Sad fishermen: The river in the community was dismantled by the fishing platform privately, and the fish did not catch the risk to quit fishing.

As a real fisherman, fishing equipment is a must -have, fish can not be caught, but the equipment must be settled, the air force is good at turtle, the heavy equipment on the back, countless fishermen’s envy eyes, you are just you are The most beautiful babies by the river. There are not many valuables in fishing equipment, and one of them is one of them.


With the fishing platform, even if we are tiger, the place where the fishing rod is not enough can be easy to get now. It was necessary to use a 6.3 -meter fishing rod, which was heavier. The fishing rod is not tired for a long time, and the fish still feels more hand. Therefore, the fisherman wants to build a fishing platform. Not to mention, even if you use a long pole, you can catch faster than others, and the fish acquisition can rise.

The rivers in the community were dismantled by the fishing platform privately


Of course, the footprints of the fishermen are all over the country, and the Xinqiao Town in Songjiang, Shanghai is also a lot of people who love fishing. There are many river channels here. It is very inconvenient to fish in the river. However, it is hard to pour fishing people. In order to satisfy their fishing hobbies, they opened the wall along the river without authorization. On the periphery of the railings of the riverside corridor and the bridge cave, a lot of self -built wading steps were set up.

Recently, the urban management of Xinqiao Town, Songjiang, Shanghai, found such problems during inspection. Such fishing platforms and steps do not have any protection measures. They are extremely dangerous. In order to eliminate hidden safety hazards, the players have demolished these steps without security measures and affecting the beautiful river environment.

After understanding the situation, law enforcement officers immediately interviewed relevant owners and conducted serious criticisms, pointing out that such steps were illegal construction and ordered them to demolish rectification. And arranged special security players to stay nearby.

Coincidentally, there are more than this place in fishing. In recent times, a total of eight such private wading steps have been demolished to ensure the personal safety of surrounding residents. The behavior of setting fishing in the wading steps by the river affects the river environment and seriously threatened the personal safety of themselves and others.


Sad fisherman

Based on reality, fishery resources in many places are scarce. Of course, there are many reasons for formation. Water body pollution, electrical workers, excessive fishing of net workers. Therefore, the fishingmen are running around and trying to find a place where you can fish. There is a river next to the community. Such a rare fishing opportunity will definitely not miss it. As for the first two shots of fish and fish, some fishermen may make long -term plans, and it may be uncertain to put fish fry inside.


The people who fish here are basically nearby. When you have time, you will definitely come to fish. Although the purpose of setting up a platform is simple, the role is still relatively large. It is more convenient to fish, and the other is to paint its own “site”, because the fishing table is the result of their own hard work. Others generally will not grab. Give the original “master”.


With such a platform, it means that with your own self -retained place, sleeping is solid, as if fish gain is no longer a problem, but this is just staying in fantasy. As soon as the fish in the river says, it is not easy to fish. The water quality is more fat. Secondly, even if you can catch the fish, do you dare to eat the fish inside? There are many sources of river water bodies next to the community. How can you ensure that domestic sewage cannot enter the river? No matter how good the fish cooking grows in sewage, it may cause damage to physical health.

Detoxification must be correct


The real fishermen are deeply poisoned. They will feel uncomfortable without fishing for a few days. They seem to have lost their souls. They always feel unsatisfactory in life. Sometimes they can dream of fishing when they sleep at night. Being awake from dreams, and then sighing.


Therefore, it is necessary to go out to fish and detoxify regularly. Everyone wants to fish at the door of the house, so that you do n’t have to get up early to grab the fishing position, nor do you have to walk on the muddy road with heavy equipment. It is a good thing to fish next to the community, but it is a bit overwhelming to open the railing wall and set up a fishing table privately.

The so -called detoxifying roads are tens of millions, the first one! Such things cannot be done. Grasp the correct way to detoxify, and you must go to a regular fish pond or natural waters in the wild. The scenery here is good, and there is no hidden safety hazard that pose a threat to life. In this way, it can be used well and can be caught in coolness. It is best to explode. If you ca n’t catch it, you ca n’t worry about it. You do n’t have to worry about law enforcement officers.

If there is really no such place, or if you care about the fish very much, then you can only quit fishing. Instead of being so tangled, it is not interesting to catch fish.