What are the materials for the sheets?

When choosing the sheets, we still prefer high -grade sheets, and it has a special taste at home. It is more comfortable for us. But we also need to know what materials of the material are suitable for ourselves and what materials are comfortable.

1. The material of the sheets is cotton. It feels good, comfortable to use, easy to dye, meets our needs. Flower varieties are rich in change, soft and warm, strong hygroscopic, washing resistance, and less static electricity. It is a widely used material on bedding.

2. The material of the sheets is a kind of cotton fabric. It is a kind of cotton fabric. It is made of good feelings with different colors. Because of the weft yarn, due to the dyeing and weaving, the dye is strong. Well, and the different color yarn fabric is strong and unique in style. The bedding is mostly manifested as a strip flower type. It has the characteristics of cotton fabric.

3. The material of the sheets has high -density and cotton cotton, which is also very good. The latitude density of the fabric is particularly large, and the weaving method is rich. Therefore, the fabric has a thick hand, good durability, and high smoothness of the cloth. Most of them are light -colored flowers, which are unique and elegant. They are a more advanced cotton fabric.

4. The materials of the sheets are polyester -cotton products. Generally, 65 % polyester and 35 % cotton -matching polyester cotton fabrics are very comfortable. Polyester cotton is divided into two types: flat lines and oblite. The abrasion resistance is very good, the shrinkage rate is very small, it is not easy to make the appearance of the product, and the durability is good.

5. The material of the sheets is real, the appearance is gorgeous, rich, and has natural soft light and flashing effect. Special high -end, feel comfortable, high strength, elasticity and hygroscopicness than cotton.

The sheets have been used for a long time and can easily cause mold and other phenomena. Especially in the south where the climate is relatively humid. In spring and summer, the sheets are easy to mold and mold. How to wash the mold on the sheets?

Small tips for cleaning the sheets:

Magic 1. In general, in addition to the fact that there are some attention to the sheets of the silk, the sheets of other materials can be washed with machine. First, pour the neutral detergent into the water of the washing machine. Do not exceed 30 ° C. After dissolving, you can put the sheets in and clean, and then dry it after cleaning.

Tips 2. If there are some blood stains and stains that are not easy to clean on the sheets, it is recommended that you prepare a bottle of underwear cleaner at home. The underwear cleaner is specifically targeted at blood stains. Underwear cleaner rubs a few times, and then clean and dry it.

Tips III. For the linen products of linen, pay attention to it. You must not scrub force hard, so fiber products are fragile, which is not only easy to get hair, but also affects the appearance and service life. Therefore, the material of the sheets will also affect the material Cleaning the sheets. There are many places to pay attention to the maintenance skills of the sheets. Light and dark products should be paid attention to storage separately, so that the color can be prevented from yellowing. It will be yellow, and all sheets must be cleaned first when collecting, completely drying. When it is not used for a long time, you can dry it in the sun before using it to restore it to fluffy.