What brand is good for the socket panel? These treasure brands are fast collection

When many people are renovating for the first time, they will be faced with various professional materials nouns and dazzling brands. They will hesitate to even buy a socket panel: whether to buy the “Top Ten Brands” online, or buy spot in the street hard hardware stores directly on the street hardware stores on the street. Intersection

In fact, the home -related products related to the power consumption of the switch panel are not just picking the sign and the function of picking the function when buying! In case of an accident because of an accident, the consequences are unimaginable! In this case, what brand of the socket panel is good? Do n’t worry, these treasure brands are right!

01 old -fashioned socket panel brand recommendation, these quality “lever”!

The choice of the socket panel is actually very simple, don’t just know a certain cow anymore! To tell the truth, there are so many domestic socket panel brands, and these old -fashioned socket panels are closed when they closed their eyes.

Delixi -Four Character Evaluation: Take the leader brother

As one of the three giants of China ’s low -voltage electrical capital, Delixi is the absolute elder brother in the industry! Its product lines are relatively rich, low and middle and high -end, which can meet the needs of different groups, and it is readily available from switch panels to sockets.

Bull -Four Character Evaluation: Fame is outside

The Bulls started from the plug -in board, and now involved the socket panel product line, people can be regarded as a good marketing. Compared to high -end brands, Bullsheng is relatively low in price! Compared with cheaper small brands, the Bulls reputation is here, not acceptable!

AIGO -Four -character evaluation: good national

AIGO, as a smart electronic product brand focusing on the trendy experience and convenience of life, has been entering the socket panel industry for some time. Compared to other old -fashioned socket panel companies, AIGO is better in product innovation! They have always adhered to the brand concept of “creating good things for the people”, intelligently used the seemingly ordinary socket panel to solve the pain points of our consumers, while launching a variety of socket panels!

02 Recommend a few socket panels of “Dang Dang”

Said the brand and look at the product. Whether your home is being decorated, you need to buy switch sockets, or you have to add socket plugs. The following products can be your best choice!


AIGO AZ0202D 4000W high -power converter

Generally speaking, the wall insert at home will only reserve one to air conditioner. But for the current family, the addition of smart curtains and other products makes the number of sockets stretched. Therefore, we need a high -power socket converter.

This AIGO AZ0202D 4000W high -power converter can convert the 16A socket into two. It is suitable for high -power electrical appliances and has a stronger carriers. It also has a 16A jack and a 10A jack. Each jack has an independent switch. It is used and stopped with it.

AIGO M0230t Little Rubik’s Cube Multifunctional Wireless Sites


The mess of the desktop is not only related to personal storage habits, but also because: there are too many “lines” on the table! If you want to make the desktop clean and tidy, buy yourself a new socket first! The AIGO M0230T multifunctional wireless charging plug is the best alternative to traditional plug -in boards. Two national standard combination holes, 3 USB ports (2 USB-A ports and 1 Type-C port), 10W MAX wireless charging, can also be used as a desktop bracket for mobile phones … Not only that, the top-c interface on the top is also You can provide a maximum of 20W fast charging, and the iPhone charges a step! Very comprehensive function, but only the size of the fist, it is really “small figure, large energy”!

AIGO AC0631 six extension line sockets (fast charge version 65W)


If the little Rubik’s cube is not enough to satisfy you, then the AIGO AC0631 six extension line sockets are the multi -function sockets you really need! As a extended line socket, it provides you with 3 5 -hole sockets+3 2 -hole sockets, driving all devices of your desktop. Not only that, it also offers 1 USB-C interface and 2 USB-A interfaces. The 65W output of the C port is the computer function, let you say goodbye to the notebook power. A port A is up to 18W output, and quickly restore the power of the phone to meet the charging needs of your different devices!

Having said so much, in detail, what brand of the socket brand is reliable! All in all, buying big -name and buying good -name, AIGO such as a good socket panel, just chop your hands!