, so the smaller and neat and neat solid watercolor becomes a very good choice.


What is the difference between the master -level watercolor and college -level watercolor? We will discuss this topic next issue. Not much to say, let’s take a look at the common master -level solid watercolors.

Actually, there are only 36 colors of four rows of pigments.

The hormones that everyone is very familiar with is solid watercolor, referred to as HB, also known as hormonal loser. The 36 -color expert class is about 1064 soft girl coins. It’s right.

The advantage is that the color is bright and saturated, has good light resistance, the texture is very delicate, and it is easy to dip in.

Suitable for drawing anime -style illustrations with colorful color, rich colors and bright flowers, handbooks, and so on.

Holbaline cake plate

Holbyes are divided into two types: opaque and transparent. The picture shows opaque 24 colors. It is similar to solid flour. It has a certain cover power, but the cover power is not as strong as the gouache, and the price is about 340.

The color of the cake plate is very bright, but the mixed color coloring will be gray. Some illustrators recommend this one, but I advise Xiaobai. If the technology is not very skilled, it is recommended not to start with this market. When we look at it, just watch it.

The middle row is my own match, I can ignore

French producing Windsor Newton artists 24 colors, about 350, (all the pigments introduced in this article, from my personal habits, took out the white pigment blocks, and there are many self -color matching.


This is a very recommended pigment. The price is not high, the color is clear and fresh, the transparency is very good, and it is very easy to dip. Except for the second green on the left side of the bottom row, you can see that other color blocks are dipped out of the pit. But it is alone. Suitable for painting with clear flowers, small freshmen, and so on.

DS watercolor stick, 48 colors of about 330, one -five -fifth is about 500.


DS is really good for many people. There are simple color cards in the picture. Because DS has a lot of mineral colors, it can be seen that its color is very clear, the grainy has a sense of precipitation. In texture, of course, there are many small partners with delicate style do not need this characteristic, so there are no bad pigments, only the right place.

Suitable for drawing background color, landscape street view, pictures that require granular precipitation texture, thick color style of painting, and so on.


Master Shi Mingke, who is unknown, referred to as Da Shi, the iron box 48 color and half a piece of 1400, the wooden box 48 color full block of about 2500.

The texture is delicate, the light resistance is high, the color is stable, and the history has a very famous characteristic, that is, the color of its color will be gray. Usually everyone calls high -gray gray. Many professional painters like to use the history and draw pictures. The color is elegant, the style is atmospheric, and it is painted with a big history. I also have the illusion of becoming an artist.

Suitable for realistic style, low -key elegance, and magnificent style.


The last four pieces are self -color, filling in the blanks

The Master Laram -based 48 -color and half solid watercolor in the Netherlands, the price of 700.

This is a pigment that is not a niche but not often mentioned, which is characterized by bright. Even after drying, it still has good color rendering. The disadvantage is that some colors are not easy to dip and some colors are not clear enough.

But its price is very beautiful, it is a very cost -effective pigment.

Suitable for handbook, children’s illustration, anime style, cartoon style and so on.

The last four pieces are self -color

The German Lucas artist is 48 and a half pieces, with a price of about 1200.

The advantage is that it is clear and clear, the texture is delicate, easy to dip, and the disadvantage is that the filling is ugly. As shown in the figure, the new pigment is like this, and it is not cheap, but its quality is actually worthy of this price. You can try it.

It is suitable for more distinctive characters, flowers, and landscapes. Its transparency is also good. It is a widely used pigment.

2 and 6 in the second row, the last two in the third row are self -color color


The French Plove Swan artist is 48 and a half pieces, with a price of about 1100.

This is a niche watercolor. I have hardly seen someone recommended, and many friends around them do not know this watercolor. Its advantages are delicate and clear, with a faint romance, and the filling is similar to the history.

It is suitable for fresh and clear -style characters, illustrations that require transparency, and so on.


Xiupu large solid artist level 24 color, price 940.

Each piece is as long as half a slap, bright color, slightly heavy texture, and exquisite carved. It can be dipped in large brushes and durable. Of course, you need a large table to place it, which is very place.


Suitable for large works, or people with high output of paintings, this huge piece of head, if it is three days of fishing and two days, can not be used for about a lifetime.

Wu Zhuyan color 48 color, the price is about 230.

In fact, it is not easy to classify in the artist’s watercolor, but it is a more distinctive and well -known pigment. Let’s talk about it by the way. Yan Cai’s texture is actually a bit opaque watercolor or gouache. Although it is very large, in fact, each piece is quite thin. The filling is clean and exquisite, and the name is very nice.


It is suitable for food, flowers, and handbooks. Because of the strong sense of powder, friends who are pursuing watercolor and clear sensation can be detoured. Similar to Phoenix Yancai, Auspicious Yan color, Holbain Xinya, Mo Yuntang Yan Cai and so on are Japanese brands, basically the feeling of Japanese Chinese painting pigments.


The above is my personal suggestion on the pigments on hand. In fact, there are many types of pigments. After starting, I will make evaluations one by one after starting. Feel more detailed explanations. Friends who need need to pay attention to me, see you next time!