Banana telephone is here! The shape is strange enough

Hong Kong Zhen is really different now. Everyone uses hammer, Xiaomi, Apple to call, and now someone is calling with bananas. Know together?

A US company launched a “banana machine” that can be eaten as the size and shape of the banana, but it is not a real phone. It is to wake up Siri to call after connecting the iPhone Bluetooth, which is equivalent to it. The handset of a mobile phone.


Generally, the Bluetooth headset can be answered. This banana machine is rare to make the phone call. As long as you shout the name in the microphone, you can dial out the phone. What’s more, the shape is so fresh and beautiful? So strange? Who else!

In fact, the original intention of this company to launch this product is to want to focus more on daily life, such as cherishing, chatting with family, friends, or focusing on work, not being dispersed by various information. To reduce the damage to us, this starting point can be said to be very warm.


Speaking of the banana machine, some people must have thought of the action film “Matrix” released by the Warner Brothers, starring the “Banana Machine” held in Kanu River’s hand. Call with bananas!


The engraved version of Nokia 8110 can use 4G network, which can chat and communicate more quickly and quickly. At the same time, it can also connect Wi-Fi hotspots and freely access the Internet. In terms of appearance, it is similar to the appearance in the movie. It retains the micro -style body and slider design. The main thing is that there are two colors: yellow and black in the new model in 18 years. It’s right.

It is worth mentioning that the new banana machine continues the powerful battery life of Nokia mobile phones. After the battery is fully charged, it can be used for many days, and the battery can be replaced. It supports USB data cable charging, so its standby ability is not doubtful.


In the end, in terms of the appearance of these two “banana machines”, other mobile phones are really incomparable. Walking on the street with bananas and turning rates are two hundred percent. Is it moving like me?

(The above pictures are from the Internet)